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  1. Not as far as I'm aware. The rot these get on the passenger side rear can be really quite severe now. D Spares and partner have a Kingfisher green 5 door now, I went with them to collect it and it's fucked, much worse than the high miler. The cabrios really are a good looking car, I think the blue that they came in with the tan leather interior is a great combo!
  2. Some amusing ones too I find. I wouldn't class Dodgy Tom as troubled in the slightest mind, we have a right laugh on occasion. Really?
  3. https://www.thedarkwob.co.uk/index.php You'll get the other side of the story on there, the proper wronguns hang out in the Lentil Cave. You'll need so many posts to be able to get in there tho or if you're lucky* the internet god Hooli will grant you access. D Spares is CLINT on there, always has interesting stuff about. It's not looking like he's coming back here any time soon...
  4. Not quite on the road just yet but it runs and sounds sweet according to Tom. It may just see the 300K at some point, we'll have to see!
  5. I frequent both forums. I prefer the light touch* (ie non existent) moderation on there, the PC stuff on here gets on my fucking tits tbh. You would have been able to get a feel for what happened but someone deleted the thread and eradicated it from history... This place is still amazing for sheer volume and combined knowledge on what seems to be every subject known to mankind tho!
  6. Initially he'd got the timing a tooth out so stepped away from it for a couple more months. Went back to it afresh and the little fucker started straight up Hard to believe but that engine ran like a sewing machine with all those miles on it and had never been apart pump included before the mishap* with the water. That car has had such a history since I bought it all those years ago for £950, it'd be fantastic to see it clear the 300K mark!
  7. As Loserone says, this has been updated on The Dark WoB. He has recently managed to resurrect it which makes me happier than you can imagine as it was my mums car.
  8. Surely the car throttle boys ought to be planning a road trip dedicated to their most popular post of 2019?
  9. I bought it at 37K a few years ago, old sprout died, misses couldn't bare to get shot, put minimal miles on it each year then she got too old to drive it. Genuinely drives like a new car, if more people got to drive a good one instead of 200K poorly maintained dogs I think they'd think of them differently. Lent it to my old man the other week for a week, he's used to driving new stuff and he was genuinely surprised at how good it was as everyday transport. Suspension that soaks the bumps, handles well, frugal, visibility excellent and headlights that work very well indeed with comfy seats. Pretty exclusive now too lol, only 4 SRDT's still on the road and less than 25 left registered in total!
  10. Still loving my 405, just put it over 45K today! I would actually seriously consider buying a new one, especially at that price.
  11. That's why it's recommended to get private premises tested every 10 years. A mate of mine had his rewired after a carer for his old man turned a bedroom light on. There was a loud bang and a flash and the light fitting landed on the bed 😂. Lucky the place didn't burn down.
  12. Some councils do or did do grants to help towards rewires where they are still wired in rubber. Certainly peace of mind getting it done as it's a Code 1 fail as it's a potential fire hazard now after all these years.
  13. Are you going to bin that auto choke off and put a period correct manual conversion on and save a shit load of hassle?
  14. With Mr Foxhake on that one, soon as I read it it had gone from maybe it's legit to no fucking way I'm releasing any funds till I've contacted the bank.
  15. It's great down by the dams isn't it Did you carry on through to Devils bridge? No photos of the road itself but one of my other faves is
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