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  1. And here is my report. Slightly better but still a general waste of time. One dink in the door is a little better I think but otherwise a lot of messing around for limited results. Might try hammers - WCPGW?
  2. Oil leak fixed - gearbox filler plug. Solved with a copper washer and some red gasket stuff. The mating surface on the bolt is a kind of moulded on washer and that had distorted somehow. Took the opportunity to top the box up and surprisingly it took the entire litre of GL4 Total 75/80 that I had. Threw in some molybdenum snake oil but still no sign of any oil coming out. All I had available was some Comma mineral EP80 GL5 spec so figuring that it’s completely wrong I put a little of that in. Almost immediately we had oil trickling out the filler hole (matron) so it’s probably got a couple of percent of the wrong spec oil in there. Fuck it, it’s a 23 year old heap. Tightened up and cleaned up the oily box (‘ere stop messing about) so if it leaks again, we’ll be able to see it. That’s the royal “we” of course. Also gravity bled the clutch with some green crap from Supercheap. It was dot4 and cheaper than anything else so again the “it’s 23 years old” logic applied. Took a while but gravy is out and E.T’s jizz now operates my clutch. Pretty easy to do, god sometimes I love old cars. Checked the brake fluid - it’s filthy. Took a while to do as some monkey had done the reservoir cap tighter that a tight thing. Couldn’t shift it by hand so I resorted to the age old hammer and screwdriver technique. Gentle (ahem) tapping saw it move a little and off it came. I had some syringes lying about so sucked some fluid out and replaced with new. The extra 12ml of new dot4 will make all the difference..... Took it for a spin and immediately noticed the gear selection was a lot better. The mechanical clank which had developed shifting first to second was gone, in fact all the gears seemed easier so the extra oil has helped. That leak must have been going a while to have lost over a litre - the old house had a gravel parking area so any leaks wouldn’t have been apparent whereas nice new house has a shiny concrete drive. Well at least it used to, it now has a lovely selection of dark patches on it. Sorry Mrs P. Clutch fluid change obviously worked ok because I noticed no difference at all on that score. Now to get ready for a barbecue at Mrs P’s friends house. I might do the cooking!
  3. Oh I forgot to mention. All my exams are finished now and I received this a couple of days ago: So thats that. Am now a properly registered, authorised and official New Zealand Stock Exchange adviser!
  4. Tried some paintless dent removal. I have renamed it pointless dent removal as it was a lot of faffing for no result whatsoever. I think it might have been the cheap ass glue gun came with cheap ass glue sticks - Captain and Tenille believed that "Love will keep us together" which is just as well as Ozito branded glue sticks certainly wont. One tug and straight off. A bit like being alone with Mums Kays catalogue lingerie section in the late eighties. So I have bought some Bostik ones to see if they work any better and will report back. Brake and clutch fluid look like gravy. Clutch is easy enough, I'll use my suction gun (which my wife thought was a penis pump) and suck it all through while Junior or Mrs P top up the reservoir. Might treat myself to a pressurised bleed kit when I get paid for the brakes and its a good time to change the rear wheel cylinders. Mrs P is going to be delighted with me spending another day on "that embarrassing shitheap". Should get some shoes but as usual theres two types and I'll need to see whats what with the drum off. In other news the Suzi failed its warrant which was disappointing. Not too bad - front mounts utterly fucked which may explain the front end rattle and the pulling to the left even after alignment. $120 each for aftermarket bits or $85 for genuine Suzuki so I got them. Also have a rear caliper leak so that needs rebuilding which the local place will sort for me. Overall not too bad. Rest of it is tip top apparently. Expecting a lump of cash at the end of the month so looking around for something else as a family car while the Mitsi continues as my commuter. Might get one of these
  5. well that was the first shit day for a while... 1)- Woke up stupidly early so despite it being 7.25pm here in NZ, I cannot wait to go to bed. Normally I would but its Mrs P's birthday so I cant bugger off today. 2)- Hospital appointment which should have been an hour took four. I should have been told that, but wasnt. Plus I left my laptop at the hospital and had to go back for it. Couldnt park anywhere nearby so had a bit of a hike in 30degree heat. Unpleasant. Work not too chuffed about it either. 3)- Laptop inexplicably did a BIOS update just before 5 and now I cant access anythng as I need to enter a Bitlocker code. I have no idea what that is. I dont have a code and the admin team dont have one either. Apparently it might be in my Microsoft account but I cant access that as my password isnt recognised. I recall changing it last month but cant remember what I changed it to. Called Admin back at 5.10pm to find our guy had gone on holiday for two weeks (itis our summer) and nobody else was able to help today. 4)- Went to get Thai. Marched into the restaurant to collect only to find it wasnt ready. And they had no details of any order from me. After scurrying around for 20 minutes it became apparent it wasnt ready or indeed on their list so they apologised and promised to make it quick. It was at this point I gave the order in a slightly miffed tone and discovered I had gone into the wrong restaurant. It looked totally different to the last time I went, I assumed they'd done a makeover. Looked a proper twat and swear I heard the kitchen staff laughing as I left. 5) - Collected Thai, now cold as it had been sitting there 25 minutes waiting for me And yet I am quite philosophical about it hoping I am doing my stupid unlucky shit in one go so 2022 goes a little more smoothly
  6. Looks pretty much the same as yesterday to be honest!
  7. I had a rotten peach under the floor of my car years ago, that was nasty. Not only was it a biohazard but it had welded itself to the carpet and nothing would shift the smell. Eventually removed the carpet for a full on jet blast and a going over with a rug doctor but it still took tissue paper soaked with lavender oil to overpower the odour. Had to put up with driving a car that smelt like an elderly spinsters underwear drawer
  8. Pretty sure R11 TC would have been an 1108cc donk. I nearly bought a 9TC which was a 1.1. As far as I recall the 1237 was originally only offered in the 5 in the UK (TR model). Should be punchy enough though in a car that weighs nowt
  9. Can someone help me out? i can access the site fine on my iPad as I have all the passwords and stuff automatically saved, but I can’t use other devices as I have lost my password. I can reset, but the email address I have I very old and now inaccessible. So can I change my email address without a password or could a mod do that for me? If this iPad craps out I will lose all access!
  10. In amongst the move I managed to do some swapping. Old tyres were shite, one on the wear markers (naughty Parky, never let that happen before) but now I have this: That’s a set of Enkei alloys off something Mitsubishi shaped although no idea what. Who cares, 300 bucks with a brand new set of Laufenn boots (budget Hankooks, probably Ventus Primes from 10 years ago). Car is so quiet now, tracks nice and doesn’t fidget as much as it did. Plus the extra diameter is pretty much spot on - 100kph on the speedo used to be 87kph on the sat nav. Now it’s 98kph so pretty much spot on. Plus they look nice too. Considering a set of 175/70/13’s (almost right diameter but not quite) would have been $450 or so with fitting and shipping I consider this a bargain. Actually getting attached to it. Have a dent puller kit now so might have a crack once exams and house stuff is levelled off.
  11. Cheers man. MIL is round putting a rocket up everyone.
  12. Driving in NZ is pretty good but the locals love undertaking. Also motorways are a newish thing on the South Island so again etiquette seems lacking. Merging off the slip onto the motorway? Car on the inside lane doing same speed as you? Will they slow down, speed up or move over? Will they fuck. Drives me mental. In less driving related news I am moving house tomorrow. Appliances being delivered between 8am and 11am so need to be at the new house early. Movers arrive at old house 1pm. Would be fine as Mrs P was going to take care of that but has now decided her work (which she hates and is in her notice period for) needs an extra hand Friday morning so has chosen to use her moving day to go to work. She doesn’t want to piss them off. So no pressure then. Also movers won’t move assembled beds apparently so I have to strip them right down. Bloody bollocks
  13. Exec model with the leather I see. Very nice, identical one parks next to me every day and I do think they are smart still. Nice to drive and really roomy too. Good choice I say
  14. Wheels man texted me this morning. Said he was free after 5.30 but still gave me nowhere to meet. Eventually he sent me his address - misspelt - but near enough to an actual address. So figuring oddness I took Parky Jr as muscle and told him it was a driving lesson. Anyhoo, got there and the guy was sound as. He bought them for a Mitsi Galant he was working on but the stud pattern on it was different. Wheeled em out, all good, and $300 later I now possess some wheels with brand new tyres. Happy days.
  15. Wheels guy wanted to touch base Sunday. Emailed him this morning with some possible meeting times, nothing heard. Seems wierd, here’s an offer for my wheels, would you like to pay that figure? Yes indeed I would. Ok then
  16. Whenever friends tell me about tyres blowing out or developing bulges it always seems to be Avon’s
  17. Not sure if the wheels are gonna happen. Emailed the guy for payment info and collection details but he’s being a bit elusive. Basically the wheels are at his house in a nearby town but he is insistent we do the handover at the factory where he works on the other side of town. Plus he wants me to pay him electronically now, I’ve said cash on collection or electronic on collection. Won’t give me a contact number, and has said email me Sunday and we’ll sort something. I explained I am in the middle of moving so a time and place would be pretty useful But he thinks an email Sunday morning will get us all sorted. Think he works at a BMW restoration place. Why they have Mitsi wheels I have no idea, maybe a refurb for a client who never returned for them. Thinking about it maybe that’s the issue, perhaps the seller doesn’t want me going round his gaff if it all gets a bit naughty... 7am here. Might go wash Mrs P’s car
  18. Mrs P’s Fiat 500 had Contis. Plenty of tread but they had gone hard and plasticky so wet weather roundabouts were an extravaganza of comical understeer. Put me off Continentals to be honest.
  19. I fitted a pair of Ceats to an old Corolla. Kwik Fit reliably I formed me they are Pirelli’s budget brand using older Pirelli moulds in an Indian factory. Seemed legit. The car performed nicely on them, never noticed any wayward behaviour or dodginess in the rain or snow. All in all I thought they were pretty good cheapies and would use again on an older runabout. Looking at their website they seem to be a pretty impressive concern with lots of Oem connections in the Indian car manufacturing industry. My go to recommendation is always the same - Falken Ziex 310’s. A rated in the wet, reasonably fuel efficient and very quiet. Usually a little cheaper than the premium brands too. Had these on a Fiat 500, my old Seat, and an R56 Mini and they suited them really well.
  20. Oh and the exams this week. First one, the New Zealand Stockmarket. Already had 45/50 on the assessment so with an overall pass mark of 50% I only needed 6/50 to get the required points. Always risky second guessing but I definitely got that. One 10 mark question was familiar so I would have picked up at least six points on that alone. Plus the multi choices were relatively familiar, I will be literally gobsmacked if I failed it. Second one. NZ Market laws and regulation. Had 40/50 on the assessment so not too much to do here but JESUS FUCKING H CHRIST this was a tough one. I literally found myself looking at it thinking “what the actual? That wasn’t in the material”. Nevertheless the examiner will hopefully enjoy my essay on what I did for my holidays because I literally had nothing. Guessed all but two of the multi choices, waffled around a few others, missed out one 15 mark question altogether as I had NO IDEA about it at all. I might as well have entered a Ukrainian language exam. Added up what I thought was right and it’s a bit dicey this one. Quarter marks will scrape me by but I can’t be sure I got that. And what do I have now? The New Zealand Stock Exchange exam. It’s only 30 minutes. To answer 30 questions. With a 90% pass mark. And it’s scheduled for (drum roll please) CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Yay!!!! At least if I pass it I will be clear of study and able to actually trade as a stockbroker starting 2022
  21. This is my road home. Traffic is appalling and there is nothing to look at
  22. Well today I pick up the keys to my house. Joyous. Of course this is me we are talking about so something has to go wrong and it has - Mrs P, unhappy with her job for ages decided a ridiculous row with her boss was a step too far and quit. Hooray! Massive expenditure and an income gone! Not too worried though, we have some reserves plus she’s a smart cookie whose skills are rare and in demand so she’ll probably get something on twice the money in a week. Celebrated by doing something stupid. Lots to do with a move isn’t there? So to add complexity I decided to accept a fixed price offer on these: You see these were justifiable. Mitsi Kaput is going to have to stick around a little longer so the eight year old balding shit brand undersized mismatched boots have got to be changed. Replacement tyres would be about $300 for crap brand boots, plus shipping on top, fitting and disposal would have seen a final bill of around $420. I just paid $300 for 4 brand new Laufenn brand rings (Hankook budget brand, perfectly ok) which is pretty good but also got four refurbed Mitsi alloys too. Fourteen inchers with 65 section tyres which means..... (1) wheels are 12mm wider. Think of the extra grip! And being 35mm taller means a whopping 17mm gain in ground clearance and 17mm loss in arch gap. (2) circumference of the correct wheels is 1817mm. These are 1872mm. Bigger wheels bitches! Should get the speedo accuracy sorted (3) when I do sell the car I will take these off and flog them for $250 all day long AM I GOING TO NEED SPECIAL WHEEL NUTS???? Shiny aren’t they? Like putting Laboutins on a mangy Goat. Will get them next week and whack em on before driving around with the seat lowered, my arm out the window and my shades on while blaring out Old Dirty Bastard. Thug life Christchurch....
  23. I have a feeling my car fund is about to be redirected towards fridge, washing machine, tumble dryer and couch
  24. Yes i know you’re sold. To me you jive assed mutha! Four bed doubled garaged slice of Ramsey Street. Redecorated and like a show home. Lots of competition but we outbid and won. That and the Komodo Dragon Been a good week. Have this horrific exam to do which consists of 50% assessment and 50% exam. Got my assessment back and scored 45/50 on one and 40/50 on two. A High distinction and a distinction. None too shabby. Means I only need 15% on the exam to register a pass but we can do better than that. Slight fly in the ointment is I had a blood test last week and the local clinic called me to “invite” me in to discuss results. They may just want to congratulate me on my lowish cholesterol levels or comment on my lowish red cell count or tell me I am riddled with syphillis and TB. Maybe I am the source of Covid? All will be revealed at 10am tomorrow. Driving related news consists of Mitsi Kaput doing a sterling job of training up a heavy footed 17 year old. He is doing alright and I am quite comfy driving with him. Tends to forget what order to do things (signalling for turns while in the turn, that sort of stuff) but balancing clutches and changing manually Is stupid really. He had a few lessons on Mrs P’s auto but I am making him learn manual because he can get his full licence quicker. And if he goes back to the uk He’ll need to know how to drive a stick
  25. The leopard was called Colin. Very bitey. But he just fucked straight off over the road into the park. No idea where it went but there was a lot of police activity at that primary school when we came out of the auction..... That was a disaster. Previous ones saw some ramshackle places go for strong money but gradually the punters disappeared which boded well. Until the doors opened for lot 13 - my target - and about thirty people piled in. Bidding started roughly where I expected and within 30 seconds had gone over my maximum as five bidders battled it out. Eventually it went to an old couple who paid $100k over budget to secure it as a present for their 28 year old daughter and her new husband. Leopards. Incompetent spotty twats. Yes, you may well look disappointed, you let yourself down, you let me down, the families of those children.....now go into the park and have a good look at yourself. Agrophobic silverback Gorilla next time
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