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Ministry of defective invacaRS


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Cool to see you have your own thread now :) 

as you probably know well, I am very much looking forward to seeing how the rest of KPL's rebuild goes

so far its been amazing! :) KPL really has beaten all the of the odds!

hopefully you can still find time between Jobs to keep us updated :) 

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2 hours ago, MJK 24 said:

Is there supposed to be some sort of cover over the top and rear of the front tyre?  It looks like it would fling debris and water all over the inside of that front compartment.

Over the top of it, yes.  Though it still does make a heck of a mess if you ever go out when the roads are wet.


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for those curious/a bit confused as to where this suddenly came from

 here is the previous posts I did on KPL for Adam extracted from my thread :) if you wish to see any of the quoated sections as they are in my thread just click on the little arrow thats on the top right of the quote box, it will take you the original post the quote is from :) 



On 17/04/2021 at 19:21, LightBulbFun said:

and speaking of disassembled Invalid vehicles, Adam and his buddies have been working on and making very good progress with KPL139P's chassis, got it blasted and is now fabricating patches/repair sections where needed


including a nice new chassis outriggers and fuel tank mounting frame to replace the old lot which was hacked off/about



I have been given lots of photographs, and its been very interesting to see a Model 70 Chassis in such detail :) (he even found a mystery 3 digit number stamped somewhere else on the chassis, which I have never seen it before! will be interesting to see if its there on his other Model 70's and see if I can figure out if it means anything)


once KPL's chassis is fixed cleaned up and painted etc I believe the plan is to re body it with TPE376S's Body (and maybe driveline, im not sure if its yet been deemed salvageable or not)

so against literally almost all the odds it looks like KPL139P will ride again I wonder how many people would have thought that when she was minus a driveline and missing most body work!


so yeah all really quite exciting to see and very awesome to see a Model 70 get some thorough attention like this :) 

(and in general along with @AdgeCutler's awesome work its gotten very restoration heavy all of sudden in the World of Autoshite invalid vehicles which is very awesome to see :)



On 19/04/2021 at 13:53, LightBulbFun said:

work on KPL's chassis is now complete :) (just needs injecting with rust proofing)


plan now is to start reassembling things and hopefully recreate this shot


then continue onwards to fully building her up to a complete car again :)

although he does need a pair of rear shocks if anyones got any going spare! (perhaps @AdgeCutler he did mention he had some fronts so maybe you can work out some sort of exchange with him, maybe if you have found some rears you can swap a pair for a front for the Mk12 :)


On 11/05/2021 at 14:40, LightBulbFun said:

in Model 70 news

Adam has managed to get his hands a couple Model 70 engines :) 

rather amusingly he thought he was just getting 2 engines ,but 1 engine turned out to just be the entire rear half of a Model 70! (minus Bodywork sadly)

which he was rather pleased about as it contained a bunch of small bits and bobs he needed to finish off KPL139P's rebuild :) 


and the other engine also seen behind, came in an original crate a New engine from the ministry stores would of shipped in, sadly its the engine that was supposed to go back to the Ministry for exchange rather than a new one!

as such it was sadly broken, in good external shape, but something nasty happened to it at 



almost looks like catastrophic head gasket failure on  a water cooled car,

but these are air cooled and dont even have head gaskets so I wonder just what the hell happened to this poor engine!

anyways, luckily for adam as rough as the Skye cars engine (TPE376S) looked from the outside it did turn over just fine, and indeed on stripping it down it looked like new on the inside

so he has been using its main bits to rebuild the "crate" engine :) 


the origial create/box is interesting too, because its stamped With STY321


which is a bit odd as STY321 does not decode to anything on the Ministry parts list but STY320 is the Store number for a Model 70 engine, so I have to wonder was STY321 the ministry store number for the actual wooden box itself?


as a side note heres an interesting view looking down the barrel of the TPE376S's engine its interesting to see how the spark plug sits in situ  



On 19/05/2021 at 21:52, LightBulbFun said:

in Model 70 news 

Adam has managed to get his half-a-car running :) 

(video posted on his behalf)

its a shame he didn't try and put into gear for laugh and see if the rest of the drive line works :) 

but its very awesome to see as it means he has a good engine for KPL139P now! :) 


On 01/06/2021 at 18:21, LightBulbFun said:

speaking of Model 70 Mark B's and Fuel tanks

Adam has continued to work on KPL and has her "new" engine in lovely shape now (it will be interesting to see how well the black paint on the exhaust holds LOL)


and he is now looking at fuel tank options :) 


will be interesting to see if the Jerry can idea does work/fit :) 



On 05/06/2021 at 15:14, LightBulbFun said:

speaking of Model 70's Adam managed to find a rear engine bracket for KPL and now has the engine fully bolted in :) 



he is now sorting out KPL's wiring loom and came across some interesting tags

one of which was this


which is quite interesting as TSD7150 is the Technical servicing drawing Number for a Model 70 Mark B main wiring harness, but its quite a late number, like later production/post production late, certainly I THINK later then KPL's chassis block 

so I wonder if KPL's had a replacement wiring loom at some point, (TSD7150 is the only Mark B wiring loom listed in the parts manual, but perhaps it universally replaced an earlier revision of Mark B wiring Loom hence the later TSD number despite being for all Mark B's, for those curious the Mark A wiring harness is TSD3082)

and the store numbers are STY570 for Mark A and STY571 for Mark B Main wiring Harness for those curious then theres STY573, (TSD7151) which is listed as the Cabin harness, which is listed for all Marks curiously 


tho currently I am assuming that this is KPL's Loom, however I know it was quite hacked up, so maybe Adam and Co are using TPE's wiring loom instead (but im not sure if thats any good given how oxidised everything else was on that car)

still waiting to hear back on that


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6 hours ago, bobdisk said:

Looks like its better than new !!  Are you going to use dual circuit brakes, like @Zelandeth did with TPA ? 

"Now we're getting somewhere.


Front circuit is bled through, rear will have to wait till tomorrow.  Everything seems fluid tight though."

I was thinking about it, what was the part number for that kind of master cylinder ? 

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19 hours ago, bobdisk said:

Not sure, I think it is a Triumph, but @Zelandethcan tell you.

The one I got was TRW GMC226.  Intended for a 1978-80 Triumph Spitfire 1500.

Note that fitting that WILL require you to modify either the brake yoke or the pushrod as the rest position of the piston is slightly different. 


Ideally it wants the reservoir swapping for a remote one so it's not sitting at an angle - doesn't affect functionality but looks a bit messy.

It works well though!

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Nice.  Definitely hope to get TPA out for a run with this convoy one day.

Hope your weatherproofing was better than mine was before I went about improving things!

Really love seeing the work that's going into KPL too... she's really going to have gone from one of the most lost causes to one of the cleanest examples once done.  Will be a cracking story to tell at shows.

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3 hours ago, bobdisk said:

Wonder how ethanol affects the Model 70 and some others ?



Given that the standard fuel tanks are metal and that by this point all the lines will have been changed (or should really have been!) probably not drastically.  You're down to the diaphragm in the fuel pump and a handful of O-rings in the carb, things which it should be possible to resolve without too much of a headache.

The more hygroscopic nature of the fuel might be an issue long term for cars which aren't used regularly though as it will promote corrosion in the steel fuel tank though - along with about five million other cars on the road.

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25 minutes ago, Zelandeth said:

Want to sort my bodywork out for me?  Makes my bodges look downright embarrassing!

given that TPA's bodywork had entire chunks missing out of it with said missing chunks nowhere to be found to be fibreglassed back in, I think you have done very well! :) 

obviously not trying to discredit anyone but its worth keeping in mind when comparing your work to others that I think most people on here who have had to do fibreglass repairs have luckily had the broken off pice of fibreglass in hand to "glue" back in which im sure makes life a bit easier!, where as you had nothing and had to build from scratch, with just photographs of other vehicles to use as guides


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On 6/19/2021 at 11:51 AM, Zelandeth said:

Given that the standard fuel tanks are metal and that by this point all the lines will have been changed (or should really have been!) probably not drastically.  You're down to the diaphragm in the fuel pump and a handful of O-rings in the carb, things which it should be possible to resolve without too much of a headache.

The more hygroscopic nature of the fuel might be an issue long term for cars which aren't used regularly though as it will promote corrosion in the steel fuel tank though - along with about five million other cars on the road.

Garage queens should use Aspen fuel or similar, much more stable than pump fuel.

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