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  1. Another entry for the MC toys Granada, one owner from new
  2. Hey Junkman it’s a sad day ☹️
  3. An odd purchase from the orient - a Tomica Taxi - but check this £5 bargain out - a solitary single opening door! That is the box it came in too, no packing just some double sided tape...
  4. Very, very deep pockets only! http://www.minialuxe.fr/catalogsearch/result/?imageField.x=0&imageField.y=0&q=Berliet+
  5. Some modern model transporter shite (these pictures are only two and a half years old!) I thought I might share. Paris Salon this time.
  6. I stumbled upon this from my files - some plastic rubber band tat I spotted in the Daf museum about 18 months ago - are these Norev’s?
  7. Junkman are we saying Hornby DIDNT offload Pocher? I thought they’d sold it off? Cracking reportage I’m really enjoying it!
  8. Junkman I’m sat here at work salivating over your updates. Really appreciated (even if I’m 99% likely not to buy any). Please keep your spy in whatever poison he demands ????
  9. Noel, re:Tomica I see it there - I just can’t buy a Crown Taxi anywhere!
  10. So I found another Tomica retailer yesterday, apologies for the amount of pictures in advance! Still no sighting of number 51 the Toyota Crown taxi though. Each window box pulls out on a draw and supposedly the models are behind - can be a bit hit and miss however. Scales vary widely too. Despite my (broken) self imposed ban, I may have picked up some FJ cruisers... Have a bonus shonky video too: https://mobile.twitter.com/max_defrost/status/1042638616319614976
  11. So Tomica willpower went out the window whilst out for a stroll I have a feeling I might buckle again before I leave Singapore... Daihatsu Copen in full autoshite metallic blue rinse with beige seats - the roof pops off too! Nissan Leaf which is quite a smart little thing:
  12. Temptation always wins! To quote Arnie “I’ll be back...”
  13. So, I have broke my no more diecast rule... in my defence it was 14 Singapore dollars for a beer of 7 dollars for a Tomica (£4 each). So I bought two... crude really rather than crisp, but well proptioned nether the less. (The posh ones are 11 dollars). So what did I buy? Well it took this old bugger a while to get 6” off the floor for a rummage, but today’s panic selections - I’m here for a few days yet - below. (Bonus points for spotting Raffles in the background). Oddly both different scales, the Suzuki 660 Kei roadster is 1/56, the hideous looking type R is 1/64.
  14. andrew e

    Shite Postcards

    Junkman today BR Eastern region HQ on Liverpool Street London is..... McDonalds! So see the building behind BRE HQ/McD? That’s “Bedlam” London’s famous mental hospital (and origins of the word) - well underneath it is at least. 1901 Liverpool St was the Great Eastern Hotel, it also has the Eastern region staff war memorial on a facing wall visible from inside the station. Also a Mason’s meeting point and Van Helsing Hotel in Dracula. The station has some cracking history - U boat ramming plaque anyone - thousands of people pass through the UK busiest station concourse (fact per square foot) and haven’t a clue. I also worked there in ‘94 & 2012. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Eastern_Hotel,_London https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liverpool_Street_station http://thecinescapader.blogspot.com/2015/09/visiting-filming-locations-of-mission_29.html You will have seen in it Tom Cruises first Mission Immposible where he boards the Eurostar at Liverpool St station. (The fake front of the Eurostar sat abandonded in Stratford depot till it got all Olympic parked, it’s never departed from Liverpool St, only Waterloo and St Pancras. However the current Eurostar depot in Temple Mills is half a mile away from where the fake nose were dumped). Finally you could order a new Montego there from the factory.....
  15. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shelby_GLHS
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