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  2. Roll up bargain hunters!!! Mind you it might be a bargain???!!!
  3. The Mustang junior was sharp, Escort, metro, transit wrecker, Traffic and Sierra but that’s about it off the top of my head? The rest seemed blunt sadly.
  4. This BMW 3 series coupe was an impulse buy the other weekend (with the M3 coupe) and cost a rather reasonable £20 too. Its a 1/18th BMW dealer model made by Kyosho and is just delightful! The more you look the more you spot, like electric seat switches for instance, or the glazed frameless doors. I think it’s a pukka BMW colour too, paint finish is excellent. As you’d expect in a toy car it has carpet, and even better boot carpet 😳 Note the warning triangle too! Under the bonnet is just as fine, down to the tool kit, I’m kinda regretting not buying the other one he had now which was a Z8, but the paint had blistered oddly. So in conclusion if you spot one cheaply jump in it, even if you don’t like BMW’s 👍
  5. Don’t forget @Jon has loads of Hotwheels up for grabs!
  6. Accidentally stumbled on a model shop earlier, and resolutely wasn’t buying anything I didn’t need, despite there being lots I’d happily take home! However I told myself this 1/43 (Corgi?) Brava AA van wouldn’t break the bank at £3.99 and I felt I hoped I help pay for the lights to be on in the shop today 😉 Anyone got any info on it? It’s rather nicely cast, needs a few details picking out with black and it will be perfect.
  7. @Jon there is a absolute cavalcade of mini shite there! Will have a rummage in the swaps box 👍
  8. No - from the purveyor of Hitlers gate.
  9. Visited an Antiques fair for the first time in ages, and while she examined the vintage jewellery I wandered off totally unattended….. of course as we all know the lure of loose cash in ones pockets always brings temptation, however this time I could hear the ghostly chants of @RoadworkUK & @eddyramrod egging me on whistling in my ears…. BUY IT BUY IT….. they chanted - and I buckled! Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😉 So the crisp £20 note in my pocket begged to have a new owner, and off it vanished in exchange for this Z3 Coupe, lightly crumpled box and all. It’s a UT models 1/18th diecast and it really is lovely. Doors and bonnet open, the interior has the blue seats just like the real thing. Under bonnet is nicely done though the chassis is a little bare. Still I think it’s delightful.
  10. So that explains the dearth of Tat finds in Dunton @bunglebus 😉 You missed this terrible Fiero though! I then went on to an antique fair where I scored well….
  11. Its intriguing for sure! I liked my car being a Countach but I never really liked the red colour, it’s look great in silver, just as my favourite combo - the Lazer one.
  12. ALL HAIL TAT FRIDAY! Just take pictures this time, don’t take orders!!!!
  13. Got it on one! I think the Wednesday one is better, more Tat less market.
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