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Collecting large German - now ML55AMG thread


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Home from rock concert (work) at 11.30 last night, alarm went off at 6am. Joy.

Quiet streets. Power walk to the station because I should probably have got up earlier.


Local station achieved with 10 minutes to spare because I power walked too hard. End of the line…



Breakfast: not yet

PC: zero and hoping to stay that way until home

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28 minutes ago, New POD said:

Trying to work out the station.  That's the Longbridge to Four Oaks line, via Birmingham New street I think? Houses in first picture look like Sellyoak or Kings Norton or Stirchley ? 

Start of the line, Redditch 

Big station now achieved;


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2 minutes ago, New POD said:

Daft question then is that 1st picture St George's Road ? Or in that general part of town ? 

Evesham Road towards the Headless Cross end, very close to my house. I know what you mean though, looks very similar, I’m sure it dates from the same period. 

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1 hour ago, gadgetgricey said:

Normally would ask, are you back yet. But with this will ask. Have you filled up yet? 

Yes, and no, amazingly. HMC had kindly/accidentally left enough in to get me home, just. I’ll put a full tank in on morning, bracing my wallet now. 

Question for the group, should I run it on E5/super or just regular, will it matter? I normally don’t bother, but also I don’t normally own “performance” vehicles 

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  • Dan_ZTT changed the title to Collecting large German - now ML55AMG thread

Very good cars and you've made the right move going for a pez version. 

They had a really bad rep years ago but totally unjustified and most of the major issues have an easy workaround. 

I really fancied this at the time but with my mileage I couldn't even consider it. 

Still the ultimate all round car IMO, and fair play can they stand up to a good bump. 

Ace off road too compared to the hapless X5, have a YouTube for a good laugh, ours drove in the snow exactly the same as in the dry. 

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