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Drive away for £200, the cheapest of cheap shite thread

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Does this count as I paid £225 for it.post-9282-0-34549500-1409984900_thumb.jpgpost-9282-0-52641800-1409984952_thumb.jpgpost-9282-0-56527600-1409985008_thumb.jpg

It's in lovely condition and came with tax and test till January and over half a tank of juice and 4 new tyres.

The reason it was cheap was it was running lumpy but I disconnected the MAF and it now runs a dream.

I'm waiting for a new MAF to arrive and the part was only £14 it's also only done 57000 miles.


The old girl also has a very good spec being one of the last B5s with an SE trim so has all the toys such as cruise control and a decent stereo, climate control etc which all work and the seats etc are in fantastic condition.

So I'm treating it during the week to a good clean inside and a full service before I go back to work. :)


It was going to be a donor car for my old A4 to retro fit some toys in but that will now be staying as a povo spec car also that is also like new and low mileage and bought it as a stop gap car for a couple of weeks 4 years ago for £281.




I have to stick with Audi now as it seems I have some serious amount of luck finding decent very cheap low mileage examples, and I even rebuilt my garage just for somewhere to keep a couple of hundred quid car lol.



The garage is normally the other way up lol.

If only I could concrete the garden, then I could make a space for another :)

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Disregard this, asketh and the Shite Lord giveth


Find me a D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L plate Daihatsu Charade G100/ G102 shape. Must be £100


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Steve's dropping it off on Wednesday all being well. He's been ill again with a chest infection which with his medical history is life threatening :(

Samba , how is the white charade?

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'A bit bouncy' apparently. That'll calm down a bit once the front struts have burst through the bonnet. Still - £200 - what do you want?





I bought this for £200 in 2010 & it's still my daily drive-I LOOOOVVVEEE it!

Sorry about the picture, but it's the only one I can find in my photo bucket! This one was in the staff car park at work during a snow storm a few years ago. This Citroën Xantia has really done me proud and I truly bullet-proof!


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