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  1. Mann Oil Filter W712/43 https://catalog.mann-filter.com/EU/eng/catalog/MANN-FILTER Katalog Europa/Oil Filter/W 712~43 Escorts / 90s Fiestas / VW-Takeover-era and a bit before Skodas (Favorit, Felicia 1.3s) / Montegos / Rover 200s and some other stuff. see application guide tab in the link above. Was in a box of free stuff over the road thought it might be useful to someone on here. Ipswich or can post.
  2. MOT day for the ex-JerzyWoking '99 SV650 today. Pass, no advisories so big success. Rides quite nicely, picks up well and seems to handle alright in the dry. New tyres and brakes fitted before hand however meant the ride home in the pouring rain was a little sketchy. Should clear up tomorrow so i'll put in a tankful of fresh pez and give it a trot up the A12 to scrub the tyres in. The water is beading off most of the treat currently. Might be a '97 GS500 and/or '93 Divvy up for sale at a pretty considerable loss in the next few weeks if anyones interested?
  3. Gave up waiting on the recovery services after 4 hours. limped the bike along for a few miles until it lunched its other coil. Pushed it another mile to a petrol station and gave up. Thanks a fuckload A W Hammond recovery. You cunts.
  4. Yamaha eaten a coil...waiting on recovery which is taking forever...
  5. Is this in North Essex wot like your proffle says? And might I get a recent pictar?
  6. 1.4, tidy interior festooned with sports attire.
  7. I'm amazed it has wear indicators - its proper pov classic spec? I hope it has wear indicators for the rear drums... Good to see its still on the road though. And on its original clutch. Which has been slipping for some years now...
  8. Loved my C reg one of these and to this day feel a dick for scrapping it over persistent running issues I'd now know how to solve some ten years later. Being 1985/86 does it have recirc air? I believe that was the bonus win on all models for that year. It's a quirky vacuum operated flap over the bulkhead that usually stops working but makes a fun pssssssh noise.
  9. NGK ones, less than one hundred miles on them. Just popped nipping it up after threading in by hand. Assume it was just a duff one. Couldn't have hoped for a better result getting it out though!
  10. Lucky escape, hex bit rescue. Much relief.
  11. HBOL for a Yamaha FJ, FZ, XJ and YX 600 fours '84 to '92 £2 postage or something I guess or collect from Ipswich or Stowmarket. Bit scruffy but inside is alright.
  12. bit of a curiosity but saves wear and tear on the dipstick i suppose.
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