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  1. Always a pleasure to roll with the hatch glass open, Slow asphyxiation via WVO. I dig it.
  2. I don't give a shit about my paint and JB is the same. They definitely would scratch a decent finish. I use HDD magnets to keep this piece of caravan awning stuck to my Quickjack, in case of driving rain. They're powerful, eh?
  3. I've seen these on British PathΓ©. Pretty cool things.
  4. Also it turns out that an MR2 turbo happily carries 100L of WVO. The rear boot on these is always referred to as small, but given the size of the car, I can never agree. I should probably include the goings on with that car in this thread, too - evidence of recent engine loom swap, highlighted by me not clipping the carpet back into place.
  5. Aye. Just the job. You could always bolt two to the one funnel, if you felt the need.
  6. I finally bothered my arse, to replace the false floor that I made from cheapo ply, during Lockdown. I've kept the frame, but went with 18mm phenolic ply, this time. Instead of the central access hatch, I have hinged half of the floor, so I have maximum access to tbe surprisingly useful space, which used to be the footwells and seat squab area. It's fitted with proper bike fork mounts this time - not the tubing from my loft ladder handle and conduit clamps - and x8 lashing points, as opposed to zero. It's not finished, yet, as I am going to add T Bar handle latches, a gas strut and make a frame of sorts to hold x4 25L drums, the frame, along with the bike mounts will be easily removable, so I can keep the flat floor, but it probably won't ever be much 'tidier'. Given the use of this car is threefold; Green laner, MTB carrier and anything else/tip trips etc. As you know, I am hardly precious about it. It's a workhorse and always will be. I also upped my funnel game, by buying a couple of bolt on magnets and attaching them to the funnels #gamechanger and after 5.5 years, it has earned better than the shit, ill fitting, mismatched Aldi seat covers that it permanently wore and now rocks my extremely long serving Town & Country set. They make a lot of sense in here and are the best seat covers I have had. I am down to 2 for the other cars now. I guess I will be buying 2 more.
  7. Don't worry. The real bodgers will be staying quiet, for that reason. πŸ˜…
  8. I was once unfortunate enough to acquire a 1.9 dti Laguna, as part of a deal. The POS decided to drop its gearbox out of the engine bay, so after bodging it with a length of timber and a ratchet strap, enough to be able to kinda close the bonnet and tow it home, I retapped the threads and - it done it again. I had it Helicoiled, next time. Sorted. Only issue was, the tripod joint on the driveshaft fell apart and I lost some of the needle bearings. Chucked it back together and sold it with a 'wheel imbalance'. I reckon the true cause of that vibration may never have been discovered.
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