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Drive away for £200, the cheapest of cheap shite thread

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I'm a bit suspicious that this one would be a right old money pit after the first week of ownership was over though.

It has a sticker from the garage at the end of the road where I grew up, so I could forgive it a thing or two.


(It was a BL garage in those days though.)

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Ladies and gentlemen round up for the bargain of the week (possibly excepting that Volvo 480).

It's a mk1 Laguna with Tax and long MoT, advertised at £225, go wave £200 in notes under the owners nose and drive away happy.





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Certain cars seem to attract sod all money, I'd suggest currently that older Fiestas and Clios for example, are available mostly for peanuts now, along with Mk3 Astras and Escorts.


Another way to (usually) score a cheap one is for going for an unfashionable engine, for example a 1.6 in an Astra or Escort as the tax is more expensive and probably the insurance too.

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I wouldn't mind betting this could be had for around the 200 quid mark.

What d'you reckon to the intermittant cutting out fault? I say the fuel pump going the way of the pear,

If I didn't have my V70, I'd be all over this.






If anyone's interested, I can contact the seller on your behalf.

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