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  1. MOT time yesterday-failed-on the bloody handbrake! Took on @RoverFolkUs advice and looked through the hole at the pivot shoe and it looked new-along with the springs-so didn't take the hub off. Adjusted up the shoes (should have rechecked after a while) and the adjustment at the handbrake . Still a bit of adjustment on the handbrake and rear shoes I think. Garage is going to do it next Monday -I could have a fiddle but away for 4 days and easier if its with the garage that mot'd it. MOT guy said its a very good car-no advisories. Also it seems that Allan the previous owner had all advisories mentioned in the MOT's fixed-I checked with him and he confirmed this. Last years were pitted rear discs-there are new discs on the back and it looks like new handbrake springs etc. So hopefully should be MOT'd next week.
  2. Thanks Roverfolk- will give it a go this week!!
  3. A few jobs done on the old Rover. Lights were polished up. Had a diesel leak from the secondary pump- a few drips -looks like original clip had lost tension. Thermostat seemed to be stuck open -so did the Renault 5 mod. Surface rust on rear suspension components rubbed down, rustkilled and primed today ready for paint. Next job -hand brake adjustment -which could be a pain. MOT runs out in just over three weeks so will book it in next week. Bowls along at 70ish very, very nicely.
  4. Polished the Rovers lights up. Very cloudy when I got it-now a lot better.
  5. Thanks all-sorry for the late relies-but since the update I cant use my old ipad to post or look at photos!! No poo count or breakfast unfortunately-picked car up at 11am - only 13 miles away- using the old trusty sierra. Friend down the buses who pointed me towards this has three of them-he thinks the hot starting after leaving it a few mins is a dodgy injector-he had it with one of his years ago-but can buy good used ones for 20 odd quid and it's plug and play so will have a look. First diesel car I've had and even though its only 115bhp it wafts along quite well- 5 speed auto. Will clean leather this week and passenger window needs a bit of silicon spray. Tyres are Uniroyal and some other good make and seem like new-exhaust still has Klarius stickers on and looks fairly new (I say new but car has done minimal mileage over the last few years). Will tax it today (£390!!) but with man maths the tax and insurance are 3.5 pints of San Miguel a week (I've cut down my drinking to 5 pins every weds where I would also drink one or two bottles every night-gall bladder issues!!). Will have a fiddle this week with exhaust rattling and put it in for MOT in a couple of weeks. It's worth a bit more than £400 in parts.
  6. Picked this up today to give my Sierra a rest. 2.0 diesel auto-Connoisseur SE. 155,000 miles-done very little over the last few years. Bloke I bought it off had it for 18 years. 6 weeks MOT left. Drives well- a few niggles to sort out-exhaust vibrating, headlining drooping , needs a good clean and takes a while to start when hot. Still it only cost £400
  7. Looks very good . Going to try and take mine off the road for a few weeks for a bit of maintainance . At the moment it’s used every day 7 days a week. Keep up the good work!
  8. Interior backs up the mileage. Mines done about 120,000 miles and the drivers seat is knackered. Mines used everyday and usually needs a bit of welding for the mot-I did lots on the floor and inner sills a couple of years ago. Rear arch needs doing and you can see that mine has rusted in a similar place to yours. It's solid on the sills now-but needs treating and painting again. Your looks fine. Ive got Mondeo trims on at the moment- the GLX ones are in the garage.
  9. Went down to Barry today-swapped over an indicator switch on a Leyland Tiger. A few more photos of the depot. http://i.imgur.com/WImK4CR.jpg
  10. I've been volunteering at Cardiff Transport Preservation Group in Barry for a couple of years. Plenty of old vehicles here-I generally fix the electrics on them. Here's the website if any ones interested. https://www.ctpg.co.uk/ If you want a few more photos of the buses and the work we've carried out-let me know. A few photos
  11. Another MOT for the Sierra-needed a bit of welding on the rear seat belt mounts and a CV boot-cost £270. Couldn't be bothered trying to weld upside down in the cold.
  12. Update. Took the speed sensor out and it would only turn with a bit of resistance one way-other way was totally free. Took it apart and theres a 2mm square serrated shaft that joins the splined end to the gubbins inside. Pulled it out and pushed it back in a bit harder. Put it back in and it now works. Thought I'd get another but they are as rare as rocking horse poo. If it breaks again I'll put a bit of epoxy on the end.
  13. Thanks Bren No trip computer- but will have a go changing the speed sensor.
  14. Sierra has been fine over the last few years until this week. Top gear is failing to engage on the auto box. Some suggest a wiring problem, speed sensor or vacuum leak. Ive checked the wiring-a bit iffy but difficult to change. Have a new speed sensor so will try changing this first.
  15. Cracking car! Had a 3500S 30 years ago. Don’t know if the engine had been breathed on but it was extremely quick and would wheel-spin in 2nd in the dry. Bought it off a bloke in the pub who had blown the original 4 speed box and couldn’t find another. I knew a bloke who had taken a 4 speed out of his and put a 5 speed in so £40 later the 4 speed box was mine. Found a place in Yate that scrapped lots of these and replaced all the rusty doors and panels-ended up multi coloured. Easiest way I found to do any work on the rear brakes was to drop the driveshafts off the discs-10 min job which made working on the brakes easy. They were known for fuel vaporisation and I bought an electric pump from Yate just in case-but never needed it. One solution bandied about if the pump was too hot and no water available was to pee on it-apparently it worked!
  16. I think some folk were looking up the MOT history of some of his purchases and making disparaging remarks. What HMC spends his money on is up to HMC-why people have got to be so petty is beyond me. When he sold them (usually for a bargain price) full details were there. Another fantastic poster driven away by idiots.
  17. Fantastic contributor and a proper Autoshiter. Very, very sad if he’s left.
  18. Where’s HMC gone? Cannot seem to find his thread.
  19. The lack of parts is why I got rid of my Senator. Replacement callipers are non existent as are rear wheel bearings. The other problem with this Royale is that the original 2.8 carb engine and 3 speed auto has been replaced with a 3.0 injection and 4 speed auto from a later Senator-wiring is a bit of a mess. Very quick car when running though.
  20. Pinto is much smoother than the twin cam. This one has always seemed coarse-father had it off his brother in law in 2000 with 30000 miles -I was expecting it to be as smooth as the pinto in my Cortina. Clicked over to 120,000 today.
  21. Not an idiot spotting the model from the wheel trims!
  22. I’ve borrowed a pressure gauge to check the fuel pressure so this might give me an idea if they are both kaput- have run a separate return pipe into a clear container for both and the flow seemed the same.
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