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  1. It’s a £1.50 toy Capri 😂
  2. The Dakota (and its ruff trek wheels) really was a favourite of mine. I’m not sure if it was a good model or a good colour choice, but it was a favourite - cheers for that Jon 👍
  3. @RoadworkUK sadly saddled with a pinto too - what’s the betting the Sierra has the same moulding too?
  4. Those Tamiya’s are ace @Vincent Velocette - fabulous job on the shells, look at the perfectly cut radius on those arches! What chassis are they on - M type? FullSizeRender.mov Out walking with my youngest yesterday who quite likes thrashing miniature cars as much as full size ones, though I think she can get more ‘air’ in a FIAT 500 😂 Tamiya TT02 despite being sold as a rally shell is bloody terrible with no ground clearance and picks up muck like you wouldn’t believe! I built this one out of individual parts and waterproof electrics it seems to shrug it off with just a
  5. Same here for the HW appeal (and the Street Machine!) twas me with the Schabak Scorpio too. In other news for the price of a real car you can buy this cool box in Costco 😳
  6. In other news I woke up off nights to a surprise diecast shipment earlier: Ive always fancied a real one (or the GMC Jimmy based Typhoon) cheers to @bunglebus 👍
  7. The Landcrab is frequently there, he services my daughters cars and loves a natter, I never see it when I’m a passenger though, only a driver! Bunglebus I’m going to jump in your thread with this spotted a few days ago:
  8. I wonder if those corgi base plates are bare because of the Marks & Spencer Elite?
  9. Why are the X types crazy money then?
  10. Some crackers (well not the last 3!) there @sierraman 👍
  11. I wonder if De Tomaso actually courted/chased the diecast manufacturers? There seem to be lots of models out there - maybe they were free and easy with the blueprints?
  12. The Imp looks salvageable too (if anyone buckles, hit me up!)
  13. That’s a VW LT all day long surely? In other news this thread broke me and I bought some HotWheels whilst shopping 🥳 Then I remembered I sold the other 2 Land Rover 90’s I had last week!
  14. Cracking as ever Jon 👍 A few days ago I stumbled on a box in the loft whilst looking for something completely different - who wants some badly photographed Micro Machines? You do? Your all in luck! Now what do I do with them all 😁 Do you think this kind of thing might work? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B015MXF752/ref=psdcmw_197340031_t1_B07TKRTNR3
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