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  1. Looks like the body man reckons he can straighten out that rear panel and she has a lead on another door that is apparently rusty but complete so we'll see how that goes!
  2. Lol, yeah nah bro, let da cuzzies at da renter get it sorted. Sweet as!
  3. Typically I dont use Facebook but cheers for the link, I will forward it to someone who has got an account and have a looksie
  4. Right an actual challenge for some actual chod. Client of mine has a 1972 Corolla. Original bill of sale and everything. Owned it since new and it is lovely. Luckily at my advice she insured it for a proper sum which was handy as someone hit her two weeks later. Old fella in a courtesy Yaris ran into her as she was turning left. He claimed she was turning right which kind of doesnt excuse him running into her. Or attempting to overtake on a grass verge. He apparently had just picked the loaner up as his regular car was in for repairs having hit the back of another car...he was 70 so probably doesnt want anyone looking at his eyesight So being a dutiful servant to my client I have been tasked the mighty job of trying to assist the bodyshop with locating a door and rear three quarter for a 1972 Corolla KE20 Coupe. I think the rear quarter might be fixable by a genius but the door frame is warped so a replacement would be better. My question to the form is I dont suppose anyone has or knows of someone with these parts who would be willing to part company with them for a decent sum? Also the front wing mirrors arent original so again if anyone had a couple of those....a long shot I know but any guidance, tips, or pointers appreciated!
  5. Six months since last post! Life comes at you fast. Fleet unchanged. Auris and Mitsi take it in turns to take me to work, Mrs P's Suzi racks up the K's and behaves itself so nowt worth mentioning really. Auris developed a slight whine in sixth at speed but seemed to vary according to road surface. My old Mini did something similar which turned out to by the old tyres falling apart so will get some new boots for it. Falken 310's are available but expensive here, Pirelli Powergy's cheaper but would prefer Falken. Gave Cheezoid an oil change today. Pretty straightforward after negotiating all the different bolts and clips that hold the undertray on, and managed to finally change the gear oil. It wasnt bad at all but smelt a bit mineraly so I reckon its had the wrong stuff in the box. A nice new batch of synthetic GL4 Nulon and some snake oil additive and we'll see how we go. Brief test drive felt better but may have been psychological.
  6. @hairnet Quite like that myself. I'll go get it, you fly over and ride it back home across Asia and Europe. Should be a doddle!
  7. And she had been driving 14 years
  8. Terrifying to be honest. One girl said "Ah fort i' woz nintee coz dats what me uvver half drives at"
  9. I got caught doing 58 in a 50 and took the course. Found some bits interesting but the group quiz was hilarious - only three of us (out of about 30) knew the speed limit on a motorway was 70!
  10. And I missed out on a bargain Alfa 166 as I was seeing one of his old clients tonight and it overran so I got home too late to put my bid in
  11. Just been to see a client. He's 90 and owns a tricked up MX5. And an XJ6 Coupe. And a Mini Cooper S. His wife said no to him buying all of them and he did it anyway. Maybe I should take a leaf out of his book! Anyway the grump is a guy at work left and I had to pick up all his work with zero notice. Tripled my workload. Two weeks after he went I had a trip to the UK and spent most of it working trying to keep up with all his shit he hadnt done. Zoom meetings with clients at 3am, bending over backwards accomodating odd requests with good humour and a can do attitude and really felt I'd done a lot to keep them onside. Had lots of good feedback from them too and some excellent google reviews for the website. All good. Got it all under control, everyone happy. This week I have had three emails from clients with the "its not you, its me" line saying they are transferring their accounts to the old adviser at his new firm. I am pissed off I really compromised my holiday (basically didnt have one) and they were going to fuck off anyway. And who gets a bollocking Monday morning? Yup, that'd be me.
  12. Lovely Renaults? Not sure the Mirage shares anything with a similarly aged Clio. Even if it did, the part will still need ordering from overseas. Did find I could get an entire replacement rear hub quicker, but thats going to cost $780 (nearly £400 in old money) so that can go do one. Remembered I bought some cheapo Silverline rear brake cylinders a couple of years back! Might get some new shoes and renew the whole lot when the ABS ring shows up. Hopefully before I head back to the UK at the beginning of May for a couple of weeks
  13. Someone did the same to an old Vauxhall of mine back in the early nineties. I ended up removing the knackered passenger door lock and a mix of fibreglass and filler smoothed it all off so it had that smooth look Drivers side called for a bit of hammering and a bigger, thicker washer (vaguely recall cutting up a thick rubber floor mat to make it with a school compass) and along with a new lock it all ended up looking ok. Meant I couldnt unlock the passenger door from the outside but that wasnt a problem ever. Bloody annoying. I know who did it so if you were an MOT assistant at LJK Setright BMW in Barkingside in 1992, I havent forgotten sunshine....
  14. Mitsi failed warrant on rear brake balance. Could be worse, could be a nice Sunday afternoon job that says I. So upon investigating the issue I realised the self adjuster was jammed on the rear passenger side. Bit of WD40 and tap with a hammer will do that. Maybe I will lever my screwdriver against that circular notched ring at the back of the hub... TING! CLANG! Thats the noise of a snapping ABS Reluctor ring. Good news is they are replaceable. Bad news is three months delivery from Mitsubishi and none in the country. Luckily Google translate found a Japanese site so one is on the way for the end of the month. What a pain in the arse
  15. I think it made a lot of people reassess their lives, whether it was the realisation that sometimes there are factors beyond your control that can take loved ones away or that you really didnt need to endure spending time in offices with idiots after all. And who knew that all Nurses needed was a round of applause every week? There was me thinking some sort of financial reward/danger money would have suited. For me it happened at about the right time. With the kids largely finished with education and my work situation trashed by Covid and that other thing involving taking back control, the suggestion of giving NZ another shot arrived in a timely manner. And you know what? The place has faults but overall it was a good move. And if it had gone wrong at least I gave it another go. We all spend too long not doing stuff in case it doesnt work out but if you are young enough you have time to claw it all back. And trying something new and failing gives you a truckload of useful perspective. Sometimes some massive unexpected thing is the catalyst to try something else and realise that normal doesnt have to be
  16. I quite liked lockdown too, except for the Teams call every day at 5.25pm from the boss "just to see if you're coping OK" Yeah like fuck you care, you're just making sure I'm not dossing. An email or a phone call would have been fine but you just want to make sure i'm in front of the screen like a good little drone. Mind you after two weeks of it the novelty had worn right off and I actually wanted the misery of a two hour commute every morning and evening. Ultimately I like the demarcation between home and work. Our lockdown here last year wasnt so bad, we split into two teams and did one week in, one week out which I quite liked. Particularly the halving of the fuel and parking costs each month. We could still do that but our regulator wont allow us to do certain tasks out of the office anymore which is a shame.
  17. Motherfucker x 2 I have been exposed to so many people with it and somehow came away scot free each time. Woke up yesterday drenched in sweat with a pounding head and pains where I didnt even realise I had nerve endings and the test looked like this. No idea where I got it! Bugger
  18. Ah FFS how did I manage that! Other news - Suzuki refused to start for Mrs P this morning so she had to take the PPOS (Purple Piece of Shit) Actually liked it - "it drives nice doesnt it, nice and light and easy" Yes Mrs P, thats why I like it for commuting. Think it might be hanging around for a while yet. Might even fix the dent in it!
  19. Otherwise... MITSI KAPUT All fine. Junior passed his test in it first time and then disappeared to Auckland Uni so hasnt had a chance to practice since. Mrs P wants shot of it which I agreed to as long as it can be replaced with something equally awful. So I think I will keep it. Currently out of warrant as I forgot and then was busy and all that jazz, must get onto it this week SWIFT Nothing to report, just does what it does without any issues at all CHEEZOID Has been used more often and have racked up an enormous 8000km in it in a year. First oil change today, genuine Toyota filter and Nulon 5w30. Bit of a faff as undertray had to come off and a special cup was needed to remove the filter housing so done now. Will need to renew most of the clips on the undertray as some ae missing and others weak. Still heavy clutch on it so not my preferred for town wok but good fun driving to Westport last week - 4 hours of empty twisty road there and back, happy days! Brake pedal slowly sinking at idle but rock solid with engine off so dont think its master cylinder. Brakes all work fine so maybe just some sort of feature of the brake booster
  20. EEVEN MOOR I'm sorry I just like Minis The colourblind "Self Preservation Society" Looks fun Nice innards And Outtards Not a Mini but would
  21. MOAR We dont have Ikea in the South Island yet, but when we do this baby is perfect for the collection run WTF is this doing here? Havent seen one on the road since I watched Tarquini and Simoni demolish the field at Brands in 1994. I can imagine parts being quite a challenge! Its 1974, you are Bryan Ferry and "Virginia Plain" has just gone platinum. Where are you spending the royalties? On the other hand maybe you are Rodney Bewes and "Likely Lads" has just been signed up for another season....
  22. OK, following @hairnet pressure I figured I should get some images up from last weeks Canterbury Two Rivers classic car parade which I attended with m'learned colleague @STUNO and Mrs Stuno. Been a while since a Kiwi Kar Konundrum update so more to follow: I dont like custard but I could be persuaded to reconsider. Lovely Porker As Mafioso say to Charlie Croker - "Pretty Car" JDM YO!?!?!?!?!?!?! OOOOF! This was particularly lovely Ha ha ha, yes you definitely fit in with the Camaros. Learned to drive in the Renault 9 which was the same but booted. Again WTF is this doing here! Clean Hubba Hubba, definitely bothering council estates at night with this thing Yeah yeah, Harry Potter had one, blah blah blah. Clean tho Could barely see this. Paint a car in khaki and park it next to a tree, surprised if the owner ever finds it again Four headlights rule and I will fight anyone who disagrees Glamcabs My perfect spec Ha, another WTF are you doing here. Papped previously What the world needs now is things like this to be remanufactured with electric motors
  23. Parky has new phone to contend with and ridiculously busy week. Its on the list
  24. Gran Turismo began life as a board game manufactured by Waddingtons in the 1950's. During the game you started with an Austin 7 and gradually made money to upgrade to an Austin A30 on your way to a Daimler Dart. Circuits included Wolverhampton By-Pass, the A12 between Wickford and Gallows Corner and Sutton High Street. In the spirit of the original game, GT1 has a cheat mode where you can take a Mitsubishi GTO through Sutton in 1955
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