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  1. Fantastic! Nice to see another one saved properly. My own red 4 door (121) had all the same rot in all the same places when I got it in 2015. Looking forward to seeing this progress!
  2. Chodspeed! You went nearly over the top of my Laplander project at 0121.
  3. I used Dai once for a reasonably priced 240 wiper motor and he did get it to me quickly, but the poor communication and delays to orders has been a theme for 10+ years. He used to be into lpg conversions too, with mixed reviews.
  4. I know of a relatively cheap late 80s one that needs some love if you're keen!
  5. Since then I've moved house again, and for the first time I have my workshop next to the house, and I don't work on Fridays. In theory, perfect to get this done, in practice I keep finding other projects, another Volvo Amazon, exhuming a barn find Lotus, including now a VW Crafter camper conversion. Back at the start of the year I took a bit of time off and got the cab floors, front panel and structure all done. The engine is now turning over on an Audi 80 starter (took a few attempts to find a starter that would fit, with the right tooth count) and I've got a spacer made up for the clutch release bearing so it can reach the pressure plate. I'm really pleased with the track width of the series Landy axles on Wolf wheels, they're bang on for the cab. I will be fitting taller tyres, these 235/85/16s look right on a Defender, but the Laplander needs a bit more sidewall really, and it can only help the gearing. I had a couple of days on it last week getting through some of the jobs I've been putting off for ages. I always seem to procrastinate with metalwork, but once I get into it I enjoy it. When I scrapped off the rotten rear body, I lost 6 out of the original 8 body mounting points. The 2 remaining under the cab floors were rotten, so I had to redo them anyway. I wanted to keep the original brackets on the chassis, so have built these rear mounts, which I'll be bracing a bit more - but for now I'm happy! I've braced them to the cab structure for strength and they'll all sit on rubber mounts. Then I sorted the rot on the bottom of the passenger door - this was the better of the two so made sense to start with this. I'll clean the welds up properly when it comes time for paint, but for now just a coat of weld thru to protect it. It's handy that the doors are just on basic gate hinges, so the doors lift off in seconds. Fully expect to use it without doors in summer! Then it was on to the driver's door, the worse one! Ideally I'd have sourced a good replacement, but there are a few issues with that. These C202s were all built in Hungary using poor quality steel, whatever was available to the Soviets, and they only built around 2000 of these, so finding a good replacement or two will be impossible. The earlier Laplanders in the 50s and 60s were built in Sweden and are much more rust resistant, and were produced in higher numbers. The doors on these were a totally different pressing - the frames would probably fit but the C202 has those angular bulges on the doors and B pillars, which the earlier ones didn't. If I could find some better C202 doors, I'd be paying for a pallet from somewhere in Europe, and still have some repairs to do. So with nothing to lose I started cutting rot out of the driver's door. And that's up to date! When I'm back over there I'm going to finish the driver's door, then there is a day or two's work in finishing off the cab welding, it'll be back off the chassis and upside down for some of that. I have a machined spacer on the clutch release bearing now too, so the engine and gearbox will soon be mounted on the chassis more permanently. Not far off the point of starting to build it up - mostly from scratch as with the engine swap and not much of the interior kept, it'll be a fair task. Anyone want to buy an Amazon, or two?
  6. My first D2 used to do the same, graphite powder helps, the other thing I found was to give the key a good rattle, remove it, and wait for the noise as the tumblers spring back to where they should be, then try again. It's caused by gunk inside the barrel, and from memory wd-40 etc make it worse. https://landroverforums.com/forum/discovery-ii-18/ignition-lock-fix-35422/
  7. To be fair the Disco towing it in those photos was hiding plenty of rot too! You've done a fantastic job with it, are you going to keep the patina? Do you want a loan of a Laplander to keep you busy? 😆
  8. Magnificent work! You've now done all of the jobs I've been putting off doing to mine over the last 6 years too. That really has come a hell of a long way since I dragged it out of a stately home/Castle near Hamilton in 2020.
  9. Did they say it was a 60% jump, or that it was now 1000 per day? A 60% increase on 300 is 480 per day. 1000 per day is a well over 200% increase. Sorry to be pedantic, but I expect much of what's being reported on this is blown out of proportion. I've never met anyone who has assumed their low mileage, owned from new car is worthless. People are generally more savvy than than.
  10. 5 years into Laplander ownership, and it feels like driving it could be another 5 years off. Let's hope not! I keep finding other things to distract myself. In the last 18 months... 3 house moves (including North of the border, owning all these Volvos it was inevitable) Full shed move including 4 post lift, gantry crane, dead Austin 1100, driving Amazon etc. Gained a puppy, a kitten, a new job and a new business venture. Luckily between jobs, whilst in a short term let, I had some time to work on the cab, so it went from this with just 2 new horizontal brace pieces holding the cab in shape: To this, with floors and body mounts on, and the tunnel and 'face' made up. Floor/step panels are now the only thing between me and the cab being the right way up again. Also whilst on a trip to the Midlands, I bagged these wheels to go on my Land Rover series 3 axles - I'd quite like some modern replica 1 ton wheels, but these Wolfs are a close second, and a fraction of the price. They'll do for now at least!
  11. Also just realised a few weeks ago I repeated that theme with my new purchase, but this time both are estates...
  12. This car is now unrecognisable from when I last saw it 2.5 years ago. Absolutely amazing work!
  13. Not the truck but the load... Spotted heading north past Gretna during the week.
  14. I'll likely have an empty trailer from Lockerbie to Lincoln next week, so may be able to help at shiters rates.
  15. Got space for anything that'll fit in the back or on the roof of a Disco 2, going from Lockerbie to Rainham in Essex and back in a couple of weeks...
  16. Another few months on and not much progress made. Haven't been able to do much this year as I moved away from where my workshop is, but 2023 is looking better in that regard. I now have the Skoda's engine mated to the original 4 speed gearbox and transfer box. I need to have a couple of parts machined to make the clutch work with this setup but it's mounted on the chassis at least. The cab is really pretty rotten but I'm getting there. Probably halfway to making it solid. I've just moved house over the border into Scotland, so can now work away at the cab at home this winter which should help speed things up. The chassis is now solid and sits on a pair of late series 3 109" Land Rover axles, still on drum brakes and not too wide for what I want. More modern axles might have been nice but I reckon these will be the best all round option. Next year I'll get the body back on the chassis and get it running. I'm keeping the ECU from the Skoda so it will have some sensors but I'll be waterproofing them where I can. It sits pretty high in the chassis anyway so I'm not too worried about drowning it in water.
  17. Was that the day I met you there? My dad was well taken by his wee run in the Samba.
  18. Top purchase! Spotted it on autotrader last night as I was curious how many lpg motors are still about. Impending move means lpg might become feasible again for me.
  19. Amazing! Thanks for the thought. I really must post an update soon, however small it will be. Currently looking for a new workshop where I can work on this, somewhere around Lockerbie/Dumfries.
  20. I'm doing Ross on Wye to Whitehaven with an empty car transporter/flatbed this Saturday afternoon, happy to shift any vehicles or anything that will fit in the back of my Disco
  21. This place sells adaptors to mount both VW and Merc diesels to Volvo gearboxes, I have their VW/M45 kit, it wasn't cheap with the flywheel etc. And the import tax on top but it's easier than making one! I don't expect an Amazon gearbox would handle much winding up of a TDI though! https://smt.nu/mercedes-200250290300-diesel.php
  22. Top welding there! I'm doing similar with the Laplander at the moment so I feel your pain - it's a few years since I've used gasless mind. That chain that's dangling in the last pic, I believe that was for a radiator blind - I was surprised that such a thing would be fitted to a South African market car, but maybe they have cold winters?
  23. Great work! And I'm so glad to see it's being saved piece by piece. I can put you in touch with a Swedish chap who makes adaptor plates - you could mount a VW 4 pot TDI on to an original gearbox via that method. Having said that, an XUD with a matching gearbox might be a cheaper solution.
  24. I briefly owned a Rover 75 with green leather, that was quite something! I wondered if Range Rovers of the same era had the option, as my L322 a few years back was navy blue inside and out. I'd have loved the same in green.
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