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eBay tat volume 3.


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48 minutes ago, willswitchengage said:



The advert reads of desperation however.

"At three years later - 18 February 1994 - Mr Bray traded his Astra in for a new Mk3 Astra GLS. This Astra was then purchased by Mr Leonard Potter and he took it home to Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire."

Fuck off you insufferable cunt. 

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Cheap Ami


Unfortunately someone tried but failed to break into it a few months ago. They damaged the door lock and fortunately nothing else . Citroen UK said it might take several months for the new lock to arrive so the insurance company wrote it off to avoid having to pay for several months of car hire. 




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This isn't going to hang around at £695 BIN:


I bought this car a few years ago from a local garage as a first car for my step son. He drove it around for a few weeks until his mother bought him a Corsa as he didn?t like old cars (idiot).


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18 minutes ago, grogee said:

Civic of the boxy variety with pleather but also induction kit m9. Terrible photos. 

£900 Nhants



Doesn't seem like bad money for one of those with the K20 lump

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1 hour ago, M'coli said:

As seen on another thread, don't bother with insurance...🤬

If you aren't going to do that, just steal a car, clone the plates, and get yourself a false ID 

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29 minutes ago, Metal Guru said:

Induction inlet buried deep in the engine bay letting in nice hot air. Easy way to reduce power .

Worse than that, as its taking in warmer air when it's stationary, as soon as you start accelerating, and getting colder air in, the transition will cause it to be less than smooth. 

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Blimey. The photo-compression on here is so bad that it's hardly worth bothering with pictures any more, but let's try nonetheless.

@triggerposted this absolute babe up on Facebook earlier.  What a belter.





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