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Family snaps with your old cars in the background.


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I didn’t really take any pictures of my cars prior to having an iPhone . For one thing I didn’t have a camera, at least not until I met Mrs N ,then it was mostly for kids parties and holidays. Today I was bored , so started going through old boxes and albums.  Please excuse the quality as I’ve just photographed old photos with my I-pad.

Thrse first few are pr-kids, funny how I seem to have had better cars!


The , one day to be MrsN at18 with my much abused company XR3i, this picture was taken next to the fence at Milbrook, I was trying to get a photo of the track, failed.

I handed that XR3 back in August 86, showing 6,000 miles but I’d had the speedo cable off because of lease conditions for 8 months.

Hasnt been taxed since July 91, that’s a lifetime of less than 6 years, probably TWOCed and stripped/burnt.


I bought this 67 Impala 327 as MrsN’s first car and to teach her to drive, you’d think she would have learnt then what life with me had in store.

This is an actual Polaroid taken from my office window on Battersea Rise, I swapped it for a Spartan with a 2.0 Pinto in it then swapped that with my Dad, for a Mark1 Austin A40, which she did learn to drive in, not ideal with rod operated back brakes, when reversing.


An XR2- with actual 6” steels that the lease co. Lent me for a month when the XR3 was slightly bent! Truth be told I preferred the Fiesta- it was quicker and handled loads better.

I bought this when I left the job with the XR3, it was £100 and had been standing on a drive in Buckingham for 5 years. I put a bent MOT on it and a lemon faded tax disc, drove it around for 6 months then got a company Cavalier. Showing as tax due July 1988, so somebody must have put it back on the road properly( or at least used bent MOTs to buy tax)


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Great idea for a thread. I love the Jag and also the idea of a yank tank to learn to drive in ?

Unfortunately I also didn’t take pictures of my cars and family photos are at my parents house. I am unlikely to be able to visit them for at least three months!

You have set quite a high bar?

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10 minutes ago, 2MB said:

A 67 impala is an inspired learner car. Can’t imagine it’d be too bothered by sudden movements on the pedals and wheel, and would certainly prevent the phobia of large cars a lot of drivers seem to have

She managed to crush a Fiat 127 against a kerb when out on a beer purchasing/ driving lesson with a mate of mine who was probably as pissed as I was, although I was sensible enough not to leave the party. Knocked on the door of the Fiat the next day and the bloke didn’t care, even though both offside wheels were folded under! It was a 2 door non-hatch too, but he was scrapping it anyway.

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So this is my dad with his first car...


This is me in dads Lotus about 1983... Which was a mid life crisis purchase as the family car was a Metro...


And this is me in my Cav - oh my, white socks... The shame...


My Mother 1957 ish with whatever my grandfather was driving at the time.


Mother ~&  Father 1970 anf the Trumpet


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Your mother is either in front of an A40 Somerset or A70 Hereford (Angry Dicky will know)

The smaller of the two children on the doorstep is me (about 1967 as the bungalow looks nearly finished)

The mini was probably in late 1977 early 1978 when I was learning to drive, we had gone to dig my brother's Mk1  Escort out of the snow



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@djimbob's Dad's legendary Ford Thames. Built from two examples of the marque by our respective fathas - a fooked minibus with a three-speed gearbox, and a rotten fish van with a more powerful motor and a 4-speed box - our collected families - ten in all - holidayed in Spain aboard this old warrior:




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As previously noted in ‘Memoirs’, my family were notoriously shite at taking photos. Ironic really, as my father took photos at work every day for a living and had a fairly lovely SLR camera. 

When the Mini resurfaced last year he sent  over a couple of fondly remembered cars. The MG Metro came from Ipswich and was so shit it was returned after a couple of months of starting issues. The Civic was pretty good but from memory, sold when the property market slumped and we needed the money. 


Fuck! I’ve just realised that’s my old boy’s Sierra in the background. E861 HDX. 

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Not usually a fan of French stuff , but here’s a couple.

This Duane was loads of fun and we used it all the time in the summer of 96, bought it from the original owner for about £300 and sold it when winter arrived at , I seem to remember, a small profit0816778B-6A51-4709-B706-4555C7EFD59E.thumb.jpeg.62fee08f98c04a4900b782dbce5ca795.jpeg01370D69-4FBD-426D-824B-A7B71B8F66E2.thumb.jpeg.ff805274929b34ce8de9147ff43a0825.jpeg

The 505 was a petrol auto Family that I bought the week before my 4th daughter was born, along with the VdP Montego parked in front of it and a rare factory 7 seat Audi 100 Avant, nothing like being prepared. That 4th daughter is stressing about finishing her final dissertation as I type.


This is an Fplate 1.9 GRi company car and that caravan was a heavy son of a bitch, a Bessacar with solid wood fixtures and fittings, the previous owner towed it with an old Range Rover, I used this then a BX TZi estate, both a little light but plenty of poke.



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3 hours ago, lesapandre said:

I had a 2.8 XJ6 MkI in about 1988. Manual gearbox with overdrive. I really like it - rust really killed it totally. It was a nicely old fashioned car - they were never quite like that after.

We just didn't take random pictures mostly - it was an expensive process in those days.

Yes, that was exactly the same spec, I loved it and bought an even rustier 4.2 Daimler ,intending to swap the engine. Never did as it went so well and I sold it to builder who thrashed it about loaded with tools until the back axle fell out.

The 2.8 I swapped for an S reg Audi 100 GL5E, why? I’ll never know , the follies of youth.

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