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  1. Lovely! I loved my XM— Hope you do yours too!
  2. Do join us at the 480 Club Europe forum, there is plenty of help available and we are looking in to doing our next few mobile mini meets which are great fun! The Speedo being interfered with by the brake pedal doesn’t seem good! I think MisterH, who replied above, can help you with how to make sure your electronic speedo sensor has its shielded ground wire correctly installed. If not, you may need your dash to go to our Dash Doctor as there may be some interference... although yours sounds and looks like it might be better to replace with one with its mileage adjusted!
  3. You are right, the engine has different sensors for temperature depending on what is being fed: - to the engine ECU (under the No. 1 spark plug, distributor cap end). This will have a blue two wire plug on your car. This will not be your problem as you say it is running fine. - to the Info Centre, near the thermostat. If it is disconnected, it will say “Cold” so you may have an easy win here if you find it and plug it back in! Im told if you short the pin to ground it will say “STOP!” and that you can test it with a 68 Ohm resistor to ground to display 100 deg. C to check the wiring.
  4. Hey. You can check the calibration of the fuel tank by brimming the fuel tank, switching the Info Centre to either “Range” or “Fuel Average”, holding the grey button on the Info Centre switch and switching the ignition on. (FYI one position displays the Litres and the other the resistance of the fuel tank sender). You can adjust the figure with a little screwdriver adjusting the potentiometer between the two grey buttons on the Info Centre switch. In theory, you can pull the potentiometer blank out with a pin but I’ve never managed it as always have to disassemble t
  5. This is interesting. What did you buy? Is this something that plugs in to the CD changer? I’ve been weighing up whether to add a Bluetooth adapter https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201308854361
  6. This is often the earth which you can easily add back in and screw to some metal body nearby . I haven’t done this but I think it was the crowning glory of the previous owner’s as he was so proud of getting it working again!
  7. A heart warming story of hydro-pneumatic-electric love! Well done both. Hope you enjoy driving the BX again.
  8. Woohoo! Changing the gas struts, which are absolute beasts in the roof, was sooooo much harder than I anticipated!
  9. No but are you part of the exclusive C5 estate club with working tailgate glass opening?!
  10. If you have no luck then Edwards & Sons in Billericay http://www.edwardsandson.co.uk/ have a few of these in for breaking and will post out parts. They are nice people to deal with.
  11. To a hydraulic Citroen place? I think a garage of mere-mortals will not be such a good to entrust with this. I had a ballpark figure of about £500 for this once. It is labour intensive but the parts are only about £50. I’ll be interested to see your quote!
  12. Isn’t this just the fuel stop solenoid that cuts fuel on either the over-run or when ignition off?
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