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Family snaps with your old cars in the background.


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A day out in 1997.

First we went to the Tiger Moth Rally at Woburn Abbey


Looks like FathaN joined us , presumably no kids were carried in those buggies, at least on public roads.

Later that same day we went to Northampton Balloon Festival, which entailed following Council signs to a parking area, which was up a bit of a kerb....

Did you notice the lowered suspension ?  It had a weird induction system and noisy exhaust too , it had been a demo car for MG tuners Mototune.


This is No.1 daughter watching the council guys clean up the contents of our Montego’s sump

The council also kindly paid about £400 for  repairs, which covered what I’d paid for the car and I had a spare Montego at home for the sump. 


Kids waiting for the RAC, only the 3 standing are mine , the one in the buggy could be a niece or something.

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11 minutes ago, strangeangel said:


I suppose they must have flown on it, I can't imagine why else they'd have been hanging around where it was about to take off from... it's all about your best guess now!


Could be Le Touquet. Got photos somewhere of my father and his mates on their motorbikes getting off one of these. They did a tour of France in the 50,s I think. He had a Matchless 500 Twin. Will have a look up my mothers for a photo when I can.

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A while ago we looked through some slides taken by Mrs Concern's dad, some of them showed cars he owned. I haven't edited the pics I took of them as it adds to the atmos...

This one from before I knew her showing her with her dad sitting on the sea wall at (I think) Seaford and the Triumph 2000 he bought from Deryck Guyler...


Also in Seaford his Rover 2000 with Mrs Concern's dad sat in it, the slide is in the wrong way around..


And with her mum sat in it, also wrong way around...


This is the Rover 3500 he had when I first knew him, parked up behind Mrs Concern's mum & gran...


And this one showing it in all it's glory with wing mirrors, Webasto sun roof and Veteran Motorist badge...


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31 minutes ago, FakeConcern said:

I've just found a few more on my laptop...

Here we have Mrs Concern with my first car in Paris in 1980 (maybe), I have a pic somewhere looking down from the Eiffel Tower at the Mini...


And me in same place a couple of years later with my third car...


Interesting to see minis with rear wipers 

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10 minutes ago, Richard_FM said:

Interesting to see minis with rear wipers 

Have another one (my second car) I couldn't find a pic of this with any family member in it.


Interesting that various car groups I belong to now are busy de wipering their cars (kill all wipers) and years ago I was busy fitting them haha

Sorry off topic!


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Previously mentioned Dutton with Lotus power and the mother of my two sons doing something or other about 1989. I still see quite a lot of her as we have family even though we have separate beds 2 miles apart. The Volvo is a horribly scruffy early (R reg) 245 LHD bought as a tool and it hung round for years. A years test, 6 months tax and a set of new Michelins with a car thrown in for £200!

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8 hours ago, Spiny Norman said:

I can date this photo to sometime in 1981 by the tax disc in the window. It's of my gran (passenger) and her sister, my great aunt at the wheel of her Datsun Sunny 120Y automatic.

Inspiration for Thelma and Louise?

Do you recall the rest of the plate by any chance? I think it will be an N-reg. Even with the current isolation thing I'm not sure if I can face checking all 999 possibilities on DVLA....

What's the significance of the 'V' sticker in the windscreen?

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17 hours ago, JeeExEll said:


Stunned. Thanks for that. Don't know when her family sold the number but her grandad died in 1986. Can I ask where in Scotland it is now (if you know)? 

Alan is based in West Lothian and looking at the rest of the photos he took on that day, I've deduced that the Merc was seen in the vicinity of Edinburgh.

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12 hours ago, Spiny Norman said:

I can date this photo to sometime in 1981 by the tax disc in the window. It's of my gran (passenger) and her sister, my great aunt at the wheel of her Datsun Sunny 120Y automatic.


Were they twins? Ignoring their choice of shades (circa-1950s), they look remarkably alike.

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They were sisters with about 3 years between them. They look far more similar in this photo than they did in real life, although obviously there was quite a strong family resemblance.

The car's reg was JGA 849N, I think the V sticker was dealer applied, might have something to do with extra rustproofing that was applied when the car was new. Earlier in this thread I posted a shot I'd taken in Dad's P reg FE series Victor, which was already in the scrapyard due to gobbling corrosion by the time this shot was taken. The Datsun was still immaculate at 6 years old here, although sadly it got demolished less than a year after this picture was taken by an errant Post Office van.

Screenshot_2020-03-28 DATSUN 120Y - Check MOT history.png

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1997, I think this was a Sun Holiday, remember those 3 days in a Haven caravan park for a £5 or summat ?  I didn’t go on this one but Mrs N reckons it was on the Isle of Wight. That Saph was a 1.8L , very basic, looked like an LX or even GLS ,  but keep fit windows  and no sunroof. Mrs had it for that summer then I plated it and rented it as a cab for 2 years, earned me £100 a week. Not a lot ever went wrong or wore out either, ( driver always responsible for tyres and pads).


Another Ford another holiday, when we arrived at Orlando airport, I was offered a Grand Voyager, which was just a more basic version of what we’d got at home at the time, so for$100 I upgraded to this beauty. V10 Econoline  8 seater, I did wicked burn outs and I used to get lost on purpose just to do big smoky U-turns and spill kids all over the floor. As you can see it was MRsN’s 40th birthday which makes it March.

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My Peugeot 309GL. A 1.4 petrol, this was my company car for 90k miles and 3.5 years from new (June 1992). Never a ball of fire, it was a delight on a twisty road. And aside from totally losing power once (in the outside lane of the M1 in morning rush hour!) it was very dependable. 


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