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  1. I watch that Ghost Town Living on YT. The torch is amazing, eh? When he reviewed it I went straight on Amazon, for the price as well lol.
  2. Out Run

    106 Rallye

    No fucking about. Epic purchase!
  3. Going to work shortly. ERMAGHERD.
  4. You're not wrong. I've clocked it coming towards me from the opposite side of a dual carrigeway, before.
  5. Nice list, mate. eZX, eh? I still have the badge from one. I bought it to use as an engine donor for my P11 Si. The SR20DE in them was closer to 160BHP, compared to the catalyst equipped eGT, IIRC? It was certainly sprightly in my car and used to laugh at Cavalier GSi's.
  6. He must live near Colin Furze.
  7. The further South, the more selfish and ignorant twats generally, IME. Hi, from the North East.
  8. There's plenty of shite ones. Any M5 I see I second guess and I don't think I have seen one without tinted tail lights, for around a decade.
  9. Ratarossa would like that one.
  10. Nice name. Someone listens to Smith and Smith?
  11. @maxxo slipped on LHM when running from an electrical fire. Maybe.
  12. 😂👍🏻 I'll have to have a look for that thread. I had one on here, too. That car was on 18 owners iirc, when I got shot. I was happy though. Itch scratched and it left in great all round shape. Shame it lost the original plate of TWO 80Y to Nicky Clarke in the 90s (maybe that one? Lol) according to the paperwork I had.
  13. RS1600i. Indeed it did. I recall finding a YouTube video of some Powderham Castle RSOC thing and it was there. It's a small world. Did you see it?
  14. Interesting example. I still maintain that - although not for me - my RS1600i suited the black and silver plates that were on it when I bought it. Also pictured, as sold.
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