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Anglia Classic Car Auction


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No they weren't actually bids,hence my 


'Bouncing bids off the wall comment'


I was referring to hopelessly optimistic vendors really ...


The Tinas estimate was 10-12k ...


Therein lies it's reserve.


It was in good nick, but nowhere near 10-12k.


That's obvs my opinion, a Ford licker may disagree

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My Austin 1100 is entered for next week (although whether I'll be there as well probably depends on whether they give sellers free entry!).  The lower end of the estimate is the reserve set by the seller (at least it is in my case).  I'd assumed they'd want to see the car before accepting and listing it but they've just gone on my description and photos; I'm not sure what they'd do if when delivered they discover it's nothing like the description.

I've been pretty unimpressed by their lack of professionalism so far, so it will be interesting to see how next week goes.

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That should surely be set out in the catalogue...or maybe not. Both as a buyer and seller at these kind of things I think they are a circus IMHO and would never get involved again. 

Unless incredibly rare or cheap surely better to buy off an owner and have a good look or test drive etc. 

I anyway lost interest in 'collectors' cars - our kind of cars are much more fun - spend the balance taking the car somewhere more interesting on a roadtrip. Lots of fantastic cars are still super value, Citroens from the 80/90's, similarly Mercedes from the same era unless sports etc etc.

And lots of these established 'collectors' drive like sheds IMHO. And their owners are  ****** best avoided too!?. Grump over.


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