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Germanic collection thread


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So rental cars are expensive and it's a good excuse to buy another car so the plan is to pick up something for the next 3 weeks and possibly drive home 500 miles via the Newcastle bound ferry in Amsterdam.

I have agreed with the seller to pick up the car tonight. Until then I shall spend most of the day on public transport and possibly arguing with people at the department of motor vehicles. It'll all be very much Germany themed.

The bus leaves in 20 minutes.


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I guess it all depends where you are. Frankfurt is one thing, the rural areas of Eastern Germany are probably closer to Alabama lol. Until you step into any type of agency and people become super anal that is.

Surprise first gen Eclipse and other shite. Sorry for the highspeed blurry photos.



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Exactly. 28 Euros later and I got 5 days of 3rd party cover. Things went surprisingly smoothly. The only odd thing is that the vehicle docs say that the cars inspection is running out in January while the ad states next November (which is two years after the last change of ownership). We'll find out in a few hours.

Until then, have some more shite. Both are still rather common sights around here.




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2 hours ago, lesapandre said:

Yea I was intending to drive up to the Baltic coast this year and then into Poland and Lithuania.  Looks fantastic. There is even a detached Russian state at Karlingrad.

I mentioned taking a trip up there to my relatives when I was visiting them in Poland.. a deathly silence fell upon the room... followed by dire warnings.. it made me even more curious! 

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55 minutes ago, Schaefft said:

Next leg of the trip is traveling to Leipzig to view and probably buy the car. I've got about 45mins to kill that I'll spend in this lovely Bauhaus (?) Train station. The city is Meißen btw.

Poo count still 0.


I do believe 'some' LU art deco stations have such views.....

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