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  1. 'Not a freezer in the joint'
  2. LR03 DAZ (I think) on a Disco 3 belonging to a bloke that just started working at my place.
  3. An old one of my Toyota, that I use as my WhatsApp display pic.
  4. When Stuart publishes his big book, I do hope that he will be using Roman numerals, to denote invalid carriage models where appropriate. Note the use of them on the above MARK XII, showing that this is how the manufacturer named the vehicle, along with not abbreviating MARK to 'mk'. It is nice when things are done correctly. 🙂
  5. I also owned this 940 LPT estate, about 12 years ago, but not for long. We pulled the engine out of it, to convert my 360. IIRC I paid £140 for the estate and it was fine, aside from a broken screen. 😂
  6. Built by 'burgo' on the PNG forum, years back. I remember the build thread, as he basically done the thing in a week or something, with little sleep.
  7. Fitted the freewheel hubs and have been out for some local green laning. Fully functional 4WD again. All is well. China's finest. 👌 I need to remove the towbar and it's desperate for some taller tyres and a lift. IMG_6250.MOV
  8. Yeah, I guess so. I'm not up on Roadster's. There's nothing that I like for the mk2. Choice is very limited. It's why I got A35 GTE for mine, so it says A 3S-GTE I had an 'A15' plate for the mk1.5 I used to have, also. If you know, you know. 😄
  9. Pretty cool. A woman has MY02 BLU (or similar) on a Roadster. I remember seeing it on one of the FB groups. MR2's certainly aren't an easy car to find private plates for.
  10. I would have tagged you, but I know you would do your online thing, where you pretend not to know me. 😂🤷‍♂️ Yet, yet, you include a pic of my Toyota. Unbelievable. 😁
  11. Yeah, it would remap to around that, without fuss. But a 2010 should be a pre-facelift car. No DRL's are an obvious way to tell them apart. Ghia used to mean a lot, yeah. Sadly, not for many years now. I still don't understand why they massively downgraded that spec.
  12. Cool. 170 BHP, those pre-facelifts. I've had 3 Mondeo's on the bounce as a daily, last one was a 2.0 TDCi 140 Tit X hatch and even that went well enough. But it's well worth having these 2.2 200's remapped. On a private road innit, mine with the map was slightly quicker than a workmates 335d. I was pleased with that. My dad has a 163 BHP 2.0 TDCi Tit X estate mk4.5, as he liked mine. He had a 2.0 TDCi Tit X hatch before that - as he liked mine. You always know where you are with a Ford, IMO.
  13. Cheers, mate. You can't beat a Mondog!
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