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Home made pick ups.


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On 4/2/2022 at 11:35 PM, J W Pepper said:

Perhaps a Proton Jumbuck with an Evo front end, if that is possible?

Yep, same with the lancer/putra coupe too.

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On 10/28/2021 at 10:20 AM, bunglebus said:

That's really interesting, I know there were fibreglass RS200 kits about years ago, don't know if that's part of one or someone's made it themselves. 

Check out MRS200 for a bolt-on kit for a Toyota MR2...

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On 6/3/2022 at 2:48 AM, Metal Guru said:

Reckon that’s an expensive mistake.

If it's a genuine GT then yes. Looks all right as these things go.

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3 hours ago, Metal Guru said:

Mmm, a rear engined pick up? I can think of better ideas!

It worked for VW.

Home brewed ones are better if they use type 3 or 4 engines which have cooling fans on the end



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50 minutes ago, Bfg said:

You'll be saying next that VW also made rear-engined vans, :lol:  and that they were even converted to camper-vans ! :lol:  ..What have you been smokin'   ?

Yes but the percentage of load capacity taken up by a rear engine, is much less in a purpose designed van than a home made car based pick up.

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