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Shite advertising weighing in shite


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Been thinking about this thread for a while, might work, might bomb.

I am always surprised by the viable looking motors that are used to advertise "cash for scrap cars" near me. I guess in the eyes of the public and the scrap man these cars are end of life, but they look like we would rock them as primary transport for at least another 5 years.

Exhibit A: Corsa near me. Cannot see anything obvious wrong with it but must have been weighed in.



So over to you lot, what otherwise viable motors is the tat man using for advertising near you?

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A rather notorious trader near me had a horrendous Beetle based thing for years to advertise their business. Eventually it disappeared and I found it back at a scrapyard not too far away:


I took this picture in 2013, it lingered around in this scrapyard for a few years but when I went there last time (2021) it was gone, I think they finally bridged it. Good riddance...

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