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  1. And I missed both of them 😂
  2. Tell me more - does it pop open?
  3. What you could have had for £9 today! OK I had to pay to get in a model railway show, and put my tightest fitting bobble hat on to get in 😉 From the £1 files, DBS Rocket, Husky split and well loved Barracuda: From the £3 files a Corgi Firebird (which is obviously missing a door card) but a widescreen and Molotov chrome pen later should look dandy: Lasty coming in at 200 kilos is the Dinky Zodiac which is getting a scrub and a new tyre - it even has all 4 door cards!
  4. @Jon incredible deal on the F2F Lego!!!!
  5. Cheers gents! I must have seen them but mistook for the common shorter version. Something I have no need for to covert at toyfairs 😂
  6. Anymore info on this - completely escaped my radar!
  7. Anymore info on this - completely escaped my radar!
  8. @barrett that Audi is delicate and the perfect colour too 👍
  9. Another Radio van fan here, on the Christmas list many a time! Happy to home the transit speculative majorette purchase @Datsuncog and the recent Micra & Range Rover if there still there.
  10. DOES NOT COMPUTE 🤣 There is “NO” setting after all 😁
  11. Those matchbox multipacks all look good 👍
  12. Sent across from by a mate, this might intrigue a few of you! https://www.eroinamusic.com/kinoramas
  13. Gutted that have not made Brentwood, (wasn’t local till toyfair chucking out time) but pleased @Spottedlaurel was acting as @bunglebus diecast conscious and making him go for broke 😂
  14. My dad and his mate decommissioned the Texaco forecourt pumps from Grange in the late 90’s when it swapped its VAG franchise for Aston Martin. Casually mooching round the cars, the salesman pointing to the unsalable XJ220 jokingly said “hop in see if suits you” to which my dads mate did fuel stinking overalls and all 😂
  15. I got one of those Onyx Jaguars straight from the parts counter of Grange motors in about 1990! I’m not sure which livery it is, I will have to investigate. Grange motors is still a Jaguar dealer in the same place in Brentwood.
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