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  1. Indeed! I'm averaging 12-13 hours a day at work also, so it's all consuming but does have the benefit of paying well, which of course helps fund miniature shite purchases down the line! Sent from my SM-G398FN using Tapatalk
  2. Just a quick hello to everyone in mini-shite land. I'm still here and Keeping tabs on this thread but am super busy with work and am away from home 5 days a week for the foreseeable, so scant chance of buying anything, though I've a few older purchases I'll update with, when I get the chance. Worst of all, I'm working less than a mile away from my favourite model shop in Auckland today and tomorrow but have no time to get to it whilst it's open! Sent from my SM-G398FN using Tapatalk
  3. The Tatra is a De Agostini effort, so shouldn't be too difficult to track down, should anyone want a copy. If any of those CCCP things are of the Novoexport variety, be sure to bring them down from your attic and send them to NZ, forthwith! It's the attention to detail that I like on the older castings so much - like the ambulance that only has 1 of its 2 rear passenger doors opening, as the non-opening one is the side the stretcher is on. So, a whole casting just for the ambulance model!
  4. That's defo a copy of that Matchbox Beetle , right down to the Monte Carlo plaque casting on the front bumper! Strange to think that Lesney didn't choose a more obvious Monte Carlo entrant but then I really rate that Beetle casting, so am glad they made it at all, tbh. Also, that Siku 928 looks excellent in blue - mine's silver, from memory. I've picked up a couple of random items of late but not had time to take any photos of them. However, I did do a re-shoot of some of my Iron Curtain models a few weeks back, as the book I'd got from the library had to be returned - hence a slight image overload, as I wasn't sure if I'd be able to borrow the book again, it being quite a few years old. I do very much like this Tatra, even if it is a modern casting and I paid too much for it. Still think this is my favourite 1/43, though my Gama VW411 and Schuco E12 5 Series are close runners-up. This lady has taste!
  5. I was just perusing Trademe and a bloke I've bought from before has a Gazelle currently bidding at $9. However, it's had some side impact back in the day, so isn't of any use to you. BUT I did find this on Ebay, when checking out what they go for. Hope it isn't too scruffy for you and that the price stays low! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTAGE-DINKY-TOYS-168-SINGER-GAZELLE/383096022798?hash=item59324d670e:g:ngIAAOSwlONdTGW0 Actually, the seller has quite a few 1960's Corgis and 1980's 1/32s at very affordable start prices, if anyone else is interested.....
  6. Ah yes, I see the error of my ways, now! Having just looked up the Victor 101 casting, I can see why you'd like one! There's something very continental/French Dinky about it, so I can totally see the appeal. Slight shame about the 'INJ' Dinky number plate though - the 'I' irks me much more than it should. Does INJ stand for something in Dinky's history? On the French Dinky subject, check out this guy's offerings, all currently at a tenner a pop, with a short time to run: Which looks a lot like my Norev one: And also this, which actually makes my Atlas version look very accurate! Anyway, if any of these take people's fancy, the listings are below: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=375548 Again, local enough to collect.
  7. Is this the Victor 101 you're looking for? https://www.trademe.co.nz/toys-models/vintage/listing-2261478723.htm?rsqid=bc60ba1869b7442a94ffde6095030120-004 Currently no bids with a start price of $25 (NZ - or £13.44) with 2 days to go. If it's bargainous at that price, I'll happily bid for you. I sent a plastic Norev to Junkman last year and it cost £7-8 in international postage from memory, so those two combined would stretch your budget a smidge (I can likely collect from the seller) but I very much doubt you'd shell out more than £25, max. Maybe a little too playworn but it does look like a nice casting!
  8. Saw this thread and thought of you! http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/210525/retro-trailers Not sure if you can garner any info for number plate runs etc. from the plate in the first post?
  9. Bang on! It seems that there was an identical one issued by Yatming, as well as a gold/yellow one, so case solved. Of course, in looking for similar things, I went down a few worm holes and found out about another manufacturer I'd known nothing about - Greek toy maker Polfi, who knocked off various (quite poor!) renditions of other company's toys: !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They also seemed to have a stab at making their own, including an Audi 100 (unless this is is a copy): And this excellent Opel Monza! Strangely enough, the Monza seems to have body colour overspray over its windows, just like my Chinese knock-off 450SEL.
  10. I've rifled through my back catalogue of picture books, which I use as small scale backgrounds and found out that it featured in "An Introduction to 20th Century Architecture", first published in 1989, though I'm guessing the photo is likely older than that - perhaps up to 10-15 years or so older, as generic books like these often use library pics from any old time. Indeed, here's the book it featured in helping out with the photo shoot of the Dodge! I've always liked older, post-war photos, so finding images that match the scale and vintage of the shite in miniature is just as interesting to me as collecting the subjects. The cat however, is quite indifferent.
  11. Anyway, here's some more unnecessary guff I've bought recently, from a car swapmeet: I remember playing with a red one of these with black non-superfast wheels round at my grandparents but hadn't seen a later one in much more jolly colours, so I bagged this one for small change on the off chance it was a rare colour or something - which of course, it's not. I reckon the shades complement each other well though. Then I found the stall of a guy who usually goes to a monthly market which was being held on the same day but seemingly he'd chosen to go where I was visiting too, which was very handy for me. Some of his prices can be a bit challenging but I really don't know how/where he finds his stuff, so paying the odd shekel or more to cover his finder's fee is fair enough, I suppose. Lowest price item I got was still quite interesting, as this S Class Benz was made in China, has no makers name but is very well put together, other than the bizarre paint job, which has overspray on the wheels and even the windows but none on the lights, grille or base. Here you can see the mottled opaqueness of the windows, either due to crappy manufacturing or someone at some point using solvents to wipe away the overspray. It's definitely not a repaint and hasn't been taken apart, so is really quite baffling. Anyone any idea who may have made this, or made it originally? Next up was this Play Art Alfetta GT, chosen mostly due to the interesting front end construction! The rear end is much more accurate and far less fussy but those bumpers are as fragile and wobbly as they look. I swear this is the same green that my Play Art Honda Civic is painted - that's the sole example Play Art I remember owning as a kid, bought in Windermere in 1991, so I hope it survives in my childhood stash. Another Play Art and for once, the wheels they've used are actually to scale and suit the model! I'm sure this must be the same casting as the CX Datsuncog had in ambulance livery a while back but I'm not sure if that was a Play Art too? Would be interesting to see how this fared with the Matchbox CX wagon and the Majorette CX saloon. Finally, I couldn't resist another Tomica: There's something about their skinny wheels, sprung suspension and often unfamiliar casting choices that make them of interest, so I couldn't leave this Fleetwood Brougham sitting there. It seems like Tomica have re-released this casting but this looks to be an original one. Perfect for nipping down to the Guggenheim in. Or even for a night out, to somewhere that looks much like the Palace Hotel Ballroom, up north on Lake Wazzapamani. I'll admit that the Caddy cost me £4 but prices for these do seem to be mildly crazy, so if I'm ever down on my heels, I know what to cash in!
  12. This one? (library pic) How strange! I used to go to a swap meet with my Dad, held occasionally on a weekday evening in a village hall in York back in the 1990's . One time, I was too ill to go, so bunged him my saved pocket money and asked him to pick me up something interesting (I collected anything that was a Ford Transit at the time, plus the odd period toy which took my fancy) - and he came back with one of these, which quite frankly bewildered me. That was only at first though, as opening it up, I got to appreciate it far more and the drab paint scheme actually did it some favours. It didn't make me buy any more of these types of thing though but I held onto it until my big sale of almost everything I'd collected, back in 2010. I also remember the Matchbox MGB of the same era in a sludgy blue and thought it looked pretty great when it was launched but its high price when new (for a kid) meant I never got one.
  13. As in, of the same era(ish) as the Mk1 Capri and the Mk3 Cortina GXL? If so, I could see why Corgi may have found 3 castings of family Fords a bit too much and sold one of them off to Dinky but then the G registration on my Escort would pre-date the other 2 castings, so that's a made up theory on my part, I reckon. I'll also admit that having owned a brown Corgi Mk3 GXL ages ago, this casting is very much more of Dinky proportions and detailing, as the Corgi castings tended to be much more slender. That said, searching for 'Corgi Whizzwheels Ford Escort' just now led me to learn of 1980's Brazilian issued Corgi Kiko Juniors and some fantastic versions I'd not seen before, as such: And my favourite 2! !!!
  14. Glad to be of service with the Harper pics, though I'm wondering if the Harper and the Tippen are both red due to them being owned by the same person, some time back? I've no idea if that's the case or not, it's just pure speculation. But I do note that the red on both of them looks very much like a repaint (rather like an overly shiny, 1990's 2 pack spray paint job), so their shade of paint is probably, er... a red herring. Also, the number plate you mention on the blue Tippen is a pre-'64 registration plate that was made obsolete over 50 years ago - more details on NZ plates, here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_registration_plates_of_New_Zealand Funnily enough, I searched for the image of the red Tippen, found the forum source and the next image below showed one of the obsolete NZ plates, as per the blue Tippen: Having not seen the image of the blue Tippen, I'm guessing the plate look similar? Also, great news that you've got an Invacar!! I think I was also in the camp that felt it may not have been the best idea as a first car but I'm glad you stayed true to your vision and I'll very willingly eat my metaphorical hat now. Good luck with the driving lessons!
  15. Took another trip to my favourite Auckland dealer for a fix a couple of weeks back. Came away with these: Although I like collecting 1/43s, I somehow don't really see BBuragos as willing subjects and I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's the fact that I like 1/43 scale because I didn't had very few as a kid, though I did have a few Bburagos. But then I've also collected stuff I did own, so who knows - I just seem to have a slight aversion to 1/43 Bburagos, even though their detailing is quite nice. Maybe it's the stickers most of them came with - I'd much rather them without. In this case though, I really think it was the box that sold it to me. And here's what it looks like, fresh out the box. I do like SAABs and will admit the casting's really nice but the the weight of the whole thing is very superleggera; when in Rome and all that. Also, since it's as new, the wheels don't spin at all on their stub axles. And I'll admit that the skinny wheels Bburagos came on (such as the 6 Series BMW) would much better suit this. They'd certainly assist with the road holding in this situation, too. Sharp eyed viewers will notice this is a recycled scene but I thought it was a good match of subject and backdrop, so no complaints, please. Bagged a couple of gems from the 50p tub, even though I must admit that these aren't very good renditions of their subjects. I think the 17 has been flattered by this casting but I wonder what BMW thought of this re-imagining of their CS?! That said, they're both pleasingly orange and notable that they're not the same shade, either. Also nice that someone peeled the stickers off back in the day, as I don't think I could've but would've wanted to. I'm not sure either why I'd place so much value on hypothetical 40+ year old paper label remnants but there you go. Defo have this Aspen skiing truck in my childhood stash and quite probably in better condition too, which makes me wonder why I dropped another half quid on this? Probably had the feeling I' d lost the top on my UK-based one and that somehow justified it but in reality, it stems more from the fact that I seemingly have 0% control of my adult being, when it comes to this kind of thing. Got to admit I'm a bit of a sucker for a Muira and I don't have a Superkings in NZ and never did have one this early, when the detailing was much more Lesney than Matchbox standards. It's missing the louvres (like they all do, apparently) but is a nice old thing. I've yet to compare it to the ratty Superfast version I picked up a while back, to see how they fare. I'm also wondering if they shared the same number plate, since I'm one for surmising, rather than doing; in the time it took me to write this last sentence, I could've just gone and looked... So, rather like buses, it seems that when you pick up one brand, others come along soon after. I'd picked up the Dinky Saab 96 a short while earlier, which (discounting a fire engine purchase on the basis of scale) was the first Dinky to enter the fold. Couldn't resist this Escort though, even if the base casting forming wheel arches and the slightly too small wheels aren't ideal. But then, I think base Escorts came on 12" rims, so perhaps they're actually quite accurate. Like the Mk4 Dinky Zodiac I used to own, this has an entertainingly high amount of opening features and I also like the white and yellow plates of these era Dinkys, proving that they're the period plate of choice. But this must be my favourite Dinky casting! I'll drop it come minor points for it not being the preferred brown civilian one and also the 'I' in the number plate (the Saab's plate is INJ 72G, interestingly*) but top marks for the opening clamshell bonnet, doors and tailgate and nicely scaled and detailed wheels. The Escort and Range Rover have taken pride of place in my 'TOP 20' 1/43s, which reside in a small nook above the telly, in our dated TV cabinet. I've probably as many, if not more 1/43s sitting around boxed up, along with all the other 1/64s and other random scales I've picked up, which is making me question just why I've started re-collecting in the first place? I think it may be wise to have a bit of a cull, or quit buying stuff for a while. Although that said, I have already picked up a few more 1/64s in the meantime....
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