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  1. Is that a Marks & Sparks Elite in the green? Who also modelled a silver corgi 109 LR (to jog a post a few pages back).
  2. Lockdown spike purchasing coming back maybe? Some crazy bids on eBay this spring.
  3. Probably too toy car like diecasts 😉 but these Hotwheels car cases might interest somebody - in Costco for £20ish the time VAT is factored in.
  4. 924 LeMans? I had the Bbuargo gold mustang kit (long gone!) and I still have an MC Granada boxed, but if anyone has an olive green Tomica Porsche I’d be bloody interested, to match the wife’s.
  5. Now Dinky could have quite easily made that.
  6. Admit it that came up when you were googling Corgi ‘dags’ 😆
  7. So there’s even different doors for the same period??? No wonder Meccano were skint 😁 MOAR 6 wheel action @bunglebus 😳
  8. I got the red Polistil Mini Cooper with the roof rack full of rallye stuff on a Christmas present - it all fell off in quick succession and I was careful with my toys!
  9. Remember this from a few tat Friday’s back? Discovered this at the weekend in an old Cars & Car Conversions:
  10. Well whilst its eBay confession time 😆 A random auction just ending as I was searching something completely different - 99p start, so I had a gamble, and 2 minutes later all mine for 99p! So for just over £4, this little lot arrived - after some decontamination here are the results: The Ferrari 206 Dino sport is actually a corgi diecast I’ve never given a second glance before - yet even missing its rear spoiler is a really crisp model made of at least 18 separate parts. The doors open and the detail is great. Even the whizz wheels almost work. The Mercedes C11
  11. @bunglebus The 2002 looks the dogs danglies! How long did the stripes take?
  12. It’s great that Buddy L - and the 2 Oldsmobile nascars are the cherry on top! I have no need for it, you did well not to buckle!
  13. I always wondered if the “34” on these Plymouth’s was a rip off of the “King” Richard Petty who raced under as “43” or an accidental reference to Wendell Scott who actually raced “34”. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendell_Scott https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Petty
  14. These Dinky badged ones did!
  15. That dinky forum thread is a nightmare - in a bloody good way - I’ve been reading it 2 hours now I’m only halfway in 😁
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