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  1. Thats now hidden in the 3 dots - you'll need to edit your first post as before
  2. I've bumped the font size on that one - hopefully thats a little easier to read.
  3. It does sound like its down by the front wheel somewhere rather than down by my sprocket foot - I'll pull the drive out and see what its like.
  4. Anyone got any ideas on a noise. On an SV650. Sort of a grinding / whirring noise related to road speed, not engine speed (noise still there if i pull the clutch) that gets worse with speed and distance travelled - I.E its not that noticable first thing but after a few miles its worse. Mostly becomes apparent after about 20mph. Speedo gear on the wheel was recently greased. Chain is aligned and lubed. Bike Has always made the noise over the few thousand miles i've had it - its just more apparent since I put the exhaust back to stock. Quite hard to tell where its coming from, sounds l
  5. That seems like a terrible policy...Firefox I'd assume runs gecko or quantum or whatever the newer FF rendering engine is so you might get away with that on an iPad2? If you can get its installed.
  6. @LightBulbFun@keef@Tam I've located an older android phone (Android 5) - This indeed had some serious issues with the site until I updated whatever version of Chrome it was using and now its ok so you might want to update your apps if you are having problems. This does require a Google account on the phone though. Whatever was installed stock on whatever phone it is (motorola G5?) wasn't playing. I'd assume its upgraded to latest which is fine. Ipad2's I can't really help with beyond suggesting an update to their software? I try to avoid Apple devices so can't really offer any ot
  7. This button is now under the big start new topic button. or at the bottom of the page on mobile.
  8. Ok, as a stopgap whilst we work on the original theme I've chopped together a new theme called 'Beige' accessible from the theme selector at the bottom of the page. Its largely untested. But most things seem to look alright (I'll also admit I use the stock theme anyway) I've mostly just put colours from the old theme into the new theme and kept the font (which I think is slightly too small, and hard to read anyway). It should sort out a lot of the contrast issues and play a little better with phones. So if you have comments and suggestions for it then shout and I'll try and correct t
  9. Those links looks a bit like BBCode which the update has now deprecated. I'd have thought you could just dump the uri's straight in the post though I'd rather leave it turned off as future updates may just remove it altogether then there'll be loads of duff links.
  10. From phone (Android / Firefox) from PC Seems to work for me - Are you using an iPhone? Wasn't there something with those that pissed up the picture rotation a while ago?
  11. Sorry that was me trying to resolve something, I've stopped poking about now and need to raise a bug...
  12. For the next few days you might want to use the default theme whilst the beige one gets reworked. Trying to work out whats up with older iOS devices at the moment. There aren't any open bugs i can see for them which makes tracking down the problem that bit harder.
  13. Is that using Safari or any browser? iOS9 doesn't seem old enough to already be breaking. If its loading text then it seems unlikely its an SSL issue. Probably need to see the output of the developer tools - no idea if thats even an option on a tablet browser. Is Chrome a thing on iPads? Presumably this worked prior to the update?
  14. I think its just been reset by the update. If you click on your account icon at the top right, then settings You can adjust the default in here to Last Unread. Although this is a global setting for the forum and the stream so might not be a 100% fix.
  15. @loserone - this now appears to be the blue dot before the topic name - that will take you to the last unread post, the topic name itself takes you to page 1. Seems backwards to me, I'll see if there is an config for it.
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