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  1. Likely to be the front chassis legs, these rust like a bastard.
  2. What did you use to strip the engine bay? Nice job.
  3. After all this spend on the suspension parts you might as well get the alloy arms and alloy hubs off the Passat while your at it, will save quite a bit of unsprung weight.
  4. Would it be worthwhile changing the spray bar that lubricates the cam while the cam cover is off. Because with sketchy servicing and age it's not unknown for them to get blocked and ruin the cam etc.
  5. I think the new Volvo ex30 would be my choice, the powerful four wheel drive version is about 40k. If a geely car can do 250k or 15 years is another matter. No idea what 25k in 1995 would get you.
  6. What happened to the c3 in the end? Didn't you fancy fixing the head gasket.
  7. Not a car but a bike, just lifted off gumtree.
  8. What are you doing with the C3? Didn't you fancy getting it repaired or having a go yourself?
  9. I'm surprised and disappointed at the same time that no one has posted the vid of the Clio with a dolly pulling a Renault traffic. Hilarious and frightening simultaneously.
  10. The rear axles don't cause any bother on these, they aren't a torsion bar setup like PSA stuff. These things are tough like cockroaches, probably the only car to survive a nuclear apocalypse.
  11. It's a shame you getting rid of it already, enjoyed reading the thread. 1993 Citroen BX 1.9 TXD, FULL MOT, 175k, project, ratty, https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/1993-citroen-bx-19-txd-full-mot-175k-project-ratty/1467969047 Price: Ā£ 1,500
  12. I followed this, this evening. Made me chuckle. Nothing like embracing one's sexuality. Sorry about the rubbish picture as it wash pishing it down. AM63GAY
  13. I remember that Maestro being for sale in a rough area of Sheffield on eBay. It was for sale for ages. I remember running its reg through one of those car data checks, what the bleeding hell is all that about!!
  14. Looks like an RS on an aRSe to me. šŸ˜‚
  15. Isn't the wheel base on these shorter on the left hand side, because of how the suspension is designed.
  16. If we are talking about the Lambo they are way bigger than that. 15x8.5 225/50 up front and 15x12 out back and 345/35 tyres!!
  17. Mine has been pretty reliable, I've only ever had one FTP but that was years ago when I had to resync the immobilizer when I returned the car to the road. But saying that I have did go over everything thoroughly when I put it on the road, there is alot of knackered shit out there and folk are asking strong money. Does the power steering switch do anything really apart from find another place to leak, when I went epas I unplugged it and it still never gave an eml or triggered any other warning.
  18. Batteries are just pot luck, I've had a Bosch silver replaced under warranty, as properly dead. I bought a Ā£10 2nd hand Lion battery off my car scrapper mate that I had on my c3, that's still going strong after 4 years+ even leaving it long enough to go flat and not to start on more than one occasion and that was still working when I sold the car. Alot of it is how they have been treated in the past, if a car has been sat on a forecourt for months, or does a two mile journey to the post office once a week etc. When I buy a battery I just go for a midrange Exide battery now and not been too disappointed. It's like anything you get good ones and you get bad ones.
  19. One of my friends has one of these and he had issues with fuel vaporisation/ vapor lock, he had to buy a heat shield to go between the carbs and the engine. Cured it though. Not sure if the symptoms are the same as yours though.
  20. Ugly as sin, but I bet it shifts!!
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