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  1. Scruffy Bodger

    TV cars

    Simply has to be top of the list for me. Still remember bits of the car chase in Condorman from 1981, I was 6...
  2. Just bang some K seal in it before it gets any worse, the smaller the fault the better chance it has of working. I've used it numerous times over the years as I've always run bangers on a tight budget.
  3. Isn't that quite an early Disco with those decals? It's the right sort of colour, right number of doors. I would speculate that this is exactly the wrong time to sell it. Early Disco's are bound to climb rapidly at some point as the Defenders get ever more out of reach. The 200's are known for being tough as old boots too so I'm sure they'll always demand a premium over the 300's in the end. If it hasn't got sunroofs fitted it'd be even more desirable.
  4. Nicely done Looks to have survived very well indeed for anything Ford from that era. https://www.carz2.co.uk/ford-scorpiogranada-85-94-16285-c.asp I've used these people for a few bits and pieces now, worth a look, very helpful and knowledgeable on the phone.
  5. LBF, Shelsley is a lot steeper than it looks in videos, photos. I was there last year and some old boy decided to think he was having a heart attack after climbing it, the paramedics had to attend and send for an ambulance! There was a chap up there in a wheelchair yesterday, fuck knows how they got him up there as he was nowhere near a track entry point, fair play to his mates if they hauled him up there. It does go to show that the Invacars are more suited to the road than some might think, TWC copes with Angel Bank which is local to me and has claimed many a victim over the years. A Model 70 I remember well used to tackle it at least once a week well into the 90's too. Saying that there are a few others round here which would properly test it as they are considerably steeper but not as long.
  6. I see you made it ok to Retrorides yesterday I'd have said hello but when I first spotted the car you were speaking to a small group of people and by the time I came back you'd gone. Hope you enjoyed the day
  7. Any idea of what it's actual value is? Last one of those I bought cost me 75 quid, how times change lol Love that off beat noise they make.
  8. I bet they do on car bodywork, sadly no access to one of those either. Investing in a cheap Chinese plasma might be worthwhile at some point I think.
  9. Wow, that's going to look amazing when done! Glad that floor-pan came in useful in the end, so many Cavvy Turbos didn't make it through the Nova raping days it's good to know I helped save one
  10. That one needed a full chassis tbh, it was starting to go at the front too. The Zx is still for sale if anyone wants it. Engine has 120K on it with history, comes with various spares, turbo another funky interior I've never seen another one of etc. This is the same chap who owns the terminally rusty Justy I saved that's documented in this thread. It's not been used since I did all that work and D Spares and Tyres aka CLINT on the darkwob.co.uk prepped and painted it. It hadn't been started in 12 months but started first touch of the key with a new battery on it! Some muppet had left the handbrake on but it was soon freed off and it trundled off down to the shack under its own steam. Admittedly looking a little sorry for itself at that point... Anyway, I'd been called in to do more fucking welding on the little twatting thing, it's a good job I like baby Scoobies. Thankfully this time it was very minor compared to the epic weldathon on it last time. My main problem being I had no access to a plasma cutter this time and the grinder was physically impossible to get in to position, with or without a guard. Normally I never plate anything but this time I had no choice so did as tidy a job as I could as an interim repair. Even the bit I could cut out proved an arse to get to, I had to use a really worn cut off disk and guard removed to get to it and even then I failed to cut it out tidily. Wot hole M8? The underside has had a liberal coating off rust killer in that area to fend the cancer off as much as possible. The interior is immaculate. As is that bit! After that it was due a bit of a spruce up and tbh it comes up pretty well apart from a mis-matched colour on the other front wing. All repairs done yet again with pure CO2 aka pub gas, please tell anyone that spouts that you can't use it to fuck off and stop talking bollox. It really does seem to be getting a thing now! Thankfully this time I was armed with 0.6mm wire and not 0.8. Whatever did happen to Station that used to own this anyway?
  11. Oh they certainly can rust, my thread is testament to that, certainly not as much as any Ford of a similar age though. With you on the Mk5 Escort comparison tho
  12. I think Tom's still pretty happy with the red ZX at the mo, that one does look pretty smart for such a high mileage. He's up to 13 cars in the fold at the mo so could probably* not do with another one?
  13. Looks like a marvellous trip! One thing on the weather in Lovely Jubbly, it has it appears its own micro climate and can have spates of rain when other areas don't. Just drive out the city to another area not too far away and enjoy great weather.
  14. I went to assess a mates ZX Volcane, bad news for this one too by the looks of it so if you know anyone who wants spares for one then give me a shout. My friend is really living the Autoshite dream I reckon? He's got a proper collection of tat in all different states. It's a literal stones throw from the Severn Valley railway too so you get all the associated noises when you are there.
  15. Good luck with the collection! I've only just caught up with this thread, well done for saving the Meridian!!! I have done many, many miles in one my old man bought that we used for work purposes up and down the country. They really are a comfy, sure footed little motor for eating up the miles. I'm still astounded to this day how right they got the auto wipers to work on these little cars, they really can be beneficial in some situations with lots of standing water around. I was at Pugfest again last week and enjoy sitting up by the S's and watching the cars getting faster and faster during the day as people do more and more runs to the point they start getting the entry speed just a little too high and having to sort it out. My mate and I are convinced that the 306's out of all the pug stuff you see go up there iron out the S's with less fuss than any of the other models. Glad to see someone else enjoying them anyway, my sister bought a Kingfisher green 5 door at the weekend, bringing her 306 count up to 3 at the mo!
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