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2000 Porsche Boxster - SOLD and GONE! 😥


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Is it another TT ?

Hell no! The TT wasn't/isn't a bad car but is totally not me. This however totally will be more me.

Is it a purchase from Cannock?


Please say it is....

Soz it's not. That is a cherry I want to pop at some point though.

Ken's Dolomite 1300?

Not yet. Maybe in the future once the 1100 is finished. Or I'll have it on loan, weld it for him and then give it back.
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Electric car? I have pedal power for commuting!



It allows me to apply plenty of man maths to justify cars as toys and no worry about suitability for the commute. Speaking of which, I don't think I'll let Mrs SiC drive this has her daily commuter until we move. She can use the A4 and I'll just have to give it good runs to keep the DPF clear.


Cycling in also allows me to freely eat the copious amounts of chocolate, cake and other such things that appear frequently in modern office kitchens.

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hippy breakfast, flowers water, bread and drugs maaaaaaaaaaaan..........lol

Water because I don't like tea or coffee (yeah I'm weird),

Bread is chocolate bread,

Hayfever tablets is a clue,

Plastic flowers because hayfever!

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