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  1. "Ecobust", I'll remember that one. A couple of years ago an importer was selling a range of delivery mileage Lincolns for quite a bit less than this one, but with similar claims about how much you were saving from list price. I was always tempted but suspicious... Come to think of it, I think those ones were 2.0l as well. Maybe a Chinese deal fell through?
  2. Or perhaps a Kinder Surprise?
  3. With pleasure - I owned a 1993 Toyota Soarer UZZ32 which had this system. Hydraulic struts just like in the video controlled by much computer wizardry. No pitch when accelerating/braking, and no body roll in the corners. Here's an image and a gif by way of demonstation: There was a definite lack of feel in the corners, but I quite enjoyed the experience. It's ridiculous how comfortable that car was on uneven road surfaces, even after I'd had it significantly lowered. Weight was indeed an issue, performance was muted somewhat. Lots of V8 noises but very little V8 go. I was always afraid to drive the car hard anyway in case I broke (or prematurely wore) something NLA, hard to fix, or expensive. The car itself would have been very expensive when new, around the £70k mark if I recall correctly, at a time when a Testarossa was £66k. I paid a tiny fraction of that, depreciation is a wonderful thing! Combined with the four wheel steering, every corner felt like controlled hydoplaning. Passengers hated it. I wouldn't want to try and drive one at it's limits that's for sure!
  4. That's "Truckla", owned by Simone Giertz. Built by her, Rich Rebuilds, and some other YouTubers.
  5. If I had to guess I'd say that a view is only registered when an image is clicked/tapped on and opened full screen, simply viewing inline doesn't count. Not an IT expert and also not who you asked, but since the pinned post is locked I figured I'd spitball here.
  6. Half a gigabyte! I think we've found our scapegoat. Uploading manuals to a manual library and then linking here is probably the way to go, and would help out non-Autoshite internet users as well.
  7. Fuck me, you definitely deserved that cash, and then some! I hope the Chevette made it somewhat worth it (of course it didn't but you know what I mean). I asked as I had a similar experience, but with much lesser injuries than yours. The money paid for just over half of my ute, and when I'm having a particularly painful day (probably shouldn't have taken the first offer, but I wasn't in a good place) it cheers me up a little bit.
  8. That's mega, you never see modern Aussie Fords over here. I wish I could buy it just to park next to my Commodore, but since I daily the Holden there's not much point in me owning both.
  9. Jesus, what kind of injuries did you sustain to be awarded that kind of money in 1979‽
  10. I called it when they launched, when I was walking around their rather impressive stand at Goodwood 2021 - Genesis are going to go the way of Infiniti, i.e. low sales, withdrawal of the brand, and tanking residual values - at which point I would gladly pick one up. A year later, and I've seen exactly 1 in the wild, a GV70 or GV80 in use as part of Heathrow's VIP fleet. Totting up the numbers on howmanyleft.co.uk gave me a grand total of 435 Genesises (Geneses?). As much as I love having something that no-one knows what it is, let alone has themselves, the vast majority of people shopping in this market segment want something with mainstream brand recognition, something a posh Hyundai simply can't provide.
  11. I know right... I want one!
  12. It's a WALLYS IRIS - despite the challenging looks it's a "real" car.
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