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  1. Or this https://www.proxyparts.com/car-parts-stock/information/make/renault/model/safrane/part/fog-light-front-left/partid/15597847/
  2. This seems to suggest the fogliht is shared with Clio’s and Meganes. If that’s the case it will open up the search field considerably. Convenient Valeo part number too https://www.oldtimer-shop.eu/parts/renault-clio-96-safrane-megane-front-right-fog-light-valeo
  3. Not much going on with it although last week I got shunted up the back by a total arse. Gap in traffic which I considered too smol was considered by him to be large enough. So he pulled away and I didn’t. He was quite cross but after letting him rant while smiling and nodding I pointed out to him that running into the back of someone is a contravention of the 1998 Land Traffic Act (probably) and I would very much like his insurance details so I can claim. He immediately claimed it was nothing and he could fix it in ten minutes but I asked is this damage? Was it there before? Did you do it? Fine then, insurance please! He went quiet after that. Damage is limited to a dent under the rear light. Slide hammer will sort. Bumper is deformed a bit so will need to be taken off and refitted so might wait until the nice weather arrives and do it then. Can’t be arsed with insurance as they will write it off and load future premiums. In other news it seems my car wasn’t recalled for the Takata airbag nonsense. In Australia Mitsubishi bought the cars back off the owners for a generous value as they couldn’t get replacement parts for mid nineties cars, including Mirages. Here they have recalled 1996-99 Lancers (same car but saloon) but not Mirages which is mad because they almost certainly have the same airbags (same wheel and dash). Either way let’s see if Mitsubishi NZ will give me a new airbag or buy it back off me for more than I paid. Only other thing I did was buy two new Suzuki oil filters and an air filter for Mrs P’s weapon. $55 the lot for genuine items from Suzuki. Ryco air filter alone from Supercheap is $50 on its own
  4. That’s a thing of beauty. Always liked these and that colour is perfect. What sort of paint did you use and is there a clearcoat on it?
  5. Live tweeting Pak N Save runs is the new Nora the piano playing cat
  6. Harris Mann started his own filtration company with his friend Colin Hummel back in 1974. Mann & Hummel pioneered the wedge shaped air filter and oil filters which were more aerodynamic going backwards than forwards. Eventually the firm fell into European ownership when Harris was himself bought out in a reverse takeover by Man SE. As part of the deal Harris had to drop an “n” from his surname and identify as a mid sized bus.
  7. Irradiated car parts from Chernobyl are highly prized in the Ukraine. They are shredded into small pieces and used to line the edges of major roads where their “glow in the dark” properties act like cats eyes. They also reduce traffic as Ukrainians will do anything to avoid breaking down on the side of major roads
  8. Maximas and Camrys are becoming quite appealing. Something about a big wafty barge with a decent stereo and an autobox for going to work
  9. Well the Warrant inspector seemed a bit old And despite yelling “None shall pass” I ended up with a certificate with “Pass” written on it. That’s another six months shitheapery to look forward to. Celebrated by respraying the black bits on the door. Oh dear. One side has enough orange peel to interest the man from Del Monte while the other looks good apart from the colossal run right in the middle. I did everything right so it’s obviously the Australian spray paint. Never forgave us for Ned Kelly. Not to be confused with Ned Beatty. So do I make like Steely Dan and do it again or break out Lily the Pinks medicinal compound? Fuck it, can’t be arsed masking up so cloths and compound to follow, see what we end up with. In a way I was sort of hoping it would need tyres and rear shocks so I could justifiably buy some new ones
  10. Derek Robinson was Smokey Robinson’s half brother. Derek actually has a writing credit for “Being with you” which he originally wrote as a protest song in support of his fellow workers on the picket line. Smokey wasn’t so keen on the original lyrics: I dont care what they think about me and I don’t care what they say I don’t care if they moan about walk outs as they’ll just beg us to stay I don’t care if they start to vilify us, I don’t care what they do i don’t care for bloody Mike Edwards or the Allegro 2, Allegro 2
  11. Found a potential parts car for you. Might be a little small. It’s about £28 in real money There are also manuals available here if you can’t find any there
  12. Kimi Raikkonen is suspiciously monosyllabic in interviews to cover his real identity. His real name is Jerry Robertson and he hails from Huddersfield. He adopted the Finnish persona in order to attract more interest from rally and race teams. The ice cream thing came from Jerry’s dad never letting him have ice cream as a kid. As a result Jerry, along with childhood friend Ben Henderson (better known as Heikki Kovalainen) started their own ice cream business, Haagen Daz. The name was chosen to piss off Dutch Racing driver Haagen Daz, who then had to change his name to Jos Verstappen Jerry Robertson yesterday, enjoying an ice cream having stolen Jos Verstappens hat
  13. In the top corner of the screen is a little sticker showing the month and the date that the warrant of fitness expires. I’m alright as it runs to September 2021 oh hang on a minute THATS RIGHT ABOUT NOW. WARRANT! WE’VE FORGOTTEN THE WARRANT!!! A quick chat with Anton at the local place reveals that if I drop it off first thing Friday he may be able to look at it “at some point” which is Anton speak for “yeah drop it in at 9, that’ll be done be 10” All seems ok but I suspect the rear shocks are going to play silly buggers this time. Of course they aren’t cheap at $160 each plus fitting , although they look like a piece of piss to do. I would do them except I don’t have spring compressors or any big ass breaker bars in case of seized parts so I’ll give Anton a hundred bucks or so for him to take the responsibility. Hope it passes - need it for work on Monday!
  14. There’s a lot of family stuff going on so updates might be sporadic. Mrs P wants to go back to the UK, my daughter dropped out of college as she wasn’t gelling with it (autism support my arse, fucking nothing) and my son just dropped out of school at 17 so we have to find him another. Which means moving fast. Possibly back to blighty. Which ironically I don’t want to do so some major family shit going on here. Basically my wife and kids miss their friends and their old life but fuck knows why, they moaned incessantly about it. Wife even admitted she basically forced us all to come here as she missed he mum and didn’t like our house much Wife wants me to get a mortgage sorted pronto here so we can buy a place but I am reluctant because having been here before I know she’ll want to go back to the uk shortly after moving in.. Moving here was supposed to make my life less stressful in order to benefit my health. That was one of the selling points - I was quite resistant at first because I knew what to expect, I even highlighted it could fuck up my sons schooling but I was told to stop being over dramatic. He didn’t want to come and I can’t help but feel awful for Screwing up his teenage years. He won’t speak to me. They may go, I may stay here. Except I probably can’t for visa purposes so may be dragged back against my will. Never, ever marry someone from overseas. Given the chance to do it all again I would marry a local girl, buy a house locally and bring up my family locally. My parents did that, they never had to deal with the stuff I have to deal with. Lockdown not helping. Everyone is in a filthy mood with each other
  15. We don’t do that. We literally take their name, address, and date of birth on arrival and that’s it. When they go to a booth the vaccinator takes their name just to make sure the right person is in front of them and they know what to call them, and then again on the observations bit we ask their name so we know what name to put on their vaccination card. Runnng out at 1.15pm - I presume it was a walk in clinic ? Staff are mostly volunteers now. Students doing it for free in order to improve their chances of a job at the end of the process. Can’t blame the Health Board for allowing extra workers in if they don’t cost anything. I am training students this week to do my job. Funnily enough I haven’t been given any paid shifts next week.....
  16. Quiet torquey engine, long travel comfy suspension, fat seats, decent stereo. Basically a Granada Scorpio driving around a new build Essex estate in 1988 blaring out “The Raw and the Cooked” by the Fine Young Cannibals. Don’t tell Daves dad, he didn’t know we’d taken it.....
  17. Lockdown here has brought a surprising number of arseholes out of the woodwork. It’s incredible how one case has been tracked to identify about 21 cases in the community and absolutely the right thing to lock down for a few days to nip this in the bud. But fuck me, you’d think people had been asked to sacrifice their first born to some bloody Pagan God. At the Covid centre I diplomatically removed a chap who was spouting anti vax crap which culminated in him revealing he had read the works of some Nobel prize winning French dude (he couldn’t remember the name, or couldn’t pronounce it anyway) who claimed that the vaccine will kill (in his expert opinion) at least two thirds of recipients within two years of administration. When I played the game and said “If Government and Big Pharma want us all dead, who is going to pay the taxes and generate the sales for big Pharma operations? Isn’t killing all your clients bad for business?” He just responded with “you would say that, you’re a paid up shill and you might as well be hung for treason and murder and believe me we’ll be back for you” Wouldn’t mind so much but I am a minimum wage temp and I leave next week anyway. Another woman moaned about being told what to do by Government. I asked her what she thought of seat belts, her response being “no, you aren’t catching me out with your logic”. Honestly I don’t think the world will end through a pandemic or a war. I honestly believe the ignorance and stupidity of the few is going to condemn all of us to a horrifying and utterly preventable end. What does distress me is I used to be quite right wing, gradually became more lefty and lately I am finding myself wanting to put these people in a a small room with 400 hungry weasels which I am pretty sure is more likely to be a Priti Patel thing rather than a Green Party policy....
  18. Just got a letter addressed to the wife from AMP Insurance. Apparently we/she hit another car on the 15th July and caused damage and the insurer would like our info for the claim. This could be fun - we haven’t hit anyone, there is no damage on our car, and that day it was stationary in her office car park between 8am and 7pm on the day in question. Plus Mrs P is incredibly honest and would have said something or left a note - one day a gust of wind caught her door and left a slight scuff on the car next to ours, She left a note although we never heard anything. Could be Misread number plate, a clone in the system, or a spurious claim. I am betting this guy reversed into a bollard, damaged his car and looked around for a nearby car to “blame” it on for his claim. Awaiting details of time, location, damage to vehicle, description of driver, etc. I wonder if he knows what Nemesis is? EDIT - wife called the insurance company. Sounded well dodgy apparently and their numbers don’t come up on Google....a major insurer should at least have some online representation you would have thought. Anyway - the total damage. It seems Mrs P overtook another car (unusual) and “drove over a stone causing it to hit the other car and chipped its windscreen”. Apparently this happened at 8am but the other driver can’t remember whereabouts it happened. Was aware enough to take her plate but not aware of location which seems kind of odd. Anyway the “insurer” then said they would send another letter with fuller details for our consideration - hassled Mrs P for insurance details but she wisely held off on that until she has more info. Frankly it seems nonsensical to me. “I got a chipped windscreen one morning and this car did it although I have no evidence and can’t remember where it happened” seems a somewhat spurious claim. And asking us for insurance details? NZ must have an insurance database where they can see who is insuring which particular car so why are they asking us? Verdict? Very dodgy my Pedigree Chums
  19. It was fucking glorious. I wanted to follow her out to her car going “AAAAHHHHHH, GUTTED BITCH! FUCK YOU HA HA HA HA HA! YEAH I MIGHT HAVE COME FROM THE MORON FARM BUT I TURN UP AT APPOINTMENTS ON TIME HA HA HA HA! instead I lowered my glasses, smiled sweetly and in my best Home Counties clipped tones (modelled on Noel Coward) explained how one was most terribly sorry but one is afraid that restrictions being what they are so to speak there really is nothing I can do and I am most terribly sorry. If you could see your way to returning later that would be most gratifying. Good day.
  20. Work. Last few days have seen two colleagues walk. One after being racially abused by a customer, the other for homophobic abuse (he isn’t gay, just a bit camp). I was accused of having been “found at the moron farm” and “obviously lacking intelligence to do a real job”. Yeah because financial advisers with almost 30 years behind them are fucking stupid. Got my revenge on her though - she had turned up for her appointment 12 hours early and whilst I could have got her jabbed there and then I sent her away. Mentioned nobody else has misread their confirmation email (which was a lie, it happens loads but everyone else gets sorted regardless) so fuck you bitch, it’s not my time and Petrol being wasted. Had four adverse reactions - all were needle phobias rather than the shot itself but the body does some crazy shit when in panic mode. Sometimes it happens after - the adrenaline builds with fear pre shot, and the dispersal afterwards causes all kinds of crazy heart rate and blood pressure shit. Pretty frightening when you are left for just three or four minutes with someone you think could be dying on you before help arrives. Didn’t do my adrenaline or blood pressure levels any favours. Must have been serious as that one needed an ambulance. Wouldnt mind but I’m minimum wage casual.
  21. A valuable service! If it wasn’t for your groundwork, our mail operatives wouldn’t today be bringing me such joyous news as Diamond Plate front mat sets for a mere 22 Jacindas from Supercheap Auto, purveyors of fine tat for the discerning Gentlemen’s motor carriage
  22. Well the Covid job was a stinker tonight. We need 12 on a shift to be comfortable, ten at a minimum. Tonight we had nine so it was a bit tight and meant we had to do a lot of multi tasking and I was so busy I didn’t get to take any breaks. Knackering. Plus we had three collapses so I was busy with carrying folk to emergency rooms, fetching defibrillators and adrenaline, getting on the blower for emergency ambulances and all that jazz. Quite draining emotionally, god knows how nurses cope with it all day every day. Spoke to the roster people to see how we were fixed tomorrow. Said “I hope we haven’t got nine for a busy day like Saturday” and she laughed nervously. We don’t have nine. We have five. And I, a casual with three weeks experience am down as site director as I will be the most senior person there. Fuck a doodle do. And the second shift has three. So there will be a lot of pressure to do a double shift which I have already decided I will do for at least quadruple regular site director pay, no less. Nobody had better collapse tomorrow......
  23. Superb! I might try and get the local garage to sort mine out. Maybe persuade them there was also a recall for door dents and the light blue metallic paint needed to be replaced with a safer dark green metallic because reasons. His is in good nick though, makes mine look proper shonky!
  24. Oooh fuck. Nearly had a major problem with that job. Back in March I had a few provisional chats with an adviser firm here. One thing that was discussed was how the adviser registration rules in NZ were about to become more complex so she suggested I register as an adviser with her firm to beat the changes. This was done and was incredibly easy considering I wasn’t qualified and had no experience here. The chats with this lady’s firm didnt result in anything as the job kept changing every time we spoke, plus other people in the business had to sign off and when I ran the numbers it just didn’t work so I told her that I was going to look at other things. She was fine with that as I think she had perhaps promised a few things she didn’t have the authority to promise. Not a problem and she said she would remove my registration. No more was said. Until the Stockbroker contacted my recruitment consultant going mental about withholding information. “Parky hadn’t said anything about operating as an adviser and failure to disclose this is a serious contractual issue”. Oh shit, failure to disclose is a serious breach in our industry. I hadn’t disclosed operating as an adviser because I hadn’t operated as one. Nothing ever went beyond chats over coffees and I never mentioned anything as there was nothing to mention, if anything if I had done some advising I would have definitely mentioned that as it would have been an advantage at the interview stage. Turns out the lady I spoke to hadn’t removed my registration so it looked as if I was a fully fledged adviser at her firm. The assumption is failure to mention that could be indicative of being sacked or barred for misconduct. Explained it all and got the registration removed and sorted but shit, that little admin oversight could have led to that offer being withdrawn. New employer wasn’t happy for sure but am seeing them for coffee Monday to discuss terms so we should be alright I hope. Not my fault but a sobering reminder that sometimes you can’t rely on others and a tiny oversight can have big consequences down the track...
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