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Enigmatic collection thread

Lacquer Peel

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26 minutes ago, Lacquer Peel said:

Someone knows their Korean chintz. 🇰🇷👌




Ooh yes! The plastic walnut is a dead ringer for both my 1996 Musso and a 1996 Sportage that we had for a while - it is sooooo cheesy. Hopefully you got the lush velour too and none of that scabby, modern leather stuff?

I've just fell over the other Rexton guys on here today (good luck with the b*stard hand brake shoes) - they are an underrated marque IMHO.  @Out Run's comment on the newer ones may have some standing though - I have had the honour* of using a much more recent Rexton with their own 2.2 diesel/gearbox and it is awful in comparison - no power, no torque at low revs, rubbish for towing and really showing the Musso Mk 1 derived design. Beats the excise licence barrier though.

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If you keep on top of them they're OK but most folks ignore them until the next MoT - mine used to screw up mainly 'cos the cables were prone to seizing -  I was lazy with mine as I has an automatic so just used 'P' - that didn't help at the MoT. (I'm grumpy 'cos I hate failing MoTs and the Musso did on the handbrake)

Having said that the design is  a bit weird and there was a lot of yadda yadda on the Ssanyong owners forums about 'they were upside down' etc etc. 
The adjuster is a 'wee fucker' to work out (I'm pretty sure the other Club Members here will have some 'secrets' that they can share)

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9 minutes ago, brownnova said:

Ooooh nicely done sir!

A Rexton is a strong third place in the Ssangyongs I would like to lick vigorously, after a Mk1 Musso and a Mk1 Korrando.

Mk1 Korando about 10 miles from here that's been up on stands for 3/4 years now - maybe I should knock on the door?

[edit] - both rear wheels off and the hubs wrapped in plastic.....

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