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  1. Hello SBF ...

    I've had a msg from Dave 'Tetleysmooth' asking me to contact admin because he's unable to log in ... Apparently he's tried everything.

    Please advise



    1. chrisjvm


      I sent you a message Re a members difficulty logging in to the 'updated' site on the 4th May ...

      Why haven't you afforded me the common courtesy of a reply?

  2. Yo, Mr Blartfast,  still getting tons of emails from here every day, I've switched the notifications off but still they come! Anything I ought to be doing to stop it? 

    1. Slartibartfast


      I'll have a look for you buddy

  3. I now have access to the tapatalk site owner's page. I've reconfigured the plugin. On my phone it's just spinwheeling when I attempt to load posts. Can anyone else let me know if it's working for them?
  4. Use the "Request desktop version" menu in your web browser
  5. Your mobile browser should have the option in its menu. I use Firefox for Android and it's called "Request desktop site" and it's in the menu that you get by pressing the three dots in the top right of the browser. I can highly recommend Firefox for Android.
  6. The hosting company are not running it on a shoestring to maximise profits. Stanky personally knows the company that hosts our server (he used to work there) and has actually been there and seen it in situ. Also we don't use a cheapo shared hosting machine, I have console login to it and am fully aware of what it is and how it's running. Security is also not their responsibility, it's mine. Well, apart from physical security, they handle that. Otherwise it's all me. It is not the same company as previous, and those security issues were all oversights by the previous site admin. Same goes for performance. I'm responsible for how well or badly the server performs. The new forum software has had quite a few improvements and has changed an awful lot of things. I've had to update software libraries on the server to support it, and it uses a whole new caching system (Redis) which is working well but will need some tuning. I think it's that part that's responsible for the 502 errors, but I can't yet be sure. Rest assured, I'm working on it. After all the work I went though to update the site I will not be rolling it back. Sorry, but the old version was so out of date that it was no longer getting security updates and I was unable to log any bug reports about it as Invision refused to support it any more. We'll get all the various little and big niggles sorted in time.
  7. I'm seeing those too. New engine needs a bit of tuning I think. Didn't have access to a rolling road so I'm having to do a road tune.
  8. The mobile site is basically the same as the full site, except it shifts about and shrinks stuff to fit on a smaller screen. It's not a completely separate thing like the old one was. You can get the desktop version by using the "request desktop version" option in your phone's web browser.
  9. The tapatalk application hasn't been installed on the new forum yet. I need to gain access to the site owners section of tapatalk and it's still registered to someone else (presumably Dave) at the moment. I'm working on it.
  10. I'm working on it. The mobile browser version is much improved so try that in the mean time.
  11. I sympathise with all your gripes and share a lot of them myself. That said, Conrad has worked really hard on the skin so I'd like to say thank you, and everyone please be considerate when raising your complaints because he didn't have any obligation to. I'm sure he'll take the feedback on board, just please keep it constructive. The update wasn't to get the new shiny. It had to happen because the version of the software we were running was so out of date that parts of it were gradually stopping working, and when things did stop working we couldn't get any support. That's not even considering the fact that it wasn't getting security patches any more.
  12. I found I can see the login buttons if I turn my phone sideways. Obviously we'll provide a more permanent fix when we identify the problem.
  13. Hi all, Sorry to keep the site offline for so long. The upgrade took longer to run than I'd planned for and I encountered a few bugs and issues that didn't happen with the test site. There will almost certainly be a few teething problems here and there, but we should be able to knock them on the head as they appear. Thanks for bearing with us!
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