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  1. Great work as ever and especially seeing it moving under its own steam, I've been enjoying the updates ta.
  2. I always liked the feeling/noise of the second barrel kicking in, you can jet them accordingly. Quite possibly, Vizard tried a few things in his book on Pintos iirc? I've run them on 1.6's and 2 litres as the first thing I'd do was bin the VV off and stick a Weber on with a manual choke.
  3. A split diaphragm can certainly do that, fingers crossed as it's a simple fix. Never been tempted to put a 32/36 on it?
  4. Have you checked for a split in the diaphragm yet, it should be pretty obvious if it is? I've had the same problem with Webers in the past.
  5. I f a filter gets really badly clogged shit can get forced thru it, I'd have changed that too. Glad you're enjoying it and especially using it.
  6. I had an A reg one of these many moons ago and the dash lights not lighting was a regular thing. A mates Dad had had a few and told me to thump the dash from underneath to get them to come back on, it worked every single time and they stayed lit until turning them off again. If the arse end goes they don't come straight back online and do a bit of a wiggle which can catch people unawares. Well done for saving it, mine did me proud, hopefully yours will too. Ps, the remote boot release can be very handy in snowy conditions if you have a passenger. You can pop the boot whilst still moving and if they are agile enough they can get in the boot and jump up and down to get you to the top of a hill lol
  7. Thinking about it more it was also on our nearly 50 year old MGBGT recently as the front brake hoses had collapsed. Silver linings and all that 😂
  8. That was standard fitment on our C reg Subaru Estate so not exactly modern! Why it hasn't been fitted to virtually every car since then is totally beyond me.
  9. The early ones weren't iron block and had the same 7200rpm rev limit. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-features-heroes/ph-heroes-peugeot-405-mi16/26557 https://www.ixocollections.com/en/blog/peugeot-205/the-peugeot-405-mi-16 Hence the huge attrition rate of early 405's. The BX theory definitely has merit, people were scared of them and they did have a habit of pissing fluid. I nearly bought a really tidy TD years back. It didn't make it off the driveway on the test drive, pipe was above the fuel tank, that was enough for the owner to frag it. A mate built a full fat one years back, really good fun and you couldn't tell a difference front end wise to the standard 1.9
  10. What about the poor old 405's? A bit lardy in comparison maybe but still a great package. A sorted 205 alloy Mi16 is a whole load of fun tho, decent, more modern tyres, shocks and springs etc and 160bhp made them very entertaining indeed. Those engines love to rev!
  11. Do you actually bother arming the steering lock when you park up? If you don't the barrel is VERY easy to remove with a slide hammer on most old vehicles. If you do arm the lock it's a very different game indeed, you'll be there a while trying to drill, prise/butcher it off. Unless it's a Nova, I've seen a mate snap one of those just by mauling on the steering wheel.
  12. Does it rev out properly with no load? If it does that might indicate a simple restriction of fuel somewhere? Maybe try and run it from a can in the engine bay?
  13. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/guard-given-electric-shock-by-wired-car-driver-s-antitheft-measure-went-too-far-1424714.html It was a Cozzy but it wasn't a scrote trying to nick it that got zapped. I remember reading about it years back. He used an electric fence unit, some of those can give you a proper belt but they do make a rather loud ticking noise, or at least the old ones did.
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