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  1. Aye, that's the one. I've no solid memory of mine ever making it back to the UK, so I think I lost it somehow. Being an older casting with skinny wheels, it was one of my favourites, even though I much preferred ordinary cars to emergency vehicles or liveried vans. On the one hand, I liked to make up my own mind what the 'job' of my cars was when playing with them but I'm now wondering if that was a precursor to my work-shy adulthood?! Sure, I make a wage and work is all encompassing when it arrives but the work finds me. I'm certainly not a networker and I do value my downtime, so don't often
  2. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!! This is PEAK nostalgia for me - I won't have seen that in about 25 years but I lived in Germany in 1987/88 as a 6/7 year old, so naturally, DM2,95 of my weekly DM3 pocket money was splurged each Friday on a Siku, from the local Divi supermarkt. As a result, I have quite a few of the range in that catalogue - I stopped counting at 50...! Really interesting to see that they were still plying out the 70's casting of 911s alongside the much more modern versions; they're only a handful of the car castings I didn't buy. Not sure if I ever saw them
  3. Now, we all like a bit of miniature shite sleuthing, so I thought I'd share this post I found: There aren't many comments but one poster identified it as from a Matchbox Kenworth, as such: Now clearly, that's not the case and neither is this other Matchbox bonneted Kenworth: I also think the dimensions of 5cm wide are just a little too much for an MB 1-75 casting but then they might not be wholly accurate. Anyway, I just muck about on Twitter every now and then looking at things that interest me but don't have an account. So if anyone c
  4. I'm wondering if rather like an engine crane, are axle stands rated at their max. weight in their shortest form? I know they're extended vertically but not horizontally, so it may not apply here. Those blocks look ok to me, so if you've given it the old shove/wobble test, I'm sure it'll be 'reet. EDIT: the above former post might be better advice. That said, other random bits of lumber about the place propping shiz up may offer up some sense of security, even if it's psychological. On another note, I think that the shape and speed of this big blue wonder is comparable to a turt
  5. Sadly, you're unlikely to find any interested parties here, I reckon. The issue with these Days Gone models is that they're relatively new and were 'collectables' from the start, never toys, so there are thousands of similar examples in similar condition. As a result, values aren't high; maybe a pound a pop, at a car boot sale? The Minor may go for a wee bit more, as it's a more modern vehicle, so possibly of more interest. That's not to say that they aren't nicely made little things but the subjects chosen are just a little prosaic for modern tastes. Doesn't mean they might not brighten
  6. Oy you cheeky sod! It's NZ registered, not Australian! here's the number plate details link: https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=ay6595
  7. Here'e a set I had, which the trailer came with: That's not my scene by the way - what an effort! There was also this one, too: Though I'm sure there will be other 'orange trailer' releases. As an aside, it always irked me as a young'un that the CX had been converted to a van, as it wasn't based on a real thing (Tissiers aside - I became aware of them later). Took me a while to get the standard blue version, if memory serves. Hopefully I still have that one.
  8. So a single year release model? No wonder I'd never heard of it before. And luck for Eddy to have had 3 of them! Must put one on my wish list, purely for the predicted long term acquisition time and the satisfaction that comes from it. It's not as much fun if it's too easy, is it?!
  9. Don't worry looking at the older catalogues, as it was a new model for '80, apparently: Now, if you had a 1981 catalogue......
  10. Hey @bunglebus, from that 1980 Corgi catalogue I've learnt of the existence of an 80's Corgi casting I'd never know of before: Juniors E93 Dodge Magnum! Was this something that was sold only briefly? I also like seeing the prototype resins, especially the Rover SD1s. Funny how the police ones are resins and the civvy ones are actual models. I think it's fair to say the actual models were much better than the mock-ups but it's funny how Matchbox and Corgi both jumped on the SD1 bandwagon so long after its launch - presumably because Dinky launched theirs? Could've been them becoming i
  11. Hey @antony denman, that's a very nostalgic arrangement of Micro Machines you've got there, which just makes me more eager to get back to the UK one day and rifle through the ones I've got there - I must have over 100, when I look at how many I remember having! Note that the red Testarossa and the white De Tomaso Pantera are FAKE Micro Machines, which were common to have swilling about the place, as they were obviously much cheaper than the genuine articles and from memory, you got more vehicles per box, too. I'm not dismissing them by the way, as in many instances, I preferred them. I h
  12. Ha! Now, much as that is a tasty bit of kit, I think I have French model cars of 1/43 (ish) scale in an already favourable amount, so if @TheDoctor likes what he sees, then lets make something happen. Not heard from @bramz7 on these pages for a while, though it sounds like I should be scheduling some overseas postage at some point soon.
  13. It seems that the white caravan would perfectly compliment my Simca Chambord; Looks like the innocuous tow bar was there to pull along a 'van, according to the internet: Just not sure I could justify the cost to buy it and get it to NZ!
  14. Thanks for the feedback, I did think that some came out OK and others, so so. And look, I have been to Monument Valley - twice! I must say I'm very happy with the shading I've achieved here, as well as that seamlessly integrated foreground. It's almost like a real photo or something.... And talking of definite genuine time travelling adventures, here's an (averagely executed) update: I always find Airbnbs to be deceptively photographed and this one proved no exception. Again, car and driver had mutual lubrication, courtesy of
  15. Popped to the supermarket in the next town today and took the back road. In doing so, I remembered there was a publicly accessible muddy little bank I could traverse my 4WD Yaris AWD Vitz, if I took a slight detour. Wanted to make sure it was in good fettle to get me up to the ski field next week. Those muddy streaks represent my successful previous traverse, which doesn't look too impressive but was steep enough to cause me doubts. There was a little front wheel traction loss but the rear wheels helped it stop slipping back from where it came from. Had there not been a house
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