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  1. Put the rest of the SV back together, fired it up and messed around with the idle. all seems ok, the sync is very slightly off but I'll let everything settle for a while before tending to that. Went out for a quick ride and it seems fine. Set the idle down a bit further after it has warmed up but seems to go just fine. Slopped in some Apple Green's Super unleaded by way of a treat as it was running on old petrol can petrol which was probably past its best... Then, cleaned up the starter solenoid on the GS and it juddered back into life so both bikes working again! Road salt is vicious on chains, not been greasing the inside face of the chain and its a bit rusty...
  2. Finished up the valve clearance job on the SV today. Not too bad a job despite what various parts of the internet say. Squash bottles make good tensioners for the other cylinders and an eBay locking tool for the chain tensioner (winds it in then locks into some slots in the housing). and the whole thing bolts back into place. Valve clearances are now in spec and I can put the known shims into the paperwork file for next time. Had low expectations for the locking tool but impressed. If you had all the bits I think you could do it in a day, there is a lot to remove but nothing too trying. Rare ebay win meant it didn't cost too much, using mostly genuine gaskets either. V-Twin much easier than an inline where you have to torque down a camshaft with at least one lobe compressing a valve spring. Of course, the throttle cables refused to play so needs some more time tomorrow to get them to run smoothly but the carb has a new linkage and is roughly bench syncd so hopefully good to go! Then I can find out why the emergency GS500 won't crank and derust its chain - its been on commuter duty and road salt is not kind. Incidentally, anyone used Avon RoadRider tyres? Maybe i'm hopeless but they are bloody awful in the wet and even worse in the cold...
  3. I've noticed the only cheap genuine Suzuki spares are the really poorly designed ones that fall to bits and they are embarassed so knock them out cheaply by way of an apology. The bits that don't fall apart are priced to offend. That said, off ebay this week i procured 2x genuine (or at least in genuine Suzuki packets) valve gaskets, seals, orings and washers for the SV delivered next day for under £30. I think each gasket from Fowlers is about £50.
  4. After replacing the tank petcock and putting the carbs back together to stop the SV draining fuel into the intakes I thought it would run reasonably well. It does not. Its fine once you are off the pilots but slow speed manoeuvring is a pain and its tickover is pretty lumpy. So something must be done. Thought it was certainly the carb sync being out after manhandling them and cleaning them out but try as I might I couldn't get the front cylinder to overpower the rear using a DIY water manometer thing which has worked well enough in the past. I could get the rear cylinder to very quickly outdo the front or slowly outdo it but no amount of adjustment would balance them. hmmm. So something isn't right. Sadly that meant checking the valves. SV650s are shim-under-bucket engines which makes this job a bit of a pig. Since the bike was partially in bits anyway it wasn't as grim but still involves taking a lot of bits to pieces to check the clearances then all the cams out to measure the old shims if they are off. And they were. All the exhausts were borderline or tight and 3 of the intakes were borderline or tight. predictably, only 1 shim can be moved and thats to the sole intake that isn't off. All the sizes but two were 'off' (insomuch as not ending 0 or 5) so I have a suspicion these might not have been checked in a while. The two that were 0 or 5 were the best of the (bad) lot. One had been put in backwards (most of the lettering had rubbed off) so I assume its been done at least once. The front intakes were tight so that might explain the sync problem, but not that it didn't have this issue before I messed with the carbs... Still the plugs looked a good colour (but were loose) and the CCTs even seemed ok. The rear-most CCT you have to remove by feel which is a lot of fun. Should be plenty of smiles refitting the tensioners then retiming both cylinders. Then I can go back to finding out why the thing won't sync... I'll get the two carbs even One day I'll also sort out the front downpipe but it think its corroded into place enough that its not going anywhere. Update! The carb won't sync because the throttle linkage is ovalled at either end so the sync screw is just adjusting fresh air...
  5. Nut fell of the sv clutch release rendering it inoperative. Sitting at adastral park (home of broadband don't you know) awaiting a rescue...
  6. @snagglepuss - what version of the client is it (and version of android)? I have just installed v8.6.5 and can see pictures and a zillion unread posts. That Punto one loads up with pictures one and I can happily scroll about. Lots of adverts though. I can seemingly scroll forever too?
  7. Not sure about the home button thing but will take a look. @snagglepuss & @robthedonkey I've upgraded Tapatalk to the latest version. Could you give it another go and see if its any better please?
  8. @LightBulbFun - There is an optimisation feature that tries to pre-process and 'improve' some of the site pages but it doesn't appear to be doing a great job. I'd imagine its just one snippet somewhere that it rewriting in such a way to screw over PHP. It appears to have little impact on overall performance so I've disabled it but over Christmas I might investigate further. Glad to hear its mostly gone! - thanks for feedback.
  9. Was that half a tank of fuel to go 60 miles?
  10. I've used that Granville stuff on a Volvo 340 and it worked ok. Has a little cardboard template you hold against the glass to get a reasonable line on so it doesn't look like you just smeared the stuff around. Bit dull finding the breaks though.
  11. Another update - 11pm Sunday (the 8th) the site will be briefly down. Anyone still experiencing any 502s?
  12. Upgrade complete - Please shout if you see anything amiss.
  13. I'm going to update the forum software on Monday (the 18th) night at about 11pm - during this time it'll show a 'down for maintenance' screen.
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