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  1. I think it was free* i used on old lawn mower battery (12v) connected to the case fan and just taped it to the filler hole, i just wanted airflow through the tank. Now i think about it, a smol fan heater pointed at it would have probably had it cured in 12 hours...
  2. I used some over vactan on a Yamaha Divvy tank and it adhered ok. Granted thats much easier than a 16 gallon tank - must have been at most 4 gallons and i use 1 473ml can and had plenty left over. I left all the bolts in (i had a sacrificial 'filter') and tapped them out (twice, the first tap set was so poor it couldn't cut through the POR15). Everything inside coated fine but since i wasn't on any timescale i left the entire thing for 4 days with an old case fan blowing through it before putting the sealant in. Maybe Vactan leaves a nicer surface but you'd like to think that the sup
  3. Is there an electrical connector near the thermostat? Any / or is the thermostat housing a sort plastic octopus type thing with many hoses? and, is the rad fan on a lot? I had a problem with a 1.6 octy with a very similar looking thermostat and various aftermarket bits just upset the car. Replacing the thermostat on its own didn't work and needed the entirely assembly plus thermo sensor before it was happy again.
  4. Is this using Firefox? @Talbothas noted the same issue - I just haven't gotten around to plugging my phone in to find out the problem. Seems to only get upset with images over 2MB and only with Firefox.
  5. It's that time again, 110 days since the last one. Anticipate no more than a few minutes for updates and a reboot.
  6. Its not a bad job doing the latches - you'll need an M8 12-point XZN / triple square bit to remove the module and punching out the window retainer is a bit gloomy but otherwise there is lots of room. The autodoc / Stark ones i've used for the two offside doors stick the lock-knobs up slightly higher than stock. But since I need to replace the nearside rear anyway (microswitch issue - like you say, its as much work to just replace the entire unit for the price) I might do both and have it uniform. I need to replace the butyl tape stuff on all 4 doors as it is... I saw (and used) a tip on y
  7. There are three options - the default one is the forums default theme which is blue and white, there is Autoshite theme which is broken and there is Beige which is the default brown one.
  8. yea, 100hp PD - I'm bimbling about in it so surprised its not better but maybe the MAF is broken (i understand these can fail / misread without the EML coming on, or the EML doesn't work) or the intake is so full of crud its suffocating. Something to investigate anyway. The intercooler pipework is absolutely disgusting so maybe thats also maxed out with crap. The EGR wasn't too bad though, not great but not awful. Something in the DMF arrangement is shot though, invoices say it was done 70k ago inc clutch but it does leave a smol mark on the road so suspect the rear crank seal has gone and is
  9. Replaced the rear door module of the passat. Not a bad job but a lot of old, fragile clips to break on the way. Door now opens from the inside AND outside. Imagine that. Not sure what actually failed, the turning the child lock on make the action much lighter so i don't think was that. Might investigate the state of the intake manifold tomorrow, I suspect its full of crap. For a 1.9 derv i'm not seeing much more than 41mpg combined which seems a little low. Maybe not, its a heavy car.
  10. I think this is due to FireFox and/or ad blockers. A lot of pictures posted on Facebook will doubtless be loaded with the usual facebook trackers and malware and FF is likely shutting that down (but does give me a guess at what the picture contains?) likewise I'd assume eBay ones are loaded with invasive behaviour so get treated the same.
  11. I think thats an artifact of an upgrade some time ago, not sure anything can be done.
  12. Hiya think its Flinty 1972

    hes tried several times...


  13. Have a look for Snip-and-sketch in the start bar! Grab the bit of the screen you want and ctrl-v it into your post!
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