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Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF


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So yesterday I got up at 5 am, I reluctantly accept this through the week but on a Sunday? It has to be something pretty spesh.




Went and fetched the tools and A-frame and hit the road, was loaded up and on the M6 before 7am. Here's the route:





Nice quiet morning for going to fetch some shite! This is some of that section on the way to Newport, lovely autumn colours:




Got to the dude's house about 9.45 am. Plenty of time for a cup of tea and to check out the views from his window:




now check out the real view.








Pretty sweet motor eh? I didn't spend ages investigating everything but the guy seemed mega sound, he'd only had it a few months and it had been perfectly reliable till one day it overheated after a mile! It started up and sounded OK and was not wazzing fluids and that out so I believed it all.


Getting hooked up:




I was telling the fella about the A-frame and how it was slightly against the law, and that I didn't much like going on motorways with it in case I got a tug off VOSA. I had expected to go back the way I came along the M4 but he said 'if you want to stay off the motorway you can, just carry on up the valley instead of going back down, you'll go over the hill tops then pick up a road to Abergavenny and on to Hereford'. Sounded good to me so i decided to follow his advice. Heres the return route:




I set off and fortunately everything was nice and tight and it towed well.


However, dragging a car up the Welsh valleys and over the top is a serious task for a 1.9 non-turbo van! I ended up grinding up hills for miles and miles in fuggin 3rd gear caning the knackers off the unlucky van. By the time i got to the top, the temp gauge had gone up a little bit but the engine was stinking hot! I stopped on the tops of the hills to let stuff cool off:




Lovely views!




To be fair to the van it performed impeccably. It is a bit underpowered for this lark and hills slow it down a lot when towing but its very stable and on the flat you can bowl along at 60 no problem. So I did!


Got home at 4pm (took something like 5 hours to get home!!!!) and dumped the Rover on the drive:




Interior is pretty nice, half leather with no serious rips or wear on the drivers seat. Its got air con (which supposedly works a treat!) steering wheel radio controls and all sorts. Also its got the 145bhp VVC engine of course which is the main benefit. Even got something like 8 months ticket!!!! Also has a tax disc till feb, the eBay advert says 'NO TAX' so i think the seller has forgotten to remove it. If he asks for it back i'll send it to him. The only obvious issue apart from the HGF is the n/s wing has been painted to a mediocre standard. Might be able to buff it up as the colour match looks decent enough.




So the plan is of course to get the HGF sorted (already have a MLS gasket set + new bolts knocking about after the misadventure with the 25 van so with a little bit of luck we can make it troo da nite), clean it all up then see how I'm feeling about stuff in general. Theres a very steep decline of these on how many left (currently about 400 25 GTi's showing) so will no doubt be a rare machine before long. Also Its from pretty early on in the 'Phoenix era' so should not have been too badly affected by all that project drive bollocks and hopefully will make a pretty nice little blaster. Not bad for £120 eh? I'm pretty chuffed anyway. My office colleagues who love taking the piss out of me all shut up when i said 'come on what do you expect for £120???' '£120???? Blimey, its got to be worth that in scrap metal, admittedly that looks decent for that sort of cash.' EVERYONE'S A WINNER !!!!!111!!!11212111''''`€€€!!!

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you know what, I bet that thing is pretty good with 145 brakeses.

They are deffinitely ageing well (probly cos they looked about 10 years old when new). I'd always sort of written these off as proper council estate astra SXi wannabes without knowing anything about them, but lately they have crept onto my gumtree "spairs or repares" radar. lovely stuff.

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