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  1. The rockets on mobile I'll try and make go away.
  2. Not seen any other problems with this - are you sure your browser isn't helpfully remembering the wrong password? Also which browser / windows / linux / mac and are you trying to login with your displayname or email?
  3. I think I side with the black text gang.
  4. I can't tell the difference but the main text is now black.
  5. I've only made changes on the biege theme to see what effect it'll have. Happy to change the text to black although seems the control of that is currently broken so will update whenever that gets fixed. The ranking system has been comprehensively overhauled*. And gamerfied (their words.) I suspect this will get tweaked about a bit over the next few weeks and month. Its presence all over the profile stuff is harder to suppress. What used to be the rank you specified yourself is now a field on your profile and gets appended at the bottom of your posting avatar box. I'll let this look crap until the next update when forum-software refine* some of this stuff trying to treat one field among many with no meaningful differentiation is clunkier than you might think. A few of the newer features do seem to be a bit from the Giraffe development scheme.
  6. I think the idea is the super-duper-rocket-ship can be given a super-duper-image so posters with a score of 1 can have a picture of Mike Brewer.
  7. I think this is now fixed. Seems to work on my phone android/firefox now.
  8. Thats a new feature*. It's not great, let me see if what i can do about toning it down. I turned off some support for some ancient security stuff. A lot of it was broken and needed to go in the bin.
  9. I think its just grinding through a re-index should be ok sooner or later.
  10. Upgrade complete. There are various new features. Please let me know which ones don't work.
  11. @dozeydustman could you try... click here. follow the three step program (which you might have already done) and see if that works. I *think* sometimes there is a none-of-the-above setting which just lamps you to the top of the thread? If you click on the page number it'll always take you to the top of that page and i don't think decides to take you to the most recent comment (you've not seen) on that page in a slightly unintuitive system.
  12. It's been enabled for a while! I forced it on the mods recentlyish but left it optional for everyone else.
  13. I'm fairly sure apple stuff uses the same gubbins underneath no matter which browser you use but....does it do the same on Chrome, Firefox, Safari?
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