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  1. Interesting...can you reliably reproduce that and does it do it in Firefox? It looks like its getting confused over some selected text when its doing its 'new paragraph instead of newline' thing.
  2. @dozeydustman for threads that are unlocked if you follow the attachment link to the post itself, edit it you can delete the attachment from there. For locked threads a mod would need to do it - if you have a list of the ones you want removing I can take a look. I don't think there should be any sort of quota on uploaded stuff though.
  3. Hi All, AS will be down for maintenance from approx 23:00 to 23:30 Thursday (2020-03-26) night for updates, refilling the disinfectant and whatnot. Might lose a few posts here and there if you are planning on a big session of your Morris Marina vs nearby ditch photos during those times.
  4. I've installed a plugin to the forum so that quotes in threads are rolled up and have a "Read More" link - this way when a thread is quoted containing several pictures it no longer takes up loads of space. This is a trial - please tell me if you don't like it and I'll turn it off, no content is lost, its purely cosmetic.
  5. A month or so back I enabled lazy-loading of images so that until you get near an image it won't download from wherever it lives. Has the benefit that on picture heavy threads your phone isn't preloading masses of content you might not ever look at and should save your data allowance - trade off is that performance can suffer. On desktop it should* be unnoticable. Trouble with it reserving space is that the server would have to download the image, record the sizing for it, hope the image isn't resized at somepoint (or removed) and every-so-often work through the process to ensure its still up-to-date. For every post that contains images. This was as much a trial as anything, if people don't like it I can turn it off again - I do find scrolling bottom-to-top it janks about a bit on a phone.
  6. PM me and I'll see what came be done! I'd tag you but that doesn't work on my phone...
  7. I'm not sure if your carbs have vacuum points you can get to, or if there is an easy to get to sync screw or if they even work the same way as Mikuni bike carbs but you if have two glass bottles and a few meters of pipe and some blue tac you can make a sync tool quite easily - might smooth up the running a bit. One length of hose goes between the two bottles to the bottom and another length goes from the top of each to a carb. You fill the bottles with enough water (i put food colouring in to make it easier to see) so that the total isn't enough to reach either carb-tube (or the carb will drink the water and bad stuff happens). Then you bung up the bottle tops with loads of bluetac until its air tight. with one carb end covered you should be able to suck and blow the other end and move the levels of the fluid in each bottle. Then, you plug either tube into a carb and run the car (warm, off choke) and adjust the sync screw until the level doesn't change, revving it lightly between adjustments. Doesn't matter if the level is different just that its stopped moving. If you have a vacuum leak anywhere that will piss the proceedure up. You do have to use glass bottles, plastic ones will deform under the vacuum. Might be your carbs don't have vacuum take-offs anywhere and you have to do it some other way, but this method is effectively free if you drink (Aldi knock off Corona is probably the cheapest clear glass with a narrow neck you'll find.) Tube came from a pet shop and was a couple of quid. I put some homemade Gin i was given (that is vile and gives you a headache within a minute) in the water to try and prevent it going rank but it still went rank after 6 months and the blue food colouring broke down. Plenty of youtube examples - they are technically called a Manometer.
  8. The editor isn't something that the forum software lets you swap out for a simple input or swap for a different editor. Switching for a plain text input would remove a lot of features, like clickable links and the preview button and all formatting. The software in general has a few issues on mobile (especially on firefox) and, unfortunately, they are mostly just bugs to be filed with the forum-software developer. Its difficult to send them a bug reporting saying "The forum dog ate my homework post" with no evidence or reproduction steps and getting reliable repro steps on a phone is a nightmare. Take the Tapatalk issue raised a while back - I can't make it go wrong, works just fine for me on my phone but has problems on a different handset. I think mobile will incrementally improve with software updates and I'm happy to raise any issues we can reliably provide repro steps for but well understand that after its eaten half an hours typing trying to figure out at what point it borks is rarely a concern. There are very limited options for full, rich-text browser text editors that still work (to some degree) on mobile and support older browsers as a prebuilt option. I suspect if you waste spend some time on QuillJs, TinyMce or CKEditor's demo sites sooner or later one will react badly and I'd suggest that usually a condition outside the editors control, such as a missing tap on a touchscreen, is causing the mobile browser to misbehave. Seems a bit harsh to condemn this one (ckeditor, probably the same or a slightly newer version that what was in the previous forum version) as garbage. The editor is effectively a WYSIWYG website builder given it has to convert all this text into what can amount to fairly complex HTML. Bear in mind it fully supports pasting in the answer to this Stack Overflow post.
  9. @CookiesouwestShould be a follow link at the bottom of the thread underneath the reply box.
  10. I'll take another if there still is another?
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