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  1. These are new to me. Luckily the right man is in possesion of this one.
  2. Added a couple more. An R5 Maxi Turbo and a 205 T16. The Renner isn't in the Philips livery as I would prefer. But IMO this one has better looking wheels. The 205 isn't the Evo model, but they only do that in 1:12, for some annoying reason and the 1000 Lakes works liveried car that they do still looks like this one, but costs a lot more. Why don't they make a Lancia 037?! I may end up with one and an Evo T16 from IX Models or whatever they are called. Hey ho. I plan to display these better. I just need to cut a hole in a wall, to do so.
  3. Don't worry about it, mate. Money comes and money goes. If it makes you feel better, I continuously spunk a lot of money on my MR2 turbo and many of those parts aren't even on the car. £800 of used, Boxster S calipers, anyone? Makes more sense* than any ISA m8. In all seriousness though, it's just about finding the balance. Spend a bit, save a bit. Have fun and if it's not for you, learn from it and move on. Man Maths says if you shift it on now for circa £3K, then that is £3K you didn't previously have. I'd actually hang onto it, though if you can. It's a definite future earner.
  4. I chose the right machine, given the drivers roads traversed.
  5. Taking the beauty on the LHS to Keswick for some MTB fun. Sunday or not, I'd be using it though. 😄 My 'classic' gathers dust on the drive.
  6. Is that the Ecosse from days gone by, who had numerous Max Power etc features, with wide arched 306 hatches and cabbys etc? I was always quite fond of their stuff.
  7. TOCA was the best for single player, TOCA 2 all day for two player. Always the Primera. I had a genuine BTCC splitter and wing for mine. They were a good looking touring car.
  8. I meant to say just windscreen trim, but started typing weather stripping lol. the plastic bits that push and screw into the top and sides of the screen surround, to hide the edges. Yeah. There's an HID version of the lights, with black internals and also matching fogs, too.
  9. They did. My mate had a GT from new, immaculate thing and looked ace as a white 4dr with its TSW Imola's. Even that had a duff screen. I had a 4dr P11 1600Si for my first car and kept it for years. SR20 converted it, imported brand new JDM headlights for it at a cost of £1K GBP, bought a random JDM import SR18 car from the side of the road for its folding mirrors and black dash etc etc. Imagine doing that, now. 🤣 As said, they do handle great. Mine used to reguarly drop a Cavalier GSi belonging to a mate, on the twisties. Someone at my work has a clean GTLE, red 4dr. The ma
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