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  1. I assume I'm not the only one already calling this the Toenail? (For those OOTL, Alfa would rather you call it the Tonale)
  2. Certainly looks to be putting people in mind of them!
  3. Yesterday I saw one that was lowered and wheel spacer-ed, but otherwise completely stock, so at this point nothing would surprise me.
  4. No cars, but motorbike (scooter) wise: I told myself that I would keep my Honda Zoomer (named "The Satzoomer" by a colleague as it was bright orange) for my whole life, even if just tucked away in a garage somewhere. It was my first bike, and pretty special to me. Unfortunately a collision resulted in it being sold to the insurance company as salvage, and then sold on by them for a surprisingly large amount on eBay. I do regret letting it go, but realistically the damage was pretty extensive, it would have likely never ridden the same, and I wouldn't have been able to look at it in the same way. On the other hand, I'm somewhat relieved that I'm not saddled with the burden of keeping it my whole life (as I'm stubborn and would have stuck to it), and have made a point of not making similar promises since. My ute was always planned as a stepping stone to an eventual Maloo, and the Daewoo will be moved on if and when I lose interest/something else comes along.
  5. OC70 PUS sold for £20k plus fees earlier this year. Another "almost there" plate, P14 RTY is a regular in my work car park. Although I do think it works if you imagine someone shouting "Who's ready to PEE ARR TAY‽"
  6. It's worth more in scrap than £200! CarTakeBack said £288...
  7. Oh you'll still get them, Facebook just protects you from your own stupidity.
  8. If you click it Facebook doesn't load it, they block the redirect. At least that's true for the ones I was sent when I was selling some bicycles.
  9. The obscured reg in the first photo (second in the actual ad) is G817 BBL. I only know this as I recently googled "thundercougarfalconbird" and a photo of this car came up!
  10. I particularly enjoy how, out of 12 photos, the last 8 are all from the same angle. Including 2 that I thought were duplicates but are in fact ever so slightly different. I'm surprised that they aren't showing off (or even mentioning) what looks to be a custom side opening bonnet...
  11. Be like me but manual.
  12. Last weekend I drove the Espero down to Bristol and back without a hitch. Brilliant cruising on the motorway (the journey to Bristol from mine is basically just 88 miles on the M4) at 65 MPH, brilliant scampering around Bristol's tight streets, and brilliant parking. Pictured here just before I left with a rather nice Hiace camper, which definitely bumped my car squeezing into that spot. Can't say I'm bothered though, because shonky Daewoo. As long as no-one breaks (another) light or the glass they're good. Bonus Bristol girl in the background. The only complaint I've got is that a lot of Bristol is 20 MPH speed limits, and the Daewoo really doesn't like doing 20. The slightest incline and it'll be doing 30, with no throttle input. I'm assuming that the auto box is just putting itself in a higher gear than is appropriate for the situation, as the revs are staying nice and low. This trip (which will be repeated many times in the future) was a key reason in buying the Daewoo, so I'm glad it's proven itself so suited to the role.
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