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  1. Wow. Very nice fintail diesel. Lots of photos required please.
  2. Mercedes spring compressor to replace the front springs on my Mercedes w201. Made by Asta tools. No doubt in China. Not used it yet but appears to be decent quality. https://www.astatools.co.uk/product/a-sd1001/
  3. 1988 Mercedes w201 190d 2.5 turbo. Rare to see in the UK as only ever sold as LHD. 120bhp om602 so 30 horses more than the naturally aspirated 190d 2.5 and a fair bit more torque. Looks nice at first glance but door shuts show car has had a colour change from a dark (grey /black?) colour to the current white. What a pity. £5000. Forfar Scotchland. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202208038435733?make=Mercedes-Benz&seller-type=private&sort=distance&postcode=ne22te&include-delivery-option=on&radius=1500&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&advertising-location=at_cars&model=190&page=1
  4. In chronological order... 1982 Fiat Panda. 903cc with the metal grille. Great go cart of a first car. Rusty fuel tank. 1976 BMW 1502. The rustiest car i have ever owned. Alpina bubble arches, bumperless with Zender front & rear spoilers. Twin 40 Solex's from a NK 2000ti. 1976 BMW 1502. Parts car to fix the above. Turned out it was far less rusty than the above car but i still scrapped it anyway doh after parts taken. 1976 BMW 1502 another one but with a 2002 engine. Many new panels so not rusty at all. 1974 VW Type 2 van with windows. 1983 VW Golf Driver 1.3. 1989 VW Scirocco Scala 1.8injection. White. Everywhere. Great nippy car. 1991 VW Corrado 1.8 16V. Handling better than the Scirocco and quick if you revved it's bollocks off. 2000 VW Polo 1.6 saloon. A Seat really. Horrible car. Jerky clutch. 2002 Subaru Forester s-turbo. Brilliant fast 'estate' car. 1991 Mercedes 190d 2.5 manual. Still got it 11 years on so i must like it. Very pretty cars imho. 2002 Mercedes s210 320cdi. Great fast economical big estate. Pity they rust so badly.
  5. Another big event in that part of the world is Hellfest. Starts the week after Lemans, in Clisson just south of Nantes. Very metal. https://www.hellfest.fr/en/
  6. I would recommend you try a w201 190d 2.5 or another Mercedes with the 5 cylinder n/a indirect injection om602 diesel engine in because they are far from noisy engines. In fact they were dubbed the whispering diesel by the press when they were current. In comparison with a om613 straight six diesel (w210) a far quieter engine at load. 40-50mpg as well in my manual 190d 2.5 version. Slow yes but decent torque compared to petrol equivalents and maybe modern diesels are far too fast and too complicated for their own good thanks to successive Euro emissions standards.
  7. The blue s123 down in Newton abbott is a good price. The 5 spd manual gearbox mated with the om602 is a good combo, same as in my 190d. Plenty of torque for a n/a diesel so you can change up early and manuals have less rpm's at motorway speeds. Hydraulic tappets in the om602, earlier om's would need manual adjustment. Been welded a bit though but havn't they all by now. Suppose that is the problem with w/s 123's. They are getting on a bit so body wise may be a bit needy. The ability to run on veg oil should offset this possible rolling resto expense though and it is a good opportunity to learn to weld. Good luck in your old diesel mercedes search.
  8. Looks like a nice car from the ebay advert. From the number of vehicles the seller has for sale they appear to be a car dealer. For that reason alone i would imagine they probably expect far too much money for the car. You never know your £3000 offer may be accepted when the usual ebay bullshit bidders do not follow through with the sale.
  9. Did you have a look at the underside of parcel shelf area by poking your head in the boot? Just like in a 190 they can rot out their rear screen surrounds badly, an expensive repair. Other than that it depends on price. If it was around what the Montego owner wanted then get it bought. Very veg oil friendly once filters changed.
  10. 2005 MG ZS, low miles, X power kit whatever that is. Nice looking cars with the side vents in the front wings. £1150 Newcastle. https://www.gumtree.com/p/mg/mg-zs-2005-57-000-miles-with-xpower-kit-/1433390594
  11. About a year ago i went to view a T1N Sprinter 416 cdi mwb, Ex police riot van. Proper torque converter auto. It was advertised on Gumtree with just a few crap photos and a brief description. Rang the seller and arranged to view. Had 8+ months MOT on it and mot history did not mention any rust which i thought was a positive for a T1N. Up for £6000. Get there after an hour and a half drive and the van looks quite nice. Nice silver paint with the ex police dark tinted polycarbonate rear windows and even the front side windows are double thickness (smash proof?) . Engine sounds sweet, starts on the button and the auto box seems to work fine. Has a leisure battery, split charge system, big invertor, TV, microwave, gas hob and sink unit. Even has a little bed in the back. The van does however have a bit of rust in all the doors but i figured i could tidy that up over time. The seller takes me on a short test drive due to not much fuel in it and all seems well. I offer the guy £4000 and after some umming and ahhing he accepts. Arrange to come back a week later to pay and pick the van up. While i was looking the van over i was taking photos of it and only when i got home i noticed that the near side front step in the front bumper was bent downwards. Very odd. This step is a L shaped metal plate used so you can stand up to reach inside the engine bay and it is bolted to the front crash bar behind the plastic front bumper. Spoke to the seller about it , had it been in a crash? Could he send me some photos of the crash bar behind the bumper or even just a close up photo of that area in the engine bay and he would not acknowledge the step was bent and there was a problem. Deal off. Couple of months later the van turns up on Gumtree with another seller about 50 miles from where i viewed it. This time the new seller has taken most of the interior out and has pictures of the rot in the rear doors. No mention of the bent front step even though i can see it is still bent downwards in the photos. The van has now been MOT less since November 2021. GX54HCN. Glad i did not waste £4000 on it.
  12. One for the true crime fans. Volvo S60 T5 ex police car used in the Raoul Moat police man hunt back in 2010 in the Newcastle area. https://www.gumtree.com/p/volvo/2008-volvo-s60-t5-2.4-260bhp-ex-police-manual-/1432728124
  13. My 190 has an electric heated passenger side mirror and a manual unheated drivers side. Cost cutting possibly but functionally makes sense. Have no idea if the heated passenger side mirror was an option back in 1991.
  14. Good vid on how to not damage the threads when drilling a bolt out.
  15. Could be wrong but i always assumed diesel when mixed with engine oil would have the effect of thinning the oil in the sump.
  16. Look at the fucking state of this 190e. I do not object to the window louvre it is the wet paint look (black dulux?), wrong offset w210 alloys, tinted lenses, DTM back box and dukes of hazard smoke screen shot that grinds my gears. It has (had) 122bhp (34 years ago) not 400 FFS. https://www.gumtree.com/p/mercedes-benz/1988-black-mercedes-benz-190-classic-2.0-automatic-with-mot-for-repair-/1431392007
  17. 1984 Renault 5 GTL. Petrol. CT ok. Looks very original and has a warts and all description. 1740 euros. These seem to be much more valuable in the UK (rust hence rarity?). North of Montelimar southern France. https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/2128223976.htm
  18. 1991 205 colour line (French limited edition?) CT ok. Petrol. Cantal region (middle of nowhere). Looks clean. 1350 euros. https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/2153521966.htm
  19. 1981 Renault 18 in the Cantal region with CT ok until 2026. 2000 euros. Looks nice-ish. I am guessing cars are cheaper in the less affluent rural departments of France. Mot and tax free once back in the UK. https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/2137340519.htm
  20. The mechanical Bosch injection pumps are lubricated by the engine oil not the fuel. So you cannot break it by using SVO/WVO. Worst that will happen is leaky fuel delivery o rings on the injection pump and the need to spend a few quid on fresh fuel filters when they get restricted after the veg oil cleans the fuel system out. 70 odd pence a litre saving is not to be sniffed at. Plus legend has it non fossil fuels are actually environmentally friendly.
  21. Yep mechanical Bosch injection pump will run Veg oil no problem, just carry some spare fuel filters if it has run on pump diesel up until now.
  22. Renault Twingo 1.2 TCE GT. Cheap little 100bhp turbocharged warm hatches. Sub 2 grand on AT. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202201061078499?sort=relevance&include-delivery-option=on&make=Renault&price-to=2000&radius=1501&postcode=ne22te&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&advertising-location=at_cars&model=Twingo&page=1 or the top sporty Twingo the 1.6VVT RenaultSport for 133bhp fun. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202202132509190?sort=relevance&make=Renault&price-to=2000&include-delivery-option=on&radius=1500&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=ne22te&model=Twingo&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&page=2
  23. Vauxhall Meriva VXR. 2007 vauxhall meriva vxr 1.6 turbo | in Blackburn, Lancashire | Gumtree
  24. Mercedes S210 430 estate. Rare old V8. No mot and ominously mot history notes underbody very corroded way back in 2015 but nothing rust related since. https://www.gumtree.com/p/mercedes-benz/mercedes-v8-e430-estate-wagon-runs-and-drives/1424713456
  25. Don't know what this seller thinks they are up to but this admittedly very nice looking amg ducktailed w201 is not a 190e 2.3 or 2.5 16 valve. According to the DVLA tax checker site it is a 190e 1.8 with an expired MOT. Currently at just over 7 grand. Wonder if they think people are stupid enough not to notice when they open the bonnet? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224893455242?hash=item345cb1cb8a:g:-rgAAOSw96NiNLmq
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