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AS tally

Craig the Princess

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3, soon to be 5

1 works,

1 needs mot which it won't get until I get it's mojo back,

1 works except for an intermittant starter relay hence is being replaced by SWMBO at great expense.

and 1 on loan to be returned in a few weeks, condition to be ascertained.

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16 of which 9 are roadworthy... which is the best result seen in the Ratdat household in years. Two of those belong to Mrs Ratdat ('96 Toyota Paseo and '92 Mazda 323) which are the newest we have along with my '92 MX5. The rest are all 80s or older. Oldest roadworthy one is 1962.


I also have working 1957 tractor but sadly it's not road legal (French import but not reg'd here). Not sure if I'd really want to drive it on the road TBH.

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Five currently roadworthy and in my name (fingers crossed that the little 1200 gets through its MoT later this week, after a lump of filler fell off revealing rust in an unfortunate place). I think it's the most I've ever had with T&T and one day I want to take a different car in to work Monday-Friday. So far the best I've managed is 4/4 after a Bank Holiday....


Two on SORN. Potentially both Camrys could see the road again, but realistically probably only one of them actually will.


Then Mrs SL has her one.


I can't see me going above that quantity, it's already gone beyond the point where I can get each car out without shunting another one (which limits usability when I've got to get off somewhere) and one of the Camrys is stuck behind a pile of logs. In fact I really ought to try and sell something, probably the E-reg Sunny first.

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oh goodness - i have been putting off a count up recently!


road legal but with clonky suspension


1 mondeo tdci estate


race cars


1.6 mk4 fiesta


1.7 puma


motable probably


1.6 mk5 fiesta


not road legal in any way:


storage area 1 (farmyard under trees)


mk5 escort cab

mk2 uno diesel van

alfa75 twinspark

yamaha xv750se (in a grain silo)


storage area 2 (inside and outside of my workshop)


2 and 1/2 chrysler sunbeams

mk6 fiesta

2 x v6 mk3 mondeos

2 x 1250 mk5 fiestas

1.6 puma

e36 bmw 318is coupe


storage area 3 (parents drive lol)


mk4 transit 190 dormobile mobility bus - camper conversion covered in moss :-(


storage area 4(hidden in the back of bro-in-laws unit)


mk5 fiesta zetec s



so 19 1/2



negotiations continue tomorrow for a rover 75 - a possible number 20.5 only one of which i can drive on the road   :-D

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