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It’s early 2000s and you walk into a Peugeot stealership….


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306 for me. in about 2001 (I think) I was doing some school work experience for Warner's Peugeot. We had in a new 306 HDi and it seemed like a really modern rocket ship compared to the Metros and Montegos we had at home! Had a soft spot for them ever since and owned 3 brilliant examples. Just before Peugeot lost it's way for a bit!

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The 306 please. That’s as early as they come isn’t it [edit - no, I'm talking nonsense]? My dad bought an M reg non-turbo in bottom of the range XND form. I think he has a choice of white like yours, red, or a very bold light green/blue shade

Nice collection!


I had these two and a 305 at the same time but didn’t get them all lined up for a photo, sadly. This is the best I found. (Yaris isn’t mine!)




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