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  1. That's brilliant! Especially compared to most other 4x4 suvs of that era
  2. Brilliant work mate, I keep looking at this for tips 👍😀
  3. I wish I had that, that's exactly what I'm looking for haha
  4. I was looking at getting a spare wheel cover for my spare tyre and it brought back memories of all those looney tunes and Taz wheel covers that used to knock around in the 90,'s. Any one got any pics of any other tacky ones.
  5. Brilliant, thanks for finding that for me! That will save me a right lot of messing about
  6. Nothing really exciting today but a fan belt change. £15 well spent, the current one was on borrowed time
  7. In hindsight I should've probably paid more attention but for £450, they get £300 scrap, still seems good value, here's some interior pics
  8. So I had a good prod and poke today and it looks like the sills will need a lot of work, I'm tempted to weld them myself but aren't really the best welder. Or even just fibreglass them and hope for the best at the next mot. There's also a slow puncture on almost every tyre haha here's the sills
  9. Nope wasn't me haha we drove it from Boston to waddington, but not a far as York side
  10. Ah nice one I will have a little read through that later with a cuppa! I'm not going to do too much just try and make it as reliable as possible hehe
  11. It seems now would be the time to buy another, they seem to be going pretty cheap at the minute that looks lovely. I love the lwb
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