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28 minutes ago, Slartibartfast said:

Just to keep you all informed, TobyD has decided to step back from doing the techie business of running this place, and I have agreed to resume the role.

 I hope im not the reason why! 

*nervous laughter*

(as I do know I often complain about various issues every-time there forum software gets an update etc)

but seriously thank you @tobyd for tech supporting us for the time that you did and keeping the site from suffering OMGHGF! :) 


and thank you @Slartibartfast for stepping back in! to keep things going :) 

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As someone thanks to get somebody to find my calculator on my phone for me , I’m in awe of the likes of @tobydand @Slartibartfastfor keeping this place on the straight and narrow technically.

it seems ironic that after the days  of the 999 site and regular threads on Retrorides and Pistonheads for people asking if Autoshite was up and running today or no.  That now it’s been running  perfectly for a couple of years, it’s the politics not the mechanics that cause the disruption and threaten it’s long term ability to thrive.

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