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Japan classic sunday 2023


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I went! It was great! Took loads of pics, HERE!

However, I am more of a 'go and do stuff' type o'guy rather than a 'Upload pics, type out tags' type so pics are being uploaded as an when I can be arsed! Here are some autoshite friendly ones so far...

Mazda Luce 1800 Wagon 2


Mazda 323 98-RR-00


jcs 2023 funny stickersHonda Civic Silver 'Safari car Sonoy'Honda Civic Shuttle Wagon RedElk merk waardig club standDatsun Skyline Gold DZ-00-86Toyota Chinook Camper HH-66-HPDatsun 250 GoldDaihatsu Charade Red HH-44-GB

Detectives among you will have spotted I got to 'M' but now I need to go and do real life stuff so stay tuned for more if thats your sort of thing.

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Out of everyone on here, I would have guessed you had been at every one!

Not sure its on next year, some regulars on Flickr said the organiser has run out of space. They got to 1000 cars then had to start turning people away!

If they go for a bigger venue they may have to spend more on traffic control, 1st aid etc.

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chap that owns the field wishes to do other things with it

and as you say its got a bit big for current content

jcs have said they hope to find a suitable venue

im sure im not the only one who wouldnt mind paying for entry to somewhere

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