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  1. djimbob

    Kitten kapers

    I really do, I have done "unusual" mods to these before now which would cause the purists to have a proper meltdown, not sure I have any pictorial evidence, shame really
  2. Yeah, little bastard, ended up losing my shirt on it and selling to Michael's of Selby for spares 😮
  3. I am looking forwards greatly to the collection capers, not so much the test drives due to owning one of these bastards in petrol flavour which had a self imploding auto gearbox when parked on an inclined driveway (mine!). It made my old reliant robin look like a formula one car, and infinitely less comfortable for a chap of bigger bones electric is the future mind you, so I'm in on letting SA take all the pain for the good of the planet and puppies and kittens 🤣🤣
  4. djimbob

    Cheap MOTs

    Cheap MOT's are a false economy as previously mentioned, unless you are good mates with the tester and trust them, and even then it's a recipe for falling out I would have thought! There are places around that only do MOT testing, no remedial works, like Central garage in Leeds, who actively will replace bulbs etc because it's a waste of their time you coming back for a retest - the £50 is well spent in saving all those jobs that didn't need paying for in the first place, and will be an advisory at worst if there is some concern I have never used a ministry centre, but I think they are the same, no vested interest in failing you for profit
  5. I passed my test in one of these, on the day my instructor turned up with a neck brace on and a headache as she'd been rear-ended with the pupil before me on a roundabout, so I didn't get my hour prep before hand, but luckily her husband who was also a driving instructor had an identical Corolla, so at least there was some continuity! Fond memories, but I have too many on the fleet for my wallet etc and so forth, so have a wee bump if that helps
  6. I wish I'd taken photos of them all, will have a dig around see what i can find since we moved house, had quite a few of the one's on display here, well the less expensive examples anyway very enjoyable thread this
  7. Just waved goodbye to the old barge, chodspeed brave shiters great to meet you
  8. Ahem, this cannot be correct, what about that renner 5 in (gunmetal?) grey? Also my Dodge 50
  9. Turns out mine won't let the top go down unless the load cover is in the cover position, which is probably sensible as I did have a ton of tools and such in the boot and would probably have wrecked the damn thing in short order Took me ages to work that out, honestly fried my brain
  10. If that is off a PS2 or an xbox, if you throw in a staffordshire bull terrier I'll swap you for a nice motor 2nite M8 Not totally sure I've got the hang of this selling cars bizniss
  11. I had the free one off Breadvan which was ace with the two litre engine, only got rid because it was a manual, now I have a much rougher automatic which I'm gradually sorting out, it's the 1.6 so not really as much beans, great fun cars and seemed good on the juice because very light - not a lot of room for humans in the back or luggage in the boot, but that's not why you buy one Good luck with the sale anyhow
  12. Please disperse back to your keyboards people, the P38 of global warming enhancement has been claimed, i will let the new owner tell the tale of collectioning when it occurs, will he brave the drive, or bang it on a trailer, tune in laterz to find out
  13. damn that was quick, already claimed for spears, no prizes for guessing by who
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