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1998 Audi A8 4.2 Quattro V8 - £1750


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Brief background to this:

I swapped my Jaguar for this car 2 and a half weeks ago as I was desperate to scratch my v8 itch, a client who works in my office bought it last September as a winter hack from his father in law. He was always complimentary towards the jag, I've always fancied a V8, so when he told me he was selling it I asked if he fancied a swapz and he was up for it!

Unfortunately it's came at the wrong time for me, as my hours at work have halved recently and I really need something with economies as I'm applying for jobs with a commute longer than my current 8 miles a day. A petrol V8 unfortunately won't be suitable.

So to the car, it's absolutely brilliant tbh. Absolutely huge inside, comfortable ride, sits at just under 2k revs at 70 and goes like a fucking rocket with the foot down. 300bhp from the V8 engine. It's the ultimate barge. Gearboxes are a known issue with these cars, this one is smooth AF. selects every gear perfectly and goes through them smoothly when progressing. It has 103,000 miles on the clock, the car has full service history until 92,000 (mostly dealer) which was in 2009, it's barely moved in the past ten years,a couple of hundred miles between MOT'S each year. It was put back into service last summer, there's receipts in the glovey for an oil and filter change and an engine terraclean. Aluminium body on these cars as well so no rust, it scrubs up very well. 2 remote fobs and a spare 3rd key. Has a parrot Bluetooth thingy which is nearly new, it's been properly fitted, I'll leave it in there. Private plate with comedy RFL lettering included.

That's the good bits, so what about the bad?

There is a judder when braking above 35/40 mph. Brakes work well but can feel a pulse under the pedal. Will need looked at.

Rear brake light warning light on,there is a light out on the drivers side, will get this replaced

This car has previously had a coolant leak from the reservoir bottle and also one of the hoses, the previous owner repaired it prior to me buying it which cost £££ I believe, as access isnt great in the engine bay. It hasn't leaked since. It used to leave a few drips overnight on the ground, but has been dry the last couple of weeks.

Tires have decent tread but have two different brands on the front and rear,which is a bugbear of mine.

Aircon needs a regas m9.

And that's it really. Car is MOT'd until July, and is located in Glasgow. £1750. I know it's not the usual AutoShite giveaway price but it's a beast of a machine. And I need to recoup my jaaaaaag money. A quick glance on autotrader has rough 3.7's and non quattro 2.8's for over 2k. Any questions please fire away. Cheers









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Those photos btw were taken a few days after buying it, I'll have my local eastern european car washing emporium work their magic on it and get some nice pics in the SUNSHEEEINE, although it's hardly dirty. £12 sees about 6 different folk attending to it at the same time, in and out in 5 minutes and it's sparkling.

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How soon does this need to be gone?


Not imminently, I was expecting it to hang around on here for a while tbh as it's on the higher end of the shite scale. We're normally on here for bangernomic bargains, had a few enquiries thus far but nothing concrete.

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My friend has an S8 in this shape and LPG’d which we went to Ipswich in the other day and to say it is something else is an understatement!!


The thought of the S8 model scares me as this thing can shift, would love a shot of one

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If only it was green and then worth only £175  :-(


how much was it new ? 50k +?


£55,000 in 1998, I already looked it up because it astounds me how you can smoke about in something like this for relative peanuts compared to cost new, god knows what that would amount to with inflation. I don't think they sold a lot of them though, and they made a loss on each one

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Everything is perfect on it but as I’m sure you are well aware YOU HAVE TO KEEP ON TOP OF TRANNY FLUID CHANGES - every 30k is what he recommends!


I've read up on this, as I do with any car I buy I look at model specific forums, read up on general faults people have then get paranoid that mine is going to blow up. There seems to be folk who swear by changing the tranny fluid, then others who have changed and then started having issues afterwards despite it being fine beforehand. I haven't looked to see if the "sealed for life" unit has been opened before on this one. The gearbox shifts pefectly at the moment so might be a "if it aint broke" situation. 

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I would just drive it. And drive it some more.


At the first FTS (failure to shift : Lexicon incoming), a nice Polish fella will snap it out of your hands, break it down onto sixteen palettes and ship them east


I know fellas who spend half this money on a golfing weekend

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