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  1. I take it there are no anti-squeal shims available for these then? I remember the difference fitting some of those to my Cortina years ago and it was extraordinary how much a bit of tin effected the noise produced.
  2. My mate bought some of those Dormer brand ones last ear for the ZX 16v project I did for him. They worked really well and certainly were not made of chocolate.
  3. Some great efforts going on there to sort this old truck properly. My sympathies for the cab floor, very similar state to that LDV that I did. I persuaded the owner to leave the interior mat out in the end as the cab still leaks and they hold so much water it's ridiculous, it weighed a bloody tonne when we dragged it out. Yes it's louder but at least the rest of it didn't dissolve within 6 months of doing the job. Keep up the good work
  4. That's simply the only option as far as I'm concerned. How much is a new chassis? Do you like your tea full of leaves? I didn't get the reg but it'd be interesting to look at the MOT history and see when the last one was and see if it advised about potential rot. I had a Series III as my first motor and that was a rot box, this TD5 beats that hands down.
  5. I wouldn't even attempt it tbh, it'd cost the poor sod a fortune to even attempt it even at mates rates. The shock absorber has snapped off completely and the chassis has actually collapsed so all the suspension mounting points on the back end have moved. I had to ring him and give him the bad news as his mate didn't want to, it went along the lines of yeah, your truck, it's totally fucking fucked mate. It is a dog but rather than shot I think it'll end up being butchered and bits sold off it. I hadn't even stabbed it with a big screwdriver to see if I could find any more!
  6. I had a phone call the other day, could I help out a friend of a friend welding up his TD5 Landrover? It looked tidy for a W plate vehicle. Now I know I have previous for sorting basket cases but...
  7. Great to see the site back up, ta I can echo what's being said about the background colour though, I've only been on the site a few minutes and I'm finding it uncomfortable on the eyes when using the laptop.
  8. https://www.306oc.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=34741 That thread may be of use/interest to you? Sam's got a bit of a collection of these and associated bits now I think.
  9. Great stuff watching all this come together, it's looking fantastic! You've just reminded me that I bought a cut down Range Rover chassis a couple of years back and it's still at my mates, should really think about trying to sell it!
  10. Time to buy some of these then?
  11. As others have said if you double your budget you'll have no problem finding something as scrap prices are higher than the price you are wanting to buy at. Years ago when people were having to pay to get rid of cars there was a bonanza of cheap stuff out there. I had, Peugeot 405 NAD £30 Peugeot 405 NAD £70 Audi Coupe 1.8 £20 Audi Coupe 2.1 £70 Peugeot 306 Turbo diesel £100 All had MOT. Times have changed however.
  12. His chosen user name is pretty apt that's for sure!
  13. Still haven't got round to the Justy but had a go at fettling a 205 for new member Broken French tat who I met last year on a trip with a few others to the Black Mountains in Wales. It's got some interesting patina and paint repairs that's for sure and is surprisingly solid for a 30 year old car. It did however have a few very localised problems, the hole in the bulkhead I found especially odd. The main issue for me was the utterly kippered seat mounting point on the tunnel. It was cracked in numerous places as well as holed and flexing like fuck! It would have literally pulled through the floor in anything more than a bump in a car park I started out late and it turned into quite a long day in the end as it's just under a 100 mile round trip for me, I got home at about 10.30 pm iirc. I must admit the roads around the north of Shropshire are great and in much better condition than the south of the same county, they are generally much wider too allowing for a bit of hoonage if in the mood. Pretty apt for this project as it's getting a 306 Gti 6 conversion so it's going to be a full on, flat out sleeper!
  14. I've not tried it yet but there seem to be multiple reports of acetone and ATF being excellent at penetrating stubborn parts, cheap enough to have a try at as nail varnish remover is cheap and readily available. I'd definitely go for a mains impact wrench too, one of the 50 quid ones should be man enough on any bolt on an Invacar surely?
  15. There are some differences apart from the body on top. There are differences in bits of the floorpan at the back for starters, exhausts aren't swappable for starters. There are also subtle differences in the suspension even though they look pretty much identical. Zx's have zero toe in on the back end, whereas 306's run a few degrees. IIRC there are differences at the front too. I've had a 306 saloon, a couple of 306 hatchbacks and had a ZX and access to driving other Zx's. Personally I prefer the way the Zx's drive to the 306 when pushing on a bit.
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