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Rickman Rancher project thread - sleeping shite


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That does really look a nice and tidy little campervan, well bought, even if it does have OMFGHGF, it will be a simple job to sort on a Pinto, swapping the water pump, cambelt and tensioner to make sure things are OK would be a wise precaution

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Marine ply is a fine material for building units with but leaving the edges untrimmed like that means if they get bashed there's a good chance you'll raise skelfs and get splinters. Some hardwood beading is probably the cheapest and easiest way of preventing it, or there are metal trims you can get for finishing. Splendidly shite motorhome and most excellent price!

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Interested in what the "FS" warning light is for? Does it have a blown head gasket warning light somewhere else, marked "FFS"?


Following thread with interest!


from what I have figured out so far, it is (disappointingly i might add) for the Front Spotlights.  boring but true.  i may add another F later :mrgreen:

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Would it be worth fitting revolving 'Captains' chair mounts to the front seats to open up a bit more space

or are the cushiony things hard up against them?

cusiony things are hard up against them.  also, you can't see in the pics, but the bed extends over the top of the front seats, so they have some sort of funky double runner things to enable that.  otherwise it would be a great idea :-)



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  • 1 year later...

sorry for the thread resurrection, but things have been ridiculous, both at home and at work, so I have been a bit of a social hermit of late :-(


lots has happened since the last update on this, and not all good....


compression tester arrived, and we duly tested the engine. No. 3 cylinder was way down compared to the rest, so we duly pulled the head to take a look at the gasket.  nothing untoward was found, so i made sure that the valves on cylinder three were closed, and poured some paraffin into the combustion chamber.


lo and behold, it absolutely p***sed through the exhaust valve.


so off went the head for some TLC at a local trusted cylinder head dude.  the verdict was that the exhaust valve seats were badly recessed, the cam had been starved of oil at some point as the bearings were picking up on the 'shaft, the spray bar was pretty much knackered, and a few of the rocker arms had seen better days.


so, £500 and a few weeks later, we were furnished with a nicely skimmed head, with new camshaft, bearings, rockers, hardened exhaust valve seats, valve seats recut, and new valves lapped in.  they even cleaned it and painted it for us.  top boys.


next up was refitting everything - this went fine. new head (and other associated) gasket, and new head bolts.  a new thermostat also went in.  

on first turn over (plugs out, fuel not connected) we simply could not get the oil pressure light to go out.  we removed the dissy, and got a long hex drive on a drill down to the oil pump.  it felt awful!  something clearly wasn't right, so anew oil pump was ordered.  'this'll be easy' - a few bolts and robert's your mothers brother.... 




unlike the kent engine, where its oil pump is on the outside, the pinto is inside. in the sump. FFS.


so, TCAs disconnected, engine hoist holding the lump up, engine mounts undone, cross member removed, sump removed, and finally, theres the pump.

except it uses ribe bolts, not torx. and my bits are too short. could this go any more wrong??!!  bits ordered from amazon prime, and next day the pump is swapped out.  the old ones drive shaft had parted company with the rotor part, and was only spinning the pump intermittently.


with the new pump in, and everything refitted, all was well!


we've since been up to stoneleigh for the kit car show in May, and it ran like a dream.  a few teething niggles with fridges, but otherwise perfect!


ill get some up to date pics in a bit :-)


cheers for reading!



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agreed, I am having a right time getting sufficient numbers from the OC to even hold an official AGM at stoneleigh :(


there is soon to be another rancher outing - this time involving some of the original Rickman moulds, and unfortunately, a reciprocating saw or two...


i'll update with pics when we have done the deed - probably the 9th of september or so.



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  • 5 years later...

wow, just came across this thread that i had forgotten i started!

the good news is that the engine work went well, and the Rancher has been doing sterling service for the last few years. until now....

it seems i may have had a small incident on the way to the edinburgh trial :-( 

so it looks like there will be a new rebuild thread. i'll try to keep this one updated this time!

i just hope its all repairable, or my parents will disown me.

pics to follow

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