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Germanic collection thread


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Don't worry, still alive and well and so is the car! It's too dark now to take a decent photo but here are some key takeaways:

1998 Audi A6 Avant 2.4 manual fwd

Sold by a mechanic restoring BMWs, the car was owned by family members for many years, he did some work on it previously

Unfortunately the TÜV doesn't expire November but indeed in January. The seller says it won't need anything to pass and to be honest, it does drive like it

The only things that will need doing is the clutch (grab point is very high, they recently replaced the reservoir and bled the master cylinder, maybe it just needs more bleeding 🤷‍♂️) and the visco fan is always on, causing the car to run very cool at these winter temps

The Audi 5-speed manual is no match to the one in the E39, the gearing seems shorter too as it's at 4k rpm at 150kph

The cup holder doesn't retract!

More photos and a better status report tomorrow


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20 minutes ago, Jim Bell said:

Volksbung Dutch Technique. 

As they say in the adverts. 


13 minutes ago, Asimo said:

Is that a 12, 24 or 30 valve V6?

Definitely a good year for VAG engine choice was 1998.

2.4 are all 30V engines, Audi developed it for the A6 which was just around the time they introduced 5V engines left and right (my 2002 S8 is a 40V as well).

Generally I think the n/a V6s are probably the least trouble prone engines in the A6. Apparently the 1.9tdi has a big following but aging diesels, especially the failure prone 2.5 V6 is something I wanted to avoid as much as possible. 2.8 would be great but the 2.4 is much more common in this price range. A manual 2.8 quattro saloon is my ideal A6 but those are a little more pricey!

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I've used the daylight today to have a closer look around the car and it still very much holds up to my expectations! Everything (aside from the cupholder and fan clutch) seems to work just fine. I think the clutch might have been the reason why the current owner has sold the car in the end. I couldn't stop myself from getting the vac out so its already quite a bit cleaner inside.

Finally some photos. The exterior color is Ming Blue Pearl, actually the same color my S8 has:





I'll register the car on my name tomorrow and had it booked in for a Hauptuntersuchung (so basically an MOT) for next Monday. We shall see what will happen but having checked all the basics nothing appears to be wrong with it. Doesn't mean that the fuel/brakelines arent rotten but I'm cautiously optimistic. Drives and brakes straight as an arrow, no clunking or leaks either. The aftermarket LED taillights might be its only downfold, couldnt find the E logo on it (certified) and neither is there any red reflector area on them at all. Might be able to find a set of facelift taillights nearby over the next few days.


Even the set of summer wheels that came with it actually would look decent on the car. I will probably still sell them though. Hancooks on them still have some decent tread left, the winter tires I got on the car right now are all matching Continentals with decent tread albeit 6 years old.


The sparewheel indicates what alloys it originally came on, if I can find a cheap set I might actually get them.

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Thanks guys! Its quite comfortable indeed. The plan is to take it back to Newcastle and then drive it back to Germany sometime next year to sell it here (I wouldnt be able to get my money back with a LHD car in the UK). It's already growing on me but the S8 really is already filling the spot for winter transportation, although that still doesnt have an MOT...

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5 minutes ago, Liggle said:

Those seats look very welcoming, are they heated?

Yes, front and amazingly back as well. I didnt even know you could get a heated backseat in an A6 back then! In general the car is really nicely equipped, I think the only thing oddly missing is cruise control which I think is a fairly easy retrofit on these.

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2 hours ago, w00dy said:

That is lovely in those colours and on Winter wheels. A set of original rear lights and it'd be perfect.

And so it shall begin... First parts have been bought. I'll probably continue reporting in the bargain barge extravaganza from here on out.

1 hour ago, Nullzwei said:

Are used car prices in Germany over inflated at the moment like they are in the UK? 

Yeah, it's the same here as everywhere. Ignoring anything Golf sized and below, cars for under a grand are mostly junk with major issues now. Germany is a huge market so there's always going to be a deal around but you need to be very quick. Cars can be reserved within minutes so having luck and finding a seller who's happy to work with you is part of it. I think in this market the A6 was a particularly good deal but the inspection on Monday will tell the whole story. The only major thing right now would be a new clutch in a few thousand miles. Not sure if I wanna deal with that myself.


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