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  1. Good luck for the auction! Hopefully being on Thursday might draw in a few less punters. I was almost wondering if there were two double garages but that extra bit on the left is blocked in by a tiny hedge. My guess is it's a 'rumpus room' - another firm Kiwi favourite!
  2. Goodness, I remember the days when you didn't have an interesting job and hadn't passed your driving test - maybe 10 or so years ago? And look at your fleet now! Absolute shite hedonism. The boy done good. I could carry on with the gushing admiration but that's not very becoming of me. Instead, have a shoddy image of my own kilometerstone in the Jondeo, a couple of months back: Good job I'm in the film industry, so I could rig a hands free mount, to document the momentous event (your honour).
  3. Hi All! Just a query - if anyone has any older 1/43 stuff they're thinking of selling, would they let me know what they have? I'm getting a package sorted out to ship to NZ, with a service that combines packages into one box, so now seems to be as good a time as ever to add a few things in and make the most of the shipping! So yeah, any Corgi, Dinky, Spot-On, Schuco, Gama, Norev (including plastics), USSR/Novoexport, Joal, etc. manufactured up to the 1990's and I'm all ears. Not worried in the slightest about mint/boxed but bits not missing would be a bonus! And also any Siku pre-1990 is of interest, although I have a fair wodge sitting in the UK. Anyway, a big ask but if there's anywhere worth sourcing stuff from, it's here!
  4. Jon

    Truck Shite

    Our council has just converted from plastic rubbish bags to wheelie bins and they've bought brand new ACCOs to empty them. Kind of nice to see a 40+ year old cab design available brand new - albeit pretty much only as a council utility appliance. I've drove a couple of 1980's International fire engines a few years back that shared this cab, when they'd substitute our Iveco Eurocargo for various maladies. They were as slow, cumbersome and noisy as you'd imagine but I enjoyed the all metal, brown painted interiors.
  5. Sadly, that's actually quite 'accurate' a rendition of the Paris-Dakar spec 205 T16!
  6. Not cheap but here's one: https://www.trademe.co.nz/3288868567 Close up photos, for balsa wood rendition guidelines.
  7. Rather than buying a 3 seat up front car, could you not sit in the back and have your wife drive and daughter in the passenger seat, when you all travel together? Sounds like the cheapest solution, assuming your wife has a licence.
  8. Wotcha Shite pickers! NZ's still in lockdown measures so I've decided to hop in the old Trans-Pacific time travel box for a quick break in the olden days. Yep, back in the old US of Stateside and I picked up an out and out sports coop to get me about the place. If I'm going to do this, I might as well do it dreadfully. What's not advertised in the time travel box literature is the side effects of such activities: namely, it doesn't half make you famished. Dropped in to the catchily titled Father's Also for a sammich and a Coors. Parked the steed out by the window, so I could gaze at its coherent styling whilst I dined on a deep fried hummus and sundried tomato sub. Classic American vegan dining at its best. A little down the road, I encountered a sugar parlour, so what better way to celebrate 8 untroubled miles than to stop in and try some wares? Talking about wares...... wares my tires* gone?!!? But let's ignore that mere detail for a moment and instead, enjoy a photo of the T-Bird BASKING in the sun shine. Luckily, the second establishment visited that day with a large chicken on their sign proved just as welcoming as the first one. Initially, Norm tried to palm me off with a set of used tires(*) but little did he know that I was a patron of a yet to be invented motoring forum for powerfully built gents, so in the end I opted for a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4s. Luckily, he had a set of prototypes in stock. As the evening drew to a close, I ventured forth towards the cultural hub, a hallowed land where you can rest awhile, day or night. And penguins pump gas. TBC..
  9. Snap! Bought these on Trademe a few months ago and my cousin picked them up for me. We finally met up last night, so I was able to see what I'd received. Think I paid about $20, from memory - which is actually quite a bit for me, with my tight-arse tendencies and all. I've got a few 50's issues now, a few more 60's issues and from '74-1989, I've only got one issue missing! I've also got loads from 1990 onwards (bought a massive job lot years ago cheap) but it's pre-1990 that interests me most. As you can see, there are some duplicates and I have other duplicates, too. Happy to send duplicates to you for the cost of postage from NZ to Aus, if you'd like.
  10. And on a personal note, apologies for my tardiness in frequenting these pages but I've been working away from home these past few months, which halted abruptly last Tuesday when we went into Level 4 lockdown, with 6 hours notice. I'm not grumbling though, as I bloody love to be forced to go home and get stuff done! Might even dust off the camera and crack off a few needless photos of toy cars for the enjoyment* of 5 men on the internet I don't know. Or work on the countless things to be done with my largely non-roadworthy fleet. One of the two.
  11. Rather like old car-ficionado @barrett, I too have a 1/43 126: And here's its box, along with various detritus contained therein, some of which I'm aware doesn't relate to this toy model. These photos were taken for @bramz7, who I believe now has a life outside of AS, although he did agree to buy the 126, along with a couple of other items. Good job I managed to get a snap of it in Rome before it was allotted to the 'sold' box in the garage:
  12. 30 minutes to resolve the situation of missing obsolete car bits: faster next time, please!
  13. I've used Castrol Magnatec/Edge for ages, mostly as it's a brand I'd heard of and I'd buy it when it was half price or whatever. Mrs_Jon's Clio 172 doesn't seem to complain about Castrol Edge and the Jondeo has had 155000km of whatever 10w/40 was cheapest - Shell, Mobil, Castrol etc. It's only in the last 7000km that it's been running on the 10w/30 it should've been having all along, apparently. Doesn't seem to have hurt it as it's still earning a crust at 443000km. So, in conclusion? Erm, not sure. Just use whatever isn't too shit and isn't too expensive. Solved!
  14. And whilst I'm spamming with photos and looking through my archives, I remembered I have this one, too: Again, nifty box art. Contents not quite as nifty, especially with that high top. It is suitably wonky though, unlike later issues. Perhaps a little too wonky, in hindsight. No zinc pest, just a missing screw and a front bumper. I've also got this modern issue Tatra 613, which despite paying over the odds for and having no age, I can forgive as it's BLOODY LOVELY. Almost makes me wonder how much a real one would cost - and how tricky it would be to get over to NZ...
  15. Actually, I just remembered - I DO have a Zil - and I've photographed it! Sadly, it's not the 'real deal', just a James Bond partwork I bought some time last year, during a miniature shite drought period. Still quite nice though and not too expensive. Plus points for brutalist architecture. I imagine the person in the backdrop had no doubt just finished scrabbling around for potatoes, or something. And here it is, not at all looking imposing, or striking fear into passers-by, through its sheer existence. It'll do, until @datsuncog feels like he's had enough of his kosher one...
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