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  1. I know someone who had a Midget that stayed jacked like that for a while for welding, when all the work was done neither door would shut.
  2. Being able to source new panels there has saved you a fortune in labour. Good to see some nice work being done
  3. It appears Stirling is only a 20 minute drive so the prospect of a bit of double penetration on a bit of French fancy was too hard to resist. Comments about bigger buckets not withstanding.
  4. Less lively* to use than a wire wheel and no nasty, spiky, spirals of wire flying off at you and your genitals, hence my suggestion. I got lucky and someone on Ebay was selling a load off that do but aren't meant to fit a grinder for 11 quid or so each. I just looked and 10 x 2" ones that will fit on a drill are available for 45 quid. I've not had much reason to use it lately but was so impressed with the first I quickly bought another. I'm sure @GingerNuttz can add to this as it sounds like he's plenty of experience with one. Everyone I've shown it to has never even seen one. Eastman have vids of them in use on the tube. I was meaning for larger surfaces btw, looking at the crazed bodywork you'll have plenty to remove.
  5. Or one of these from 3M on a not quite so angry 4 1/2" one. Not cheap but very effective on larger surfaces. DO NOT use on anything resembling a sharp edge tho, it'll wear really quickly. It barely touches the metal and heat is minimal.
  6. Good work. That little Pug is lucky it ended up with you.
  7. Did you ever buy any chunky jump leads from Midway? If not mine are deffo up to the job.
  8. You're off to a good start from what I've seen I polished up the Quasar as I'm then more likely to look after it, plus it looked a disgrace in the High Street I live on. It's also more like a 1200 quid car than the 700 I paid and if something was to happen to it it's far easier to do battle with an insurance company, I know that from experience. Hopefully people will steer clear of it a bit more when parked up as it looks cared for and not just an old shitbox, time will tell.
  9. https://www.thedarkwob.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=265&start=750 That is coming from someone who's run old snotters forever and used boot polish in the past on bumpers lol
  10. Looking much better and that certainly beats the ridiculous arch gap on my 405 Estate! As for those bumpers and trim I bought a Forever Black Bumper and Trim Dye Kit instead of bullshit shine and it's done a great job and is showing no signs of fading whatsoever. It's not cheap but a bit goes a long way. The bumpers and trim on the Quasar were totally grey and now you'd never know. Even the applicator that comes with it is well designed for the job.
  11. I ended up getting back home at about 7pm so didn't pop up.
  12. I may or may not be about. I think I've got to deliver a stove up country somewhere so might not be about?
  13. This is covered with dings and bits where bird shit has totally removed the paint but looks loads better with bumpers and trim dyed. I did it a panel at a time by hand as the lacquer on these gives people the fearz. Still a ten footer but not the shed look it did have, Bilt Hamber Speed Wax ftw. If you've got a mop why not just do a wing? It looks a very similar colour to the Magnum grey on my SRDT. I'm sure the skirts will make a big difference like you say. A mate had a TD one of these back in the day, I remember it being quicker than the XUD equivalent?
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