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  1. But I literally cannot shake off this one, after encountering its existence a good few hours ago: A 1970 Galaxie XL, untouched and with some quite juicy extras, including those most excellent trims. Shit a brick! I'll admit I do find the very tail end a little bit of a let down, after the hooded lamps up front and the buttressed C pillars. But I'm sure I could learn to live with it. *audible gasp from the Antipodes* Even the Stereosonic tape system ($134.00) is woodgrain covered. So what price a single f
  2. Been wasting time looking at Craiglist for cars in other countries I can't house, as you do. This Mercury Capri with a 2.8 V6 turbo conversion might be of interest to @danthecapriman: Smacks of good value at a shade less than £4400. https://boise.craigslist.org/cto/d/eagle-1976-mercury-capri-speed-v6-turbo/7301456556.html And on the yellow theme, this is far less of a bargain but I can't resist an early W126 in one of the bright solid colours they offered them in: This comes a close third behind the avocado green and the ultimate bright orange I
  3. Just found this image in Flickr (I think the image is the link to the page): As a side note, this is from Stephen Trinder, a Christchurch NZ based car/abandoned sofa spotter, who has a beautiful eye for imagery. Absolutely worth several hours flicking through his photos, though it seems he may have been UK based 40 odd years ago, judging by a few images like these I've come across.
  4. I have nothing much to say, except that I look forward to every update, love the preservation and definitely think this couldn't be in better hands. I really hope the Counties club welcome you with open arms and respect that you're likely their strongest candidate for keeping these things alive in The Future. And here's a ute conversion I spotted a few years ago at Horopito scrap yard. Everything's for sale (at a price...), so if there's any bits you may see of use from what's left of the bodywork, I should be local to it later in the year, so let me know. Assuming it's still t
  5. A few months back, I bagged these Corgi Minis as a job lot, for about £4 each, which I thought to be very favourable. I'm happy to embrace shite miserdom, especially when it provides a glimpse into how one company focused on remodelling a model in only a few short years! First up is the Mini van, itself not the earliest but not to worry. Here it is seeing how those rockers are getting on down in that there Brighton. Just out of shot is some odd fellow with a box brownie, looking at an obscure vintage car. Note also that this one has the incredibly delicate rear doors, s
  6. Interesting @Amishtat, I had a variant of everything you posted there growing up, barring the Chrysler 180. I have however made up for that deficiency, since! And that is quite a transformation of that Corgi Cameo Minor, which was arguably the best casting of the 4; Minor, Mini, Beetle, 2CV. Have a couple of my favourite shots I got from my city centre hotel stay - apologies for the drawn out report but I've been all over the place since I last posted! Arguably the best light for my Fun Ho! Mercedes, in light of its paint job and questionable casting. An
  7. Hi @Skizzer, am loving the effort you're putting into your videos and I'd agree with you and others, that c.10 minute videos are a good length. I quite enjoy the longer videos the likes of Vice Grip Garage but from what I can gather, it's rather more than a side line hobby for him! Plus, one 20 minute video is only half as many 10 minute videos, if you catch my drift; regular uploads will be welcomed by subscribers! I also like that you're getting some stock footage involved, which works well with your home recorded voiceover and makes things nice and concise/gets rid of ums and aaahs, et
  8. Here's an update to my time spent on my own in a decent hotel in the centre of Auckland. No questionable TV choices or visits to massage parlours for me. Let's take photos of pocket money toy cars, instead! Here's a nice little SL Merc, from that 1/76 manufacturer that I can't now remember the name of but that was receiving positive chat coverage on here at the time of buying last week, which was the catalyst for buying. That and it was 50p. Note the material setting, which is a nod to the checked seat pattern these racing Mercedes often had. Nicely considered, Jon.
  9. Still watching some hill climb stuff here, so hope I'm not boring people too much. Here's a reportage from the top of the hill, at the last tricky corner before the final blat: RX Mazda is mildly stanced from a gingerly rapid effort. Nice mild rear wheel cock in progress. 5.3/10 Good effort/sound from the Impreza here (it attracts my inner chav) and an extra point for dust cloud. 6.3/10 Alister McRae does a nice job of drifting round the corner here, judging by the lean and front wheel angle. Less of a dust cloud and more of a diffusion but a
  10. It is! Totally surplus to requirements, so I really need to pull my finger out and get rid.
  11. I've been away with work lately, so haven't had time to do much else than lurk on these pages on a daily basis. That said, I had a welcome break on Thursday, when I was able to visit my favourite model shop for some much needed retail therapy. I picked these up on the day I was due to head home but got the call for another day's work, so I had to sort out a place to stay another night. Usual place was booked, so I got a swanky pad in the centre of Auckland, complete with a direct view of the Sky Tower and a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud under wraps in the basement garage (the pent
  12. @STUNO brought his 40-odd seater coach up our residential street to come and visit a car he knew nothing about and couldn't visualise, even when I revealed what it was - Saxos are hardly ten a 2cent in this part of the world. Then he left and mere minutes later, @Essex V6 arrived in his new French hot hatch, to greet some others: I cleared the Jondeo off the drive for the occasion and Mrs_Jon even set to cleaning her daily driver 172 of all the concrete splashes she's been driving through, during roadworks on the way to work all week. The 205 is just inexcusably shabby. The le
  13. Picked this up from a charity shop last week: Debatably I paid a little too much for it at c. £2.50 but I was overcome with the notion that I'd actually found a die cast of interest at a chaz shop, which is unheard of here. Plus it's de rigueur not to haggle in these places, I find. I should still have one of these sitting in a cupboard a mere 12000 miles away, so in that context, it was worth getting a duplicate for now. My older brother had the more accurately suspended version, with motorbikes on the back, although I vaguely remember it had a flat tyre fr
  14. That looks great! Looking forward to seeing it in the metal. And you weren't wrong about it being a quick trip down. Thought you might have had a bit of time to explore the south island a bit. I'm guessing all the driving isn't a chore, at least.
  15. Good luck! I know what this is, so won't spoil the surprise. But it's good!
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