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Autoshite Southern Meet Up Flower Farm Sunday 26 March 2023


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I'll be in the Subaru..... Opened the 330ci key and the central button has broken free of the solder..... Easy fix - except I can't find my soldering kit for love nor money. 

Anyone interested in any Triumph Spit/GT suspension bits or a rollbar.... Or Austin 1100 bits I've dragged out of the garage today?  They'll be in the back of the Forester if anyone is interested. 

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On 2/27/2023 at 5:27 PM, inconsistant said:

It's a farm shop with a cafe. They've got a good sized car park, indoor and outdoor seating,

Farm shop with a cafe... A good sized car park... 


For fear of getting persued in a Citroen Picasso by an angry man in a John Deere, I better refrain from turning up in my Citroen Picasso... Just in case  🤣

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1 hour ago, Alan_Green said:

Apologies. Unable to attend due to the Fleet Half Marathon.  Can't get out of my housing estate.  (It's like something out of the Truman show.  Blocked at every turn).  Given up now.  But with you in spirit.

Nightmare!,I thought I might be affected by this,but we got to Farnborough & back with no problems.Couldn't get to see my Mum in Reading Road North though 🙁

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