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  1. What a haul! If you fancy a swap/sale on one of the Ro80’s and the K70 send us a message 👍
  2. Bunglebus you have scooped well there! 2 Ro80’s, majorettes AND is that a corgi mark 1 Escort?
  3. I think the MC toys Escort Cabrio dates from 1984 and Dempsey & Makepeace, have a look here: https://www.planetdiecast.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=60&id=77044&Itemid=18
  4. Last year I squandered a £5 at a swap meet on a replacement for the Mercedes I “did” get as a gift, had I got the Siku crane, I guess it would have been acceptable to cross the scale barrier (but never when my mates came round to play!) it has a hell of a reach as you can see!
  5. Lots of Siku love here! As a kid they were all ways “too expensive” so were only ever a treat on holiday or birthdays. Easily twice the price of a hot wheels or a matchbox and not far off a 1/36 Corgi. Recently (as quite a few children of the 70’s on here seem to be doing) I have been acquiring the lusted over dream diescasts from my crumpled catalogues of my childhood. Early 80’s in senior school a classmate had “the” dream diecast - the Siku crane 😳 fully operational and sadly the same price as whatever real car my dad was running at the time 😆 It weighted a ton, everything moved too! The lucky sod!!! That birthday I did get a rather fetching Mercedes W123 rallye which obviously ended its days in my childhood model scrapyard (own up we all did it!). So I watched eBay through the lockdown from work and spied this in a night shift, half heartedly listed... for just over £20 delivered (probably not far off what is was new!) it finally arrived 35 years later 😎
  6. You will have to trust me, but that’s Reliant Fox pulling a Jamet/Trigano trailer tent up the A12:
  7. Conspiracy theory: Corgi has been sitting on that “944” casting since 1980 when Porsche entered the identical 924 GT at Le Mans... Take a look? https://www.sportscardigest.com/porsche-924-carrera-gt-le-mans/
  8. Suburban Essex last week:
  9. Fantastic stuff! One of the most over dubbed (V6 Little Mule sounds like a NASCAR) car chases in cinema history 😆 https://youtu.be/ZMj1vlNDr7k
  10. So I have a browse on this (excellent) thread for the first time in yonks last week, and guess what now I own a Senator and a Monza 😄 at least they don’t have the part numbers biro’d on the boxes like the Gama (?) dealer ones I bought in the 90’s..
  11. Another entry for the MC toys Granada, one owner from new
  12. Hey Junkman it’s a sad day ☹️
  13. An odd purchase from the orient - a Tomica Taxi - but check this £5 bargain out - a solitary single opening door! That is the box it came in too, no packing just some double sided tape...
  14. Very, very deep pockets only! http://www.minialuxe.fr/catalogsearch/result/?imageField.x=0&imageField.y=0&q=Berliet+
  15. Some modern model transporter shite (these pictures are only two and a half years old!) I thought I might share. Paris Salon this time.
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