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  1. Oh! Me interior light was also full of water, when I ran round to Screwfix in said Rex. An impressive feat, given it has no sunroof and the aerial isn't there. 🫠
  2. Didn't think my sexy new EMTB would fit inside of this. Certainly not without at least moving the fork mounts, given the wheelbase is longer and the bars are wider. How naive! Fits great alongside my Jam2. Those blessed with one of these beauties will be aware of how little room the tailgate actually takes up, when closed. There's a shit load of room, still. However, I haven't driven it since before December, as the wayward handling it developed was a bit too much. Problem identified. 😂 Will be repaired before it is used again.
  3. I was owner number 18 of this, 9 years ago.
  4. Potentially 5. @Dirk Diggler I'm over 6 years into the partnership with my Korean Dream .<3
  5. Yesssss. Join us.... These will soon be all over this forum. #INVACAR #MODEL70 #BETTERTHANAMINI
  6. Also, whoever manages to get an OBD II reader to recognise the ECU, wins.
  7. 'Flip Up Glass Air Spoiler' Just when I thought I couldn't get any cooler.
  8. I've never seen an E. Just S and SE. Mine's an S. no idea what they stand for.
  9. Rollin' USDM style 👌🏻
  10. Maybe the indicator issue is the relay.Hopefully you get sorted. You may not have the energy. But you have a fucking SUNROOF 🤯 I see you don't have opening tailgate glass. I wonder if sunroof cars all came like this. 🤔 Is it a 2.9 S? Get that exhaust free flowing as well if it isn't already and you'll love the sound.
  11. @SupernautThe main chassis ground is bolted to the block under the N/S engine mount. IIRC it runs into a junction box. That's the first place I would be looking. OM662 values are an odd one. People advertise them for good money, but the 190D etc owners only seem to want a 606 etc.
  12. What's up? The only electrical issue I have had has been a tail light earth that required cleaning up. How is it otherwise?
  13. No idea, mate. Manual all the way for me.
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