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  1. In terms of rust and corrosion it looked pretty solid
  2. Lovely car mate, good job in acquiring the proper sized sills. Nothing worse than peeling back dreaded over sills to find a pit of Rot and corrosion.
  3. Thanks mate, it seems like the tap was successful in cleaning up the threads as I put the bolt back in and it’s glides in really smooth all the way I’m, so the cheap tap did the trick. Just a matter of doing the oil seal now and bolting it all back together. Fingers crossed!
  4. So being a tight wad I went against better judgement and just bough the £10 CS Tap. I ran the tap down the crank nose last night and it's still very tight. I used the old two steps forward one step backwards technique. But the tap doesn't actually have any swarf on it. And looking down the end of the crank nose, there's no sign of any swarf either. This is probably good as I didn't intend on cutting a new thread, just clean up the original. I'm also wondering whether the threads were actually damaged or whether the threads in there are tight in general. The tap goes in the length of the bolt t
  5. Thanks mate, luckily there's a chap on the mini forum who rents tools, so I will probably rent it, for the sake of £10+ vat, postage etc... At least I know it will do the job, instead of the lesser carbon steel jobbie I originally considered
  6. Ah very kind mate, although I think the one I need is 5/8" witworth form 16tpi. Dont know why it's such a perculiar thread
  7. With the clutch and flywheel off I puller off the primary gear with my fairly rare Sykes pickevant puller. Very simple in design but did the job with ease and having the engine in situ, it makes replacing the oil seal easier. Having a nightmare now though and I don't know how it has even happened but I threaded the crankshaft bolt back in to keep it safe, but somehow the threads are a little chewed and cross threaded a little. Not sure whether this is from previous ownership but I believe this is the original clutch. So it could be me being hamfisted . I used the protec
  8. Thanks for the advice! That's definitely the plan I'm going to take. The other parts are in pretty much in good condition, so just going to replace the frictional plate, seal and bearing. Fingers crossed it doesn't rattle any more than it does haha!!
  9. Haha yea absolutely, my phone camera is really crap tbh but I don't trust myself with anything decent. I sat in a hot tub with my last iPhone in my pocket. Then the previous one l left on the car roof haha!!
  10. Success!! The flywheel finally came off, using a range of techniques aforementioned by you guys. I was trying for quite a while before I decided to pull the puller back on and then crank down on it as hard as I could, I was forcing the breaker bar down with my knee when I made a massive bang. I honestly thought I'd just snapped the extension bar as it wouldn't be the first time, but low and behold it released the flywheel. I bought the "Churchill" remanufactured puller and it is absolutely fantastic for the money. I honestly didn't expect it to be so good. Not doubting the seller, but at that
  11. Thanks mate, I've bought another puller but will give these ideas a try ! Hoping it comes off before Christmas haha
  12. Haha buying another mini seems like a perfectly reasonable solution, why else would you have kept it?
  13. Ahh I've already returned the puller this morning, tbh though it ended up that twisted that there was no wayyyy I could have made a pattern from it. Good idea though!!
  14. Yea your right,it's the little keyway washer that sits under the bolt I double checked to make sure
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