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Shite in Miniature II


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Found these too. 
Miasto Freightliner log truck.


And this, Scania tanker. You could get them from Esso garages. Every time you filled up with petrol you got tokens which you could redeem on various things… I got this! 


I even kept one of the tokens with it.




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14 hours ago, sierraman said:

See my old man always used BP so we had the Corgis you got with the BP stamps. Didn’t they later do the Shell Maisto models, our neighbour used to get loads as he had a scaffolding firm so used to brim the wagon every week so quickly got the set. 

My 2nd ever job was working nights at the newly opened Gledrid Shell station on the Oswestry bypass. Anyone who didn't want their stickers we kept on our own cards so naturally I got the whole 1st set including the big Xj220.

Unfortunately my scumbag brother sold most of it behind my back for booze money..

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How about an on-the-spot mini tat report from darkest Cornwall?

First up, this antiques store. Bargain* Days Gone type stuff in the window display


And inside


Some really lovely, really big models - no idea who made them or what they're priced at


Next stop, Oxfam


I'm aware I'm in a tourist area but that's some whimsical pricing.

Looking around the high street, there's this


Which is closed until next month - £10 mainline Hot Wheels visible through the window relieve my feeling of  FOMO.

There's a toymaster at the back of a homewares store that has nothing I'm interested in (lots of model kits though), so thank goodness for the Entertainer a couple of doors from where I'm working 


I also picked these two up in Sainsbury's on the way down, one for the Golf


And one for several Porsches including the 356


And the Lotus my friend collects


There are a couple more I found in Entertainer Newbury yesterday but they're at my B+B

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One of my favourite new Matchbox models must be this 1957 Ford.

Just looks fantastic. 


Only thing I wasn't happy with was the lack of taillights,but I know a man that could help!



One trip to see Smoll Eddy and a new set of gleaming lamps later!

"You 'appy wiv 'em M8?"

Yes,they are great,now everyone can see where I've been.

"I can see where you've been round the back of my lockup M8!!"


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1 hour ago, bunglebus said:


Some really lovely, really big models - no idea who made them or what they're priced at



Those are Pocher 1/8th scale. White is a P3 Alfa Romeo, then Fezza Testatossa, 1907 Fiat, finally Mercedes-Benz 540K. They are very expensive kits which are still available today.

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59 minutes ago, MiniMinorMk3 said:

Those are Pocher 1/8th scale. White is a P3 Alfa Romeo, then Fezza Testatossa, 1907 Fiat, finally Mercedes-Benz 540K. They are very expensive kits which are still available today.

I wondered what those were, I seem to recall they made a lorry of some sort too.

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Ah yes.  Truro.  Was in the Harry shop earlier this year.  It is two floors of mainly Lego figures laid out on rows and Marvel/Star Wars figures up on wall cabinets.  It's like a young lad's bedroom, packed with young kids

Some die-cast in cabinets, not a lot IIRC as figures are really Harry's thing.  What there was, were trashed and in £1 scoop boxes.  Didn't buy a thing

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2 minutes ago, FakeConcern said:



Dinky Corgi Matchbox Diecast Job Lot Collection antique some Rare pieces


Item information

Fantastic collection of mostly Dinky and Corgi Toys some are used / near mint. Rare Daktari Elephant ... Read moreRead more about condition

I’m no expert, but that is rather salty!!

Some nice stuff there though.

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Some French Fancies in resin from a small company called MiniCar

XM Estate




405 Mi 16




Renner 19 16s Cabrio (with wobbly windscreen)




And a couple of odd ball VW models from MiniStyle

Camper Van




Rometsch 4-Door Taxi. Rometsch did a number of coach built VWs in the 1950s including Police Cars and Sports Cars.




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My favoured pusher of weird small cars 'baskingsharkGB' has had some pretty wild stuff for sale recently. It's always priced pretty high, but I know there's often a deal to be done so I made some lowball offers for a few bits. The end result is him accepting all the offers and me ending up with a big invoice because why would I even bother to add up the total before pressing 'send'? Anyway, here's what a day's wages will buy you.

First up, the least exciting, Mebetoys A72 Maserati Bora. 20230112_134435.thumb.jpg.2b8560e678694309a791d41cb05cfff2.jpg

When I was a youngster I never really 'got' most 70s cars, particularly wedgy expensive ones, as they all seemed objectively uglier than almost anything made in the preceding decades, but over the years I've grown to love this decade of car styling. The Bora is a great example of something which never used to interest me, but I now think is a lovely delicate piece of design.


This is a Mattell-era Mebetoys, one of the first series of cars from circa 1974 which went over to plastic bases and simplified, cheaper castings. It was launched in the crossover period just before the generic plastic wheels came in and was only made with these nice wheels for a short period of time. Later issues are ten a penny but these early examples are much more difficult to find, and so much nicer. This one was a great colour, too, so I sort of had to, really...


Save for one tiny chip on the roof it's more or less mint, but overall not a patch on the glory days of the late 60s/early 70s castings.


basic base, and it feels quite flimsy and lightweight, plus those nice wheels don't run very smoothly but I'm not going to be pushing it around the carpet so it doesn't bother me. A nice addition, but pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.

Next one is a bit more interesting. Mebetoys A44 Bertone (Autobianchi) Runabout


The real thing was first shown in 1969 I think, and the model didn't appear until 1971. The stylistic precursor to the Fiat X/19 so one of the more important concept cars of the era, it was a wild flight of fancy and perhaps not the obvious choice for a miniature version (so fits right in with my theme)


Despite that, this was one of those cars which seemingly everyone had a go at. There are two scales of Corgi, a Matchbox (c/w tow bar), and a larger Marx which was the only one made in accurate colours. There was also a USSR-built Mebetoys in plastic. The real thing was white and red, but this metallic green looks great albiet total nonsense



Unusual sandwich construction with the two metal castings clamping together the red plastic middle bit, plus plastic roll bar, rear deck, seats, wheel and gear lever, headlamps and screen. Feels fairly fragile and unblikely to last long in the hands of a child, which probably explains why it's so difficult to find in this sort of condition. some of them had tail lamps but I'm not sure every example did. In any case, there aren't any on this one.


Lastly, another oddball which certainly didn't attract the attention of multiple manufacturers


It's Mebetoys A38, Matra M530 Vignale. This is one I've wanted for a long time which seemingly never shows up for a reasonable price.


Along with the flip-up headlamps it's got an opening front boot and doors, with tipping seats, full engine detail etc. A particularly good late-60s Mebetoys. The real thing was shown in 1968 and this toy appeared in '69.


A handful of people had a go at prettifying the challenging M530, mostly tiny French firms, but the Vignale job was the best-known and most successful (stylistically), with a look ahead to the general form of mid-engined sports cars over the next decade or so.


Nowt underneath really, but a good heavy metal base makes it feel solid and tactile. Weirdly, the car was yellow when first shown, later resprayed silver and is now bright red. You can get the toy in silver or red but this gold is the closest to the original shade. Really pleased with this one - it's in perfect condition and didn't break the bank (excewpt on aggregate)


That will, I hope, be it from me for the rest of the month. Unless something really special/cheap pops up, obvs.

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Just in case there's anything else anyone would like to not collect... Who remembers this one?



Yup, it's a big Kirk/ Model Products Ford D-Series brewery wagon, in Tuborg Grøn colours.

This was the inevitable result of some weak-willed online auction scrolling during a brief phase of feeling not-totally-brassic back in October - unfortunately there were more than a few hiccups with the vendor and the shipping, so by the time it eventually showed up I was suffering from a violent bout of buyer's remorse and just stuffed it away under the bed... until now.

I mean, it's a great model.


And it's very, very heavy.


As well as the diecast chassis, the pallet bed is also metal.

Detail's pretty good all round - the doors open onto a nicely rendered interior...


...and the engine under the cab is decently put together too.


Like the Mercedes coach from the same range (see all the way back to October), this boasts tiptronic-style steering as well.


And the plastic beer crates, impressively, are all individual mouldings which click smoothly on to their pallets just like that other Danish toy, Lego.



If there were individual bottles supplied too, then there would need to be 960 of them to fill the truck.

The 'hat' on the cab is plastic and riveted on - I can only presume this was something to do with Tuborg's fleet livery at the time.


As a recap, Kirk were a subcontractor for Tekno who produced diecast cars and commercials for them. When Tekno dropped these from their range in the early 1970s, Kirk continued to produce them for a short while, now marked with their own name or alternatively branded as 'Model Products'. Although there were seemingly plans to introduce brand new castings, they didn't transpire and these former Tekno castings disappeared for good around 1972.

So, given that this model must now be around 50 years old, it's not in terrible condition - a few paint chips, and some minor edge loss and discoloration of the waterslide transfers.


The box is a bit bashed, however - though the line drawings are nice.





And as "the world's first take-a-part/ assembly truck", it also comes with an instruction sheet.



It's a great model and I'm delighted to have been able to handle it up close, but I don't think I'll be able to keep it long-term.

Unfortunately it owes me a shade over £40, so it's not exactly a pocket-money toy anymore... and so it may find itself back online before very long!


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Ah, I was wondering what became of that one. I think it was me who flagged up that particular example for sale, so sorry about that... I figured I'd have a similar 'so now what?' reaction when it arrived if I'd bought it, but there is something very appealing about a proper 1:43 scale commercial vehicle. I think £40 is probably a pretty good price for it, from what I can glean, so don't think you'll lose out again. Just don't try and sell it to me.

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