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  1. @Ben_O Just paste the URLs directly (need to be https ones) and the forum automatically does the rest.
  2. I think this might be a problem with Firefox. Works fine on Chrome on my phone (I use Firefox by default, v81.1.1) but images about 1.4M don't upload as you described. I plugged my phone into the debugger and there is nothing there, no errors, no network activity, zip. Very Odd. I increased the limit temporarily back to 2k and it was still a problem. Firefox have an open bug about this exhibiting the exact symptoms but it was back on v62 - someone commented they were still seeing this on a phpBB forum. I don't know if this is related to the updates in FF v81 - that was quite an overhaul - or w
  3. It won't be to do with the resize but I do know exactly what that is and will fix later this evening!
  4. I have reduced this down to 1280px square which should be adequate for 99% of images on a regular display. If you need to have 4k / 2560px images you'll need to host them on an image host or out of onedrive / drop box or something.
  5. I like now Gnome3 uses 'Activities' as its start menu label... always seems slightly awkward wording somehow. Anyhow, I use Mint 20 with Firefox (not ESR) dual booted on my machine (with win10) and I've not noticed anything odd. If you want to PM me the image I'll have a look.
  6. Beige is now the default, Upgrade run in and site rebooted.
  7. I think the old font was Dosis which is what I imported into the previous iteration of the theme? It got removed when the forum updated* the old theme but that appeared to be the font? I think I've always used the blue theme because I found the AS one hard to read? @Ghosty Should be squares all the way down now.
  8. Changed the font to 'Lato' which seems nice enough? I've made the large avatar icons square and left the small ones alone. Thoughts?
  9. Need to apply a forum update so this Thursday (1st October) at 11 the site will be down briefly. Since the migration reboots of the server are now quite quick so i don't expect more than a minute or twos outrage. You may have also noticed the beloved 'Autoshite Default Theme' is a bit wonky - there is a new theme called 'Beige' accessible from the selector at the bottom of the screen which I think should resolve a number of the upgrade breakages and is slightly simpler so future upgrades might not break things as badly. So, my proposal is to set 'Beige' to be the sites default theme. Unless
  10. Thats now hidden in the 3 dots - you'll need to edit your first post as before
  11. I've bumped the font size on that one - hopefully thats a little easier to read.
  12. It does sound like its down by the front wheel somewhere rather than down by my sprocket foot - I'll pull the drive out and see what its like.
  13. Anyone got any ideas on a noise. On an SV650. Sort of a grinding / whirring noise related to road speed, not engine speed (noise still there if i pull the clutch) that gets worse with speed and distance travelled - I.E its not that noticable first thing but after a few miles its worse. Mostly becomes apparent after about 20mph. Speedo gear on the wheel was recently greased. Chain is aligned and lubed. Bike Has always made the noise over the few thousand miles i've had it - its just more apparent since I put the exhaust back to stock. Quite hard to tell where its coming from, sounds l
  14. That seems like a terrible policy...Firefox I'd assume runs gecko or quantum or whatever the newer FF rendering engine is so you might get away with that on an iPad2? If you can get its installed.
  15. @LightBulbFun@keef@Tam I've located an older android phone (Android 5) - This indeed had some serious issues with the site until I updated whatever version of Chrome it was using and now its ok so you might want to update your apps if you are having problems. This does require a Google account on the phone though. Whatever was installed stock on whatever phone it is (motorola G5?) wasn't playing. I'd assume its upgraded to latest which is fine. Ipad2's I can't really help with beyond suggesting an update to their software? I try to avoid Apple devices so can't really offer any ot
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