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Lazy spotters thread


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A chap came to fit some flooring at work a few weeks ago, turned up in tidy-looking H100 Toyota Hiace.  I'm not sure why it is, but the overhang on one of these looks just right to me...



I found this whilst taking some water samples in Gladstone Park in North London (horrible work appliance Transit courier misery spec parked behind)


An cack-covered SD1 found in Croydon about a year ago.  Shitty photos one this one, locals were up and about/had just come back from the police station, so had to be taken on the move in the van.  Check out the headlining!20200427_174019213_iOS.thumb.jpg.00dceec01e060b74c13c1b69f624a8e9.jpg20200427_174017078_iOS.thumb.jpg.a8f0b618f0b3381ff7f1ed3e35904a26.jpg

Walking in Hextable, nice enough place, I expected driveways to be rammed with PCP clonebox appliances, in the main part they were, but I found one road where the locals were doing it right:20191123_152713073_iOS.thumb.jpg.7c70cd45a4745ab5893fc5844bdd225d.jpg


Fast forward to Friday, fruity-looking Triumph Acclaim with 3 x Alloys and a rust scab collection going on.  Sadly this was found in Euro Car Parts just next to work, poor chap must have gone in there thinking that it was a motor factors.  I imagine he went in looking for a new distributor cap and came out with some floor mats and an air freshener





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not quite sure where these sit on the shite scale yet (although im sure the Rotary engine is helping that cause)


but thought it was neat to see (because of aforementioned rotary) and especially so in Central London (papped while getting my 2nd Jab)

amusingly too it is ULEZ Compliant LOL

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16 hours ago, Spurious said:

A Toyota Will in the wild. I've only seen it in @dollywobbler NZ video. 

What an odd car. (I wasn't getting a front shot it was pissing down and the owner was in it)



The previous version was a lot worse in the looks department 

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