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Unless I've missed a thread, we're devoid of a place for obligatory speedometer photos featuring nice round, high numbers.


Seeing as my trusty Avensis ticked over 200,000 miles today - let's see some current and past 'High Milers'.


We could get a limited run of badges/stickers done too if there's any interest? Bronze for 200k, Silver for 300k and Gold for the big Five Oh Oh.


Here's my plucky 1999 Avensis SR in Tuscany Plum(!)



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Guest Hooli

Complete with 90s white dial kit. Awesome apparently. 247589. Probably more since this was taken.


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Not mine yet, collectioning Thursday.


Alfa 156 jtd.




Previous include a Berlingo that I took from 206k to 228k miles and an Audi A4 that I got to about 198k - was sold on to a Shiter for a family member who took it over the 200k mark.




Vehicle make AUDI
Vehicle model A4 AVANT
Date first used 13 February 1997
Fuel type Diesel
Colour Red

MOT history of this vehicle
Test date 1 July 2016
Expiry date 1 July 2017
Test Result Pass
Odometer reading 219,545 miles
MOT test number 6539 2007 1267


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cb500 is 3 years old and done 30k


bought april last year with 18k on it - fairly high for a bike - snotter ntv 650 had 110000k on it when bought and had it 3 months and did 3k on it


works connect bought 2.5 weeks ago had 80 miles on it - it wasnt used for a week as had big shit to move so 15 plate hi roof transit used - in 18 months is on 36000 :D


as of this evening its already on 1750 :D

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Looked at a Mondeo mk3 other day, had 210k on the clock. Unusually for a 1.8 the rings weren't shot. Was immaculate as well, exceptionally tidy body, full history, never failed the test on anything serious, year to year all the advisories had been taken care of, even had the original hubcaps on, never been kerbed. It had obviously been cared for but had been depended on, these are the best buys, forget these 40,000 mile jobs owned by old Bert who only used it to go to Iceland in.


Give me a car that's done 150,000 but looked after anytime over these overpriced 50,000 mile jobs any day.

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This is the 2nd 200k+ car I've had, first being a Mk3 Mondeo V6 which had done around 227k when it was sadly written off. The Mondeo was a 1 owner car that I picked up for £200 from a guy who had maintained it regardless of cost, he just wanted rid because his new car had arrived and nobody was interested in a high mile V6


That car felt and drove like it had another 250k in it easily, never a hint of trouble. The Granada on the other hand does have a feeling about it that every mile may be its last, which I'm sure is mostly paranoia on my side after previous FTPs


Win some, lose some

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