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  1. Not any more! Over three decades and going strong, the Peugeot 405 is now being manufactured in Azerbaijan https://www.caradvice.com.au/873954/old-peugeots-never-die-they-just-get-made-in-azerbaijan-peugeot-405-still-in-production/ Now called a 406 but still in production.
  2. I can take a look at the wiring and test the 240v system to make sure it's all earthed properly etc if you like? I've come across caravans in the past that have been got at by DIY'ers and all the sockets had no earth continuity. As for the 12v system Midway have some self sensing relay do da's on one of the spinny sales things in the shop for about 15 quid. Made in Britain and very simple to fit, I did one on the red LDV last year that I'd previously welded.
  3. The chances of someone nicking one of those must be pretty slim so it may even be where it was last spotted even in Tipton!
  4. I think Peugeot got the weighting just right on their sportier* dervs. I've read various accounts of them being too heavy and always think wtf are they on about? At parking speed you've got power assistance and at driving speed you can't even tell it's assisted but like you say have feel and feedback that adds to the driving experience. DTurbo's are a hoot to drive, you've done well to find a decent one as they seem to be very thin on the ground indeed.
  5. Good to see one of these still about. My old mans firm had one that I used to abuse on occasion when I was in my teens. I used to tear it round the fields and launch it off the cattle grid on the approach to the house at 40+mph. How it never ended up on its side or upside down will forever elude me. Such revvy little things and ime totally unburstable. Enjoy
  6. When I put a bias valve on my kit car years ago I set it up by driving the car on a loose surface, getting the fronts to lock and not the back. When I bought it it'd lock the rears before the front in an emergency stop situation causing a proper arse twitch, car and me.
  7. As far as I'm aware it's maybe one of only a couple that were ever imported, maybe the only one which is why I've been keeping a bit of an eye on it for years to make sure it didn't get weighed in. https://www.dangel.com/en/dangel-0 are still very much alive and kicking. I don't know much about it either. I had a quick look the other day and it looks like there are two solenoids under the bonnet with vacuum pipes running to them, there's also a button on the dash, so I'm wondering if this thing has locking front and rear diffs? It should be really quite capable off road if it does! The bash pl
  8. Pics as it sat the other day before it moving under its own steam. I'm contemplating making some side panels and welding them in to just below the highest crease. That is a fuck-tonne of welding tho that I'd rather not try and do. I'm weighing up buying an air powered Clarke joggler and punch tool at the mo if I can't find a half decent bed. Either that or try some of this https://www.frost.co.uk/cold-front-heat-stop-putty-paste-welding-brazing-soldering-14oz-414ml/ or buy both.
  9. It'd have to be pretty fucked to be smoking blue constantly. Even when pintos get well worn they only really used to give a puff of smoke on re-applying the throttle after coasting for a bit. Maybe the bores are just contaminated with oil that's drained down from the head over time while it's been sat if you're lucky? Worth cleaning all the plugs, getting it to operating temp, making sure the choke is off and an Italian tune up?
  10. That's way too rich. If it's got a 32/36 DGAV fitted they wear over time and throw fuel in at idle, if they get really bad they only really seem to like to run properly when going at full chat. A rebuild kit from Aldon's about 25 quid iirc? I'd try and get a few more miles on it and see if things clear up a bit before condemning it.
  11. That'd be great ta Going anywhere near Doncaster. I've got 4 wheels and tyres to pick up for the 405.
  12. The pickup has now been awoken from its slumber and has moved from its previous position! One of the rear wheels didn't want to turn but soon freed off after giving it a proper twatting with a large piece of wood. Low box seems to work in all gears as does the hi-box. It started after a couple of coughs and splutters and a can of something explosive sprayed down the inlet to get the fuel pumped up to it then sat there idling perfectly! The hub has been fitted as a temporary measure. I may build it up with weld and have it put back in the lathe if we can't find a replacement. Ian Kirkwood
  13. How many minutes are you wanting the Type 9 to last? Surely better off getting an RX8 gearbox?
  14. Ok, bearing has arrived and someone we know has tickled the hub carrier in a lathe to tidy it up a bit. The plan is to move the truck at some point this week and assess it, hopefully on a ramp. The hub could still do with replacing really tho but should be ok for now. I thought I'd located some bed sides but the bloke has got back to me, one side has gone AWOL and the other has a big rust hole in it. It'd be a long job replacing sections of it without distorting it so I'm trying to avoid that at the mo. So if anyone knows of a bed anywhere I'd really appreciate it. TIA
  15. https://catalogs.ssg.asia/peugeot/?lang=en
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