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  1. You can always just write them to silica. If you are hideously rich.
  2. Morning!

    Perfect for me, can you let me know total and I'll paypal you?

    Kevin McGuire, Unit 3, Camberwell Trading Est. 117-119 Denmark Road, London SE5 9LB



  3. Not in the last 48 hours but I have seen this previously with images just loading forever. Assumed it was just me previously. I do have a suspicion about the cause.
  4. Seems like it'll prompt you once then sets a cookie so it remembers to not bother you again. A post on the Tapatalk forum seems to indicate it'll go away but come back every 7 days. Seems irritating to me, maybe the mobile site gets a lot of tapatalk users. I'll rollback to the previous version if this causes upset.
  5. There was a smalI update on the tapatalk plugin this morning - might have been what that was all about. Other than that it was all regular server stuff and not directly forum related. The 'Whos Online' thing did appear to work once but i see has packed up again. I'm pretty sure i know why that is so will take a look later on. Nothing should have changed password-wise? They don't expire or anything. I can't see any oddities on your account - perhaps the browser or something?
  6. Apologies, took a bit longer than expected. All done.
  7. Only been a few months since the last one but the updates are pilling up so 11pm tomorrow (2020-05-28) the site will be down for 15 mins or so.
  8. @GBJ - the US format is the default, I've switched it to UK by default - good spot! Might not be retroactive though.
  9. Display name editing is currently switched off - not sure why - but that'll be why you can't alter your display name!
  10. The steel frame on these are pretty substantial; unless its really crispy a bit of Vactan should sort the worst of it. If the swingarm is rotten I'd imagine there are plenty on eBay for a pittance. Rear shock might have been set to 1/7 pre-load. The adjuster is probably seized but removing the whole thing is easy (and can be done in-situ) and freeing off is only a matter of patience, wilko brand penetrating fluid (1.50 a tin) and a hammer. If it is shot there are plenty of replacement units around still. Not sure if the later xj6 units fit. The one i put back together was have fairly soft suspension. 5/7 on the preload improved things but only a bit and that was setting the sag to the youtube spec heights.
  11. @stereotype It was me that resurrected a (Ex @95 quid Peugeot) Divvy, now owned by @thatsmacar - I kept the stock rear shock, took ages to unseize its adjuster as it was a little soft but copious wilko releasing fluid and gentle persuasion got it back working. Might find Mr macar can sort you out various spares as he took away a box full of oddments I had left over. Also he redid his fork seals recently so might be able to point out the best way of doing those too. I don't envy you trying to sort the carbs. I don't think I could ever properly sync them up with a home-made manometer nor get the mixtures entirely right for tick over. I think by 'N' Reg it had the better electric fuel pump instead of two petcocks but I think '95 was a transition year for them between upgrades, i think they got twin discs upfront in '96. Not sure the round headlamp model had fairings - I believe that was the naked model which I further believe was considered the cooler looking model and a lot of people ditched the 80s fairings from the 'S' model to make their own 'N' model. I liked the fairings, (half-fairings anyway), made it more pleasant on dual carriageways. I replaced the front master cylinder with one from I think a CBR1100 as the original was welded together, that was allegedly the 'optimum' upgrade but prevented having an OSF wing mirror and the perches were different (suboptimally.) Wiring is relatively simple but there is a surprising amount and I never got to the bottom of the original loom on mine (at some point someone had wired so it'd spin the starter without the key) and just replaced the entire thing for about a tenner with an ebay one. Valve clearances are easy enough to do and if there is no history probably worth checking - again ThatsMaCar might have some shims in the spares box that he might be able to sort you out with - I *think* there were a bunch I swapped out for being too large so the engine in his should never need them again. I'm also selling his house and soul - sorry ThatsMaCar! I'm just remembering what ended up as spare parts! By the looks of things you also have the "carb icing defeatment" device, that runs oil from the head through the carbs. I chucked that from mine and it worked fine in the cold without it. Possomly the spares box also had a side stand spring in it as I replaced that at somepoint as the heel-bit had come off the original. Otherwise they are nice bikes, comfy and although they seem to rust the steel is thick and the fixings excellent. Mine had been sat for years and didn't break a single fastening in a full strip down. Something Suzuki doesn't quite manage to do...
  12. Refitted the system earlier, Ti studs and copper-flashed nuts (for a bini i believe), new stainless clamps and fixings, copper greased the fittings and put smear of exhaust paste on the unions. Smoked a bit from the header-most fixings when I started it up but I guess thats the copper grease oil burning off. Let it idle for a bit to cure the exhaust paste. The 'new' pipework has been cut to accommodate an aftermarket can but turned out to be a neater fit on the CarbonCo can on the bike than the old pipe. Not 100% on the exposed bit of exhaust gasket where the front head has shed some casing material. Might JB Weld a repair on there but will have a think. Its been like that for ages so i imagine its ok. Hopefully that repair will outlast the bike. The thing needs a wash...
  13. wait wait, a turbo project?
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