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  1. I’m glad your piecing the Rancho and bikes set together, I had one that looked like that in the 80’s only the trailer survived 😉
  2. What everyone else has said - it’s really been therapeutic stuff agonising over old toy Tat for pennies! Cheers Tim 👍
  3. That Mercury brush paint job is Ace!
  4. Translation: I’d happily pay that and more, but my Mrs is watching me type my reply over my shoulder 😉
  5. Tonight 20% off Faz (still an expensive shop though!) https://www.fazsdiecast.co.uk
  6. That’s terrible - I love it 😂
  7. You did well there! The Ford Transcontinental tankers ace, let me know if it ever needs rehoming. I think the RR silver cloud was matchbox first Bond tie in along with the Renault 11 - both from View to a Kill.
  8. Happy Birthday to Mother Bungle 🥳
  9. You had a hell of a haul for £16 there @flat4alfa if you ever want to double your money on that R5 let me know 😂
  10. Want to do a swap on the Vitara?
  11. @Datsuncog cheers - funds on the way 👍 I still have 20p & £1 Tat for grabs here too!
  12. That really is beautiful collection of 60’s grand tourers - I’m incredibly envious!
  13. Though it doesn’t photograph well the Corgi GT70 is a fabulous colour. Many years ago I got a passenger lap round Dunton banking in Ford’s one, noisy but not that quick was my memory. Anyway I bought one on Sunday just gone myself!
  14. @bunglebus 1 x SAAB @Split_Pin 2 T-birds and the 605 All yours gents 👍
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