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new shite collected,cheap for reason,,


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35 minutes ago, theshadow said:

49000 miles,bill from 2018 was sold for £1395,now knocked out to me for £50\ needs that will be telling,just out to get pictures..

Don't leave us hanging on, nothing beats a £50 Shadow collection 

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55 minutes ago, timolloyd said:

What’s the story with the screen? Looks a bit ominous 👀

I was thinking that

£50 you say

yes ,as long as you live 100 miles away and nobody knows who you are


It's ok Ma'm, I am The Shadow

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A 1.3i CVT from Fred Coupe in Preston.

That's where our old Micra came from & ours was a 1.3 CVT too ! Ours however was the lower spec Equation, yours is a posher GX.

Our 1.3 CVT  was pretty brisk & was nice to drive. I always thought that transmission selector lever was stupidly & unnecessarily long though.

Well bought & saved.


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