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Enigmatic collection thread

Lacquer Peel

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You've gone to the posh side of Alba to collect a left hand drive Lancia from a 'shiter? The bus has a TV showing Korean soap operas. 
You do not drink coffee.
The local defence attorney operates out of a giant wheelie bin (BBC Scotland's budget cuts meaning they couldn't afford to make The Lincoln Lawyer)

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Oh - hang on, I'll do the Septic Peg thing again.....
Still no coffee in sight - you're plainly a clean living, hard as nails type who sneers as us mere mortals who cannot move before 2 coffees in the morning.
Sorry - crystal balls' are brass now - I'll just have to sit here awaiting updates (anything to put off going back outdoors into the balmy* minus 1 degree with 45 mph wind - bracing)

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I'm not sure what to make of all this. The only thing I've maybe understood thus far is the Korean thing.

Are you buying the Daewoo Leganza?

The other car I can think of is a clapped out Hyundai Accent that belonged to an old geezer who used analogue methods of spacial awareness when parking.

Yeah, other than that I'm clueless. I couldn't be a detective. 😂

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