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  1. Side note a 9 year old picked these because they looked like ‘real’ cars, so I guess kids are no different to how we were years ago! My own daughters used to pick cars from the street too - though deny it now their cool adults 😉
  2. My niece bought me some birthday Hotwheels, but 2 went home with her and imprezza was a change of mind once out of the packet 🤣
  3. Who doesn’t love a Cougar Eddie 😉
  4. I think it’s basically just a video of someone’s collection with a brief description of the toy. But if I stilll have it it’s not been watched since the last century 😂
  5. I think I’ve got one of them in the depths of the loft? No2 maybe. Are you after some or have you acquired some?
  6. Hey that alright, did you build it or buy it (and where!)
  7. I had a Maxi taxi in period as a kid in the Stars and Stripes box.
  8. Looked fabulous in the flesh too, here’s a video I took at the time:
  9. It’s true I love that Corgi SL it’s just so delicate , a perfect colour too. Pretty much a favourite as a kid and still 40 odd plus years later!
  10. Top bombing @FakeConcern 👍
  11. Its like a Bond Equipe and a Renault 11 had a tinplate offspring!
  12. Why did so many model it? Did it look modern back in the late 50’s?
  13. Probably as simple as someone at Midland went to school with/played Golf/in the lodge with someone at Dinky. Its a new one on me though, like Tim it’s totally escaped my radar. I do like Dinky but I’m a Corgi guy at heart - is it me or is it tribal @ Ford ‘v’ Vauxhall type thing where you favour one or the other?
  14. ‘81 very much has a continental vibe - I wonder if there was a big euro push in ‘81?
  15. Too true!!! I also wish I didn’t have access to my dads vice in the garage… and he let me have an air rifle to shoot the bigger toys 😂
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