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  1. I'm sure you'll have fun with the glow plug behind the pump, they're a twat but it is possible. As for belts make sure the auxiliary belt is new too. XUD's have an uncanny knack of sucking these up when they snap and it wrecking the engine. 117K is nothing for one of those, especially non turbo examples. Stick a see through pipe in immediately before the pump to spot air bubbles if the fuel system is a bit iffy and be aware the one way valve in the fuel grenade can shit itself at a moments notice if it hasn't been touched for years and will cause starting issues if it does. I'd also spend
  2. I was. I got it that far, sourced someone who could form the chassis rails like the originals and replicate the floor, did all the grunt work removing the bed for cheap and then the little twat decided to get someone else involved behind my back. You wouldn't believe how many spot welds hold that bed on! Not happy at all as all my work dried up last year, same lad I did the Justy for a pittance for too, his mates rates are now on permanent stop. It's got as far as having the chassis rails replaced and that's it AFAIK. A shame as I bet they are very capable off road and built to take it t
  3. Damaged Citroen jacking points are definitely worth addressing sooner rather than later. Hard to believe they carried on with the same stupid idea right through to these. Good luck with it, I've seen a couple about lately and they appeal for some strange reason.
  4. I just love it when these updates roll in, you're making such a nice job of it Rich. That interior looks absolutely fantastic!
  5. Maybe someone else tried to the same thing but I got away with it lol. My high speed run was Angel Bank, you can't get the entry speed on the one at Hopton 😂
  6. A series III SWB Land rover when I was 17/18. There's a steep hill locally that @catsinthewelder knows well. I was already pretty much flat out when I crested the top and thought it would be a good idea to knock into neutral to see if I could get a bit more out of it.
  7. Yep, I seem to remember being hemmed in in a parking space was particularly fun. I used to have to pull down on the wheel with both hands on one side while wedding my foot at the bottom of the drivers door to get a bit of leverage. Selecting reverse was interesting too. You had to do it with the flat of your palm as if you didn't it crushed your fingers between the gearstick and the dash and it fucking hurt enough to only do it once. As for the steering at least mine had some adjustment left. I drove a farm hack once that had all the good bits swapped off it onto another one before it was put
  8. I'd drive it a bit more before buying one if it's not just to be a toy, as Talbot says they are not for everyone. I had a diesel Series III as my first car and even with rose tinted glasses I know they are far from ideal as everyday transport. I've also had a 7esque kit car with no heater that I ran everyday for years so I'm no stranger to roughing it.
  9. Looks like it's one of these or Shank's for me then! Probably quite apt as my place was probably used to house something like this at some point. 1652.
  10. Not any more! Over three decades and going strong, the Peugeot 405 is now being manufactured in Azerbaijan https://www.caradvice.com.au/873954/old-peugeots-never-die-they-just-get-made-in-azerbaijan-peugeot-405-still-in-production/ Now called a 406 but still in production.
  11. I can take a look at the wiring and test the 240v system to make sure it's all earthed properly etc if you like? I've come across caravans in the past that have been got at by DIY'ers and all the sockets had no earth continuity. As for the 12v system Midway have some self sensing relay do da's on one of the spinny sales things in the shop for about 15 quid. Made in Britain and very simple to fit, I did one on the red LDV last year that I'd previously welded.
  12. The chances of someone nicking one of those must be pretty slim so it may even be where it was last spotted even in Tipton!
  13. I think Peugeot got the weighting just right on their sportier* dervs. I've read various accounts of them being too heavy and always think wtf are they on about? At parking speed you've got power assistance and at driving speed you can't even tell it's assisted but like you say have feel and feedback that adds to the driving experience. DTurbo's are a hoot to drive, you've done well to find a decent one as they seem to be very thin on the ground indeed.
  14. Good to see one of these still about. My old mans firm had one that I used to abuse on occasion when I was in my teens. I used to tear it round the fields and launch it off the cattle grid on the approach to the house at 40+mph. How it never ended up on its side or upside down will forever elude me. Such revvy little things and ime totally unburstable. Enjoy
  15. When I put a bias valve on my kit car years ago I set it up by driving the car on a loose surface, getting the fronts to lock and not the back. When I bought it it'd lock the rears before the front in an emergency stop situation causing a proper arse twitch, car and me.
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