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  1. There's a bugfix release of the software to install. When I've applied that maybe it'll resolve the issue.
  2. Painting the bonnet matte black I reckon would look pretty good against the dark blue + patina of the rest of the car.
  3. I wanted to set up a discussion forum for a large group of people who all hung out on forums a decade ago. I found a great open source one that deployed in a snap, was super happy. Until I realised it had no block function and the devs had no intention of adding one. Some of the people who would have wanted to join would have stayed away if other people had joined and they couldn't block them, long standing beef. Made the whole thing a non-starter and now we're on Facebook. So annoying.
  4. Just checked with my version of Chrome and I didn't experience the issue (Samsung Note 10 Plus) What version are you running?
  5. Have you tried in a different browser?
  6. The Maestro does look a bit crusty in places. I hope there's no fatal hidden grot.
  7. Unfortunately the Gods of Invision have taken this away from us. The 4.6 update removed the notification noise completely. RIP.
  8. Yeah unfortunately that's a common issue that isn't limited to this site. It would be good if it would wait until the images loaded before scrolling to the post, but that also has its disadvantages
  9. I can look into it, but at the moment I don't know why it went away. I'll update you.
  10. @LightBulbFun I have raised the private message limit to 500 for all users. If we run into technical issues with this I might need to roll it back, I'll let you know if that turns out to be the case.
  11. Hi all, Just to keep you all informed, TobyD has decided to step back from doing the techie business of running this place, and I have agreed to resume the role. If you have any technical issues, please keep posting them in the pinned thread and I'll do what I can to resolve them. Thanks!
  12. Good news! False alarm on the OMGHGF. The car still lives. Stanky came round with his fancy testing thing that changes colour if there are exhaust emissions in the coolant. Nada. Swapped the rad, job's a good'un. Although an AA man did put some k-seal in it, so who knows, maybe that sorted it. Either way I'm happy. Now if only I could find the V5 so I could tax it. I know it's here somewhere.
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