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  1. Mine has been pretty reliable, I've only ever had one FTP but that was years ago when I had to resync the immobilizer when I returned the car to the road. But saying that I have did go over everything thoroughly when I put it on the road, there is alot of knackered shit out there and folk are asking strong money. Does the power steering switch do anything really apart from find another place to leak, when I went epas I unplugged it and it still never gave an eml or triggered any other warning.
  2. Batteries are just pot luck, I've had a Bosch silver replaced under warranty, as properly dead. I bought a £10 2nd hand Lion battery off my car scrapper mate that I had on my c3, that's still going strong after 4 years+ even leaving it long enough to go flat and not to start on more than one occasion and that was still working when I sold the car. Alot of it is how they have been treated in the past, if a car has been sat on a forecourt for months, or does a two mile journey to the post office once a week etc. When I buy a battery I just go for a midrange Exide battery now and not been too disappointed. It's like anything you get good ones and you get bad ones.
  3. One of my friends has one of these and he had issues with fuel vaporisation/ vapor lock, he had to buy a heat shield to go between the carbs and the engine. Cured it though. Not sure if the symptoms are the same as yours though.
  4. Ugly as sin, but I bet it shifts!!
  5. Probably the newest car you could get with the rugged TU engine, non of this prince rubbish, what a shame.
  6. Renaultsport Heaven right there. 👍
  7. Not yet, how many AX GT threads can autoshite handle?
  8. Whereabouts did it need welding? Has it gone behind the headlights like all AX's do?
  9. Yes it was, well remembered. that GT5 is ultra ultra rare, nice too.
  10. Hahaha look what I bought I September, was going to start my own thread shortly, when I get round to starting work on it. Would be a G plate too if it wasn't from Ireland.
  11. Mine is the mirror opposite to that, mine is set on the lowest setting because it's reasonably heavily weighted, definitely not light. I'm not a particularly lightweight bloke or weakling either, so very strange.
  12. At 200 notes you'd be better off converting it to EPAS. Best thing I ever did to mine.
  13. I unlowered my 182 as soon as I got it and put it back to standard cup spec, and this is coming from someone who likes a lowered car. 182's don't have a massive amount of grip like a 197/200, but that's the fun, you can throw it about and get out of shape and it doesn't bite you in the arse.
  14. I have one of these because I lost mine, not expensive. https://www.toolstation.com/angle-grinder-pin-wrench/p47556
  15. These will probably be the easiest cambelt in the world to do, even the twin cam 16v are simple to do.
  16. That looks very PSA, very possibly Citroen C2/C3 as they use the same dash.
  17. Welcome to the club mate, you'll either love em or hate em.
  18. Didn't it have some of those daft eyelashes on a while back?
  19. I thought you had flogged that?
  20. 'Cambelt just changed mate', even though the engine in question has a chain.
  21. I was gonna say, I bet someone buys that and robs the engine out of it, looks like they already have, 'turbo engine has been replaced by non turbo engine'. 🤦
  22. Just thinking the same, one for the ambitious towbar thread.
  23. In chronological order. KEEPER: Clio 182, had it for a few years, and Intend to keep it another few years, been my daily on and off for a while, love this car. Took it out today to blow the cobwebs off the dephaser. Need to plead with @Dave_Qat some point to sort me a spare key. OMG ready for cambelt change. AQUIRED: Hugely shonky Citroen AX GT, looks mostly solid bar the area behind the headlight. Went to see it on hottest day of year at Mathewson's on my way back from Scarborough, and put a crafty provisional bid on it, and won. Not done anything to it since I got it in August. I could do a thread on it if there is any interest. Watch the you toob vid for lols. SOLD: Had to sell this, been in the family a few years, but surplus to requirements. Shame as it was ultra reliable, always ran and started when everything else didn't. Still local so should see it around. Live long Shitetron. AQUIRED: Boring modern. Decided to dip my toe in the EV cesspit. So decided to rent an Ovlov XC40 Recharge through NHS lease for 3 years, only took 13 months to get built 🤦What it lacks in character and range it makes up in getting a lick on.
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