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  1. Looks like it's been involved in an accident.
  2. Lovely motor! Such a rare sight now. I drove a Safrane several years ago and it's one of the most comfortable cars I've been in. I seem to recall that one had a 5-cylinder engine, but that could be my brain getting muddled!
  3. Blocking a live lane in anticipation of a merge point further up the road should result in an instant driving ban.
  4. Just spotted this 1968 Ford Corsair on eBay. It's an F-reg, but somehow it's ended up on a prefix rather than a suffix. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/166681306747
  5. Was great to meet you both! I'm sure you will enjoy the car @Smoll Floatylight. 😁 Have a safe journey back. 👍
  6. The speedometer certainly made up for the odometer's lack of optimism. It's been a while since I've driven one but I'm sure the speedo went all the way up to 150mph! 🤣
  7. The Escort ditched the five-digit odometer in favour of a digital six-digit readout around the millennium, perhaps just before. About the same time as the Fiesta and Puma. The KA retained the five-digit odometer right up to when they switched from Endura to Duratec. I think the latest Endura-powered KAs were registered on a 52-plate.
  8. Growing up in a fairly rough area in the late '90s and early '00s, I remember these being absolutely everywhere. I feel like they were a far more common sight than the UK-spec Previa at the time, though they probably weren't. They were the school run mum's car of choice before SUVs/crossovers became a thing, along with Shoguns, Troopers, Disco 1s, etc.
  9. I started this month with one car which needed to be replaced. Six days in, and somehow I've ended up with - not one, not two, but - three additional cars. At this rate I'll be giving Philip Schofield a run for his money. With regards to excessive car-buying, I hasten to add...
  10. Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Until recently I've never really paid much attention to them, but I bought a top-of-the-range diesel one last year and was seriously impressed. At 137k it drove spot on. The interior was lovely and everything worked. The best bit was it did a genuine 70mpg! Found myself in need of a car last week and ended up buying a lower-spec petrol one to tide me over for a few weeks. At 101k it feels tight as a drum and everything seems to work. Not as frugal as the diesel but still good for 50mpg. The Giulietta seems to be surprisingly well put-together with no real horror stories. For a bread-and-butter family hatchback they're actually really decent, and probably a much safer bet than a Focus Ecoboost or Golf TSI of the same age. And much cheaper like-for-like!
  11. I remember seeing a Buick-badged Mokka in the states a few years ago. A quick Google shows that the face-lifted Mokka X got the Buick treatment as well. Or how about a Saturn Astra?
  12. Of all the old shite I accrued over the course of the year, not one of them suffered a breakdown. The only FTP I endured was when I borrowed my boss' Tesla.
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