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  1. Probably not the ideal car for dogging, but each to their own.
  2. Just gorgeous. https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1504575
  3. I can't believe this is still on sale! Especially with that advert!
  4. Same here. A fantastic car that deserves greater sales success.
  5. Forgot link to the Suzuki ad. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202210281153210?
  6. My mate sent me this. Looks cheap but is inevitably quite frilly underneath according to the last (failed) MOT. Check out the Merc 190 (registration K950 ORK) hiding in the background. My theory is that these are his 'n hers motors and either they've both died or they're giving up driving.
  7. There's certainly a bit of leeway, even when the gauge says zero miles. I ran my Jazz that low before and when I filled the tank there was still about half a gallon left in it.
  8. Spotted this today. Had a full set if Uniroyal Rainsports all round and give an overall impression of being reasonably well cared for.
  9. Always had a soft spot for the wacky Lagonda, but that DB7 is very interesting.
  10. Turns out my local convenience store is a great place to get some - My verdict? Stimulating and surprisingly palatable. The possible advertising slogans write themselves...
  11. Whenever I replace my Jazz, I'm seriously considering getting a white car. My Jazz is silver, so pretty good at reflecting the heat though.
  12. No idea how long this has been here, but obviously quite some time. Didn't do much for me, but might give some the
  13. Spotted these two in Devon (Postbridge to be precise). I Googled how to decipher German numberplates and wonder if they might be examples of German vanity plates, which are apparently available for a small fee. Seems a coincidence that the 350SL has the same number on the plate and the silver one has 560. However, if the silver car is a 560SL then it's an import as the 560 was apparently only sold in the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.
  14. My mate sent me this. Looks alright for a grand, apart from the paintwork. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202206217018946
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