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East Anglia - MEATUP. Who's keen?


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Inspired by @Angrydickymusing about the excellent Anglia Motel in Spalding - I realised this would be the perfect place for a tyre kicking and a plate of cholesterol.  After all, it is classic Autoshite territory.

ANGLIA MOTEL AND RESTAURANT, Spalding - Updated 2021 Restaurant Reviews,  Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor

The reviews include "terrible", "awful customer service" and other appealing vocabulary.  It's also got a flat roof...

No photo description available.



Should we say a Sunday towards the end of October?  I know some people SORN at that time anyway, so it'd be a good way of using up the last of the petrol (if you can still get any by then).

Anyone keen?

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23 minutes ago, reb said:

That seems like exactly my sort of place, alas it's several hundred miles away so not in the slightest practical.

..... Love a run out, me

*Stellar distance discouraging obvz 😵

**Notably 'except when seeking alloys' 😎

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I think the reviews for this place are very unfair.

Yes, the girl serving behind the counter was quite surly. She was fit, though, so I wasn’t too fussed. The owner is an old bloke who is really into his military history. Lovely bloke and very friendly.  There’s a little jumble sale by the door with all proceeds going to charity.

My food has been good and reasonably priced,  all the times I’ve been there.

A lot of negative reviews come from the fact that they don’t people other than actual customers use their toilets. I think that’s fair enough really and to be fair there’s a massive sign by the door stating the same.

The decor is something else. I think there’s three different types of artex in there for a start! There is an equally dated looking bar/function room adjoining the cafe, but I don’t get the impression that gets much use! 

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On 9/25/2021 at 5:51 PM, Mally said:

Yeah that’s the place. Never tried the other one, i think anything would be a disappointment after the AM.

Interesting to read about the history of the place. 

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