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Best looking saloon cars on the road today.


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53 minutes ago, wuvvum said:


Yep. That's why I find it attractive. No stupid pretence trying to make a car have a face.  Most current designers give their blobs a shouty, aggressive front believing it to be a face. To me, such nonsense merely endows the car with pointless wrinkles and kinks which, together with oversized wheels and low profile tyres, replicates what manufacturers of cheap toys were doing in the 1980s and later.   Elegance, with one or two exceptions, has died a death.  Alfa is probably the only mainstream brand that can still do it and Peugeot has at last locked its blob designers in the broom cupboard, resulting in some half decent looking cars going in to production.  Does it matter if a car looks good?  Yes. I could not buy a Nissan Juke because it takes eye watering goppyness to an extreme ??

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On 10/16/2019 at 7:02 AM, Zelandeth said:

That's an easy contest in my view...This wins hands down in my book.



Never would have put it to Kia to pull off "badass" in car design, but they've done it.  It looks like a 21st century muscle car...Which is exactly what they were going for I think.

Got to be a bright colour though.

Yes you are right  Zealandeth, I also see a lot of these on the road now. Try an Aussie review, it's not perfect.

I would....

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Saloon versions of hatchbacks are awful 99.9% of the time, though there is in my mind one very clear exception.

I still regret not keeping this one.


I just personally reckon that the 306 looks much more grown up in Sedan form.




She sadly fell prey to a combination of two things.  Firstly running out of test a matter of weeks before my mother passed away so I lost parking for it up north (this was shortly after I'd made the move south, intending to come back for the rest of the stuff I had stored up there over a period of time), and just needing too many little things for the MOT to justify on a car which was worth pennies.  We really did try to find a new home for it - but even six months later (having managed to stash it in a friend's business yard) we hadn't managed to give it away (and transporting it down to me here was going to cost in the order of £400)...so it was scrapped. 

There are cars I regret selling etc - but this is one which I honestly feel sad about, as it really was just a victim to everything happening at the wrong time.  Few months either side of those events and it would have been fixed up and I'd quite likely still be driving it today.

Another couple of photos from earlier in my ownership before the wheels were changed.  Not something I'd usually do, but she needed four tyres and a friend was selling those wheels with nearly new tyres on for less than two new ones would have cost me, and the original wheels were pretty rotten and two didn't hold air as a result.  I actually found they suited the car in this case though, and resulted in a car which handled far better than it had any right to.  Didn't even wreck the ride, which I was really surprised about.


This image was one of the first I remember actually starting to play around exploring what you could do in Gimp with regards to image manipulation.  I'd seen the effect of having the car in sharp focus but the background made to look more like a painting in a car brochure somewhere, this was my attempt.  I may go back and give it another try sometime...actually sorting the exposure in the photo first though!


I do miss that car.  She deserved a better fate than that.

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I had one of these, it was a fairly ugly but competent thing! 

In terms of modern saloons though

159 definitely would (in fact actively looking for one)

That new 508 is a handsome thing! 

And I’d buy a Guilia too to be fair... 


However, if I could have just one saloon car it would be this. 
Best looking saloon? End of discussion. 

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On 10/16/2019 at 3:11 PM, RayMK said:

Elegance, with one or two exceptions, has died a death.  Alfa is probably the only mainstream brand that can still do it...


I always thought the 156 was a far better looking car than the 159. Less aggressive face and more delicate shapes on the body, especially on the original model.

puhi _1339.JPG

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