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  1. They were really good. I remember getting a call to ask if I was in Lagos because it appeared a clone of my card was doing the rounds.
  2. i think its not once did Benny Hill repeatedly slap Noel Coward on the head before being chased at high speed around a tree in a park by some Nurses to the tune of "Yakkity Sax"
  3. Car show today....I think my favourite was the green datsun Loads more stuff there but I went for the things which were more.....us
  4. New people in my special little book - those who drive up to the carwash and park in front of it before buying their token. I parked up, got my token and as I drove to the car wash an old bastard in a CRV with no dirt on it whatsoever jumped in front of me. So I sat there grumbling and after Mr Enormous Pickup had gone through the rigarmarole of the ten minute ultra deep clean cycle it was Mr CRV's turn. So he drove up to the keypad....and got out to walk into the garage to get his token. Emerged ten minutes later with a shopping bag and a coffee. It rhymes with Bunt and begins with the letter C....
  5. Really want this. Pretty sure Mrs P doesnt want all those pesky savings in the bank https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/subaru/impreza/listing/3519655731?bof=TfgNxPFs
  6. This would be handy - if you needed a piece of modern art called "lacquer peel personified" https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/toyota/sprinter/listing/3549505977?bof=TfgNxPFs
  7. Ooooh, fell across this. Cheap and manual and bangin' toons for crusing about listening to the phat sounds of Googie Rene https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/mazda/familia/listing/3544076898?bof=TfgNxPFs
  8. Newly listed stuff. God I feel dirty. I need a shower or a Church I think https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/search?bof=TfgNxPFs&year_max=1990&user_region=70&price_max=5000&sort_order=motorslatestlistings&page=8
  9. Just waiting for @hairnet to wire me some wedge and two big wooden crates to fit a Carib and a Galant Anyway lets go Radio Rental and see what else Canterbury has to offer pre 1990 with an unlimited budget..... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/search?bof=lebGDEL3&year_max=1990&user_region=16&price_max=100000&page=1 I recommend you have some tissues handy before entering this thread. I nearly fapped myself into a coma over the Wankel engined Mazda ute. Bet Autodoc has all the bits for one of those....
  10. Yeah go for it. I spend most of my time ashamed I'm not wearing gumboots or driving a ute
  11. @Jon You busy tomorrow? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/mitsubishi/galant/listing/3559835457?bof=YN1xElRQ
  12. I reckon we can do better so staying with pre 2000 I opened it up to the whole South Island and upped the ante to two large.... Of these I'd go for the Toyota Vista, the Galant, or the Carib 4wd (Corolla Estate) https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/search?bof=YN1xElRQ&year_max=2000&price_max=2000&user_region=60&page=1
  13. Right, set co-ordinates for sub $1000 and pre 2000 and based in Canterbury. What do we find? Civic, Corolla Windy, NX Couple and a Rover amongst others. Not a bad start...
  14. I actually want this. Had one very similar when here last time in 2002. Aim would be to make it look like this for maximum 1987 Tokyo property boom vibes Basically a hot three door Rover 213. Think Hyacinth Bouquet in a miniskirt
  15. re-read yesterday evenings note and must apologise for the swearing. I love a good profanity as much as the next man but yesterdays missive was a little heavy on the street vernacular. Apologies. I'll make a better fucking effort in future
  16. Havent updated anything for ages. Spent most of my time looking on in disbelief at the Politics forum. Anyway, the fleet MITSI KAPUT - Recently had another oil change and I got a set of brake pads as the ones that had been on there five years looked thin. Surprisingly found the new ones were similarly thin. Fitted, bedded in, no difference at all. Changed the brake fluid and that made no difference at all either. Car stops, we'll call that a win. Still my preferred heap 'o shite daily as I can park it anywhere and not give a shit. Liberating. TISRAB- Tomorrow is Saturday remove a bumper. Getting the hammer out and seeing if I cant make some dents less bad (or more bad). Junior has had driving lessons in a two year old Barina and says Mitsi is smoother and easier to drive. Of course it is son, I like to make sure things are properly lubricated (ladies.....) SUZI - Recently renamed Cracker. Continues to be wonderfully reliable. Does the occasional annoying thing where its convinced the key isnt present and wont go. Usually waving the key in front of the radio while shouting "it's here fucknut!" gets it going. Recently enjoyed $38 worth of Shell Helix 5w30 pureplus hocus pocus which it seems to enjoy. Currently in Wanaka with Mrs P who is visiting friends. She went out last night, got shitfaced and puked in a restaurant toilet. Thats my girl..... CHEEZOID - Nice car Cheezoid. I do find the clutch heavy though, might benefit from a new one. Can be a bit tricky to do smooth pullaways so I reckon ten years of Saitama City traffic has rendered the clutch plate "knackered". If I bite the bullet I'll get a proper Toyota one for silly money. Might see if they can replace a bush in the gearshift to stiffen that back up. Wouldnt mind an English stereo. The Japanese is fascinating as every time I get in a hot sounding woman asks me if I have remembered my mobile phone and reminds me to put my belt on. That said I have no fucking idea what any of it means. Apart from the Kanji for "big" which increases the bass. Also noticed the silver on the rear passenger door seems slightly off in certain lights. Mrs P said I was imagining it but then I found some masking tape inside the doorframe. Could be the clearcoat is more orange-peely there which can distort the colour or I can stop being such a frigging perfectionist and drive the fucker. WORK - seems to be going well. Have found my colleagues are great but when someone is struggling they'll sympathise but put the emphasis back on the client. Fuck that. Its a small city so I jump in the car and go and see them, they love me for it. Heck of a couple of weeks but my efforts secured me $500k of new clients this week which is not bad going. Also had my first advert in the local paper which has generated not a single enquiry. My new client is an ex trader from London (Marty) so we enjoy a reminisce about walking around in a chalk stripe suit shouting "now you cahhhnt!" into a mobile. Buying lots of shares in retirement homes which sums up my demographic nicely. Might have to offer additional services to the single old ladies such as a "stockbrokergram" which is where I dance and take my clothes off while discussing the ins and outs of the recent Air New Zealand rights issue to the Wellington Philharmonics rendition of the national anthem. Might have to wear my big pants to store all the coins and werthers originals. TRADEME - Yup, Kiwi eBay keeps delivering the goods. Might do an Alan Freeman style top ten of TradeMe tomorrow. I'd do it now but need more mania to do a proper job. The Civic below will feature And I am seeing a client tomorrow who has a fuckton of shares in a company nobody wants to discuss how to get rid of them for him. Its the stockbroker equivalent of a warehouse full of Daewoo Nubira wing mirrors. Great, but how the pissing hell are we shifting this lot in one go?
  17. Probably explains why Mikes outfit never seemed to change.
  18. A good show would be Ed, Fuzz Townsend, and Will from Flipping Bangers. Small garage, hand tools only and each week they buy the shittest heap on ebay for £250 or less and do it up. Once done they auction it off through Autoshite to guarantee appreciative winners. probably the best way to see a 1992 dented Corolla get some love. I’d watch it for sure
  19. That is actually in my town! Anyone who wants it can contact @Parky and @hairnet international vehicle export £750 in real money plus fuck knows how much in shipping costs. And no, I am not crating it!
  20. Cool, I’m in. Bring a chilly bin and we’ll head out to Waikiku Beach!
  21. Good choices Mr Pentium, wouldnt complain about any of those. Mitsi likes: OIL - Nulon 10w30 semi synthetic (on special). Like Australian Comma FILTERS - Sakura (good, half the price of Ryco). Indonesian, original equipment on Isuzu BRAKES - Trustop. Cheap shite for cheap shite TYRES - Falken first choice, Laufenn (budget Hankook) surprisingly good for cheapies Decent car choices would vary a bit...............
  22. Used those on a Leon, Fiat 500 and an R56 and they improved all three considerably so safe to say I am a Falken convert. That might be a thread - no text or paragraphs, just favourite: Oil Filters Brakes Tyres Be interesting to see what everyone else is buying
  23. Auris on the back but telling folk you have an Auris R S makes it sound like you are stammering. So it’s a Corolla to interested parties or Cheezoid to the family. Offered Mitsi to Junior but he isn’t interested. He doesn’t know what he wants so it stays until he decides what he is after, at which point I will flip it on and use the cash towards something else for him. Need a trip back to the UK so I can pick up some Falken 310 Ecoruns for it and bring them back in my luggage
  24. Holden Barina, I ask you. If I did I would have to buy Vauxhall badges. Anyway the search is over. Welcome Chizurobotto (Cheese Robot). Drove nicely and a very rare manual RS version. Only a 1.8 but good enough and about as sensible a family car as you can get. Am keeping the Japanese stereo for originality and collect Friday. It’ll do Pig, it’ll do No silly gearbox foibles, no concerns with oil consumption and whilst it has got 20000 more kms than the red one, it is five years newer and the later model. Going to keep Mitzi Kaput as a commuter and trainer, as well as something to play with
  25. It was sheer fluke. The panel fit, paint, and interior were all top class. The window thing was minor and probably fixed in two minutes but my 24 year old Mirage doesn’t do that. I wondered if the other windows would all do it too triggering a dealer visit each time. Can’t be arsed with all that
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