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LightBulbFun's Invacar & general ramble thread, index on page 1, survivors lists on Pages 24/134 & AdgeCutler's Invacar Mk12 Restoration from Page 186 onwards, still harping on...


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To be honest I'm trying to avoid picking up too much new stuff just now unless something just happens to cross my path. If anything with regards to lighting I'll more likely than not be thinning out than increasing stuff in the near future. Nothing groundbreaking, but will get rid of some duplicates I've wound up with and things I've not touched in a few years.

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:mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:




I honestly have no idea who sent this to me other then its someone from a group of Online close friends I chat with on a daily basis (most of whom iv driven up the wall with constant invacar talk :mrgreen: )


so thank you to whoever is my invacar-mug and torch "secret santa" :)


(it was fun rollercoaster getting the box because I was expecting something in the post but not something this size, then opening it releasing what it was then, then came the realisation of "how did whoever get my address LOL!" )


as until someone told me to look for a message, I honestly had no clue as to who may of gotten me this awesome present :)

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small update on the great invacar mystery mug of 2018


I figured out who bought me the mug ( Thanks Gamer9430 :) )


but we dont know where the torch came from  :mrgreen: im guessing DW threw it in as a nice freebee :) it came in handy for inspecting the Cathodes on one of some rare fluorescent tubes that arrived that day :) (and I also totally did not spend all of yesterday clicking it on and off randomly...)


the funny thing is I could of sworn I saw the torches for sale on DWs storefront but I cant find them there now...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Small update on my invacar shenanigans


I did a bit of sleuthing and It looks like the Model 70 with the Q Reg Q202LDV that I showed in the Q plater thread http://autoshite.com/topic/32742-q-platers/?p=1605430 (I see the picture has shat it in that post), somehow ended up in the Netherlands, they really do show up in places you dont expect it :) (that and Its amusing as I have a good friend who lives in the Netherlands)




double checking its DVLA info indeed shows export marker=Yes


said dutch friend said the invacar, is located in "Wormer" sadly thats not local to him (otherwise I would of prolly convinced him to go look for it  :mrgreen: )


I wonder how it ended up there, he says there aint any car museums there as far as he knows, would be interesting to know if anyone has any more info on it

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Update to the update :)


my dutch friend did a bit of sleuthing of his own and it looks like the Flicker photo may of been taken here http://www.2cvgarage.nl/en/


2CVs are DWs domain so I wonder if he knows anything about that place and if they have the invacar? (or why do they have an invacar LOL)

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Thanks For the freebie :) I was also pleasantly surprised to find batteries where included :) as I remember reading for the short time they where on your site they would ship with no batteries (my mum was also pleasantly amused by the "Celebrating the average" on the other-side too :) )


seems like im on a small invacar roll as iv been aware of this invalid carriage register website for a while https://invalidcarriageregister.wordpress.com/ (interestingly feeding it into the web archive shows it used to have more content https://web.archive.org/web/20100710202800/http://invalidcarriageregister.wordpress.com:80/15-the-model-70/ )


but then just now I discovered this invalid carriage register website http://www.invalidcarriageregister.org/


and im a bit confused as to whats what LOL the .org website seems to be a lot newer? 

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very interesting thanks for the info  :) its a shame the invalid carriage register wondered off course so to speak


after Stuart let go of the reigns what happened to his big room of paperwork? I hope that was not lost... does the paper work also include why certain invalid carriages where disposed of etc? im still curious as to how Zels first invacar, KPL managed to escape away in the 1990s :)


has any-work been done to archive/make copies of it? if theres one thing you learn from being a computer enthusiast/hobbyist is MAKE BACK UPs! which I feel applies well to valuable documents too :)

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I believe he still holds the archive material. ALL survivors that weren't given to museums or bought privately when new (this ended early 60s) are effectively stolen.


good to know the archive material still exists :)



I know the fact that technically they are stolen but i what i was wondering is


if say Mrs Dorothy in the 1980s crashes her invacar and its damaged beyond economic repair I imagine it would be sent to scrap and that would be documented somewhere right? so it would be curious what was documented for KPL since that ended up towing caravans in the 1990s long before the mass cull in 2003.


but on the whole stolen thing, all invacars in 2003 where sold to scrapyards under the guise that they be destroyed and not sold on right? but at the point they would of been property of the scrapyard correct?


so it would simply be a breach of contract for the scrapyard if the scrap yard gave/sold one on right?


(im guessing for TPA621M or TWC725K the last entry in their "DHSS log book" if such a thing exists, would be "sold to such n such scrap yard" right?)


it would be really interesting if it would be possible to make a countrybus.org type website for all the invalid-carriages out there :)

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so I was browsing the Newer of the 2 invalid carriage reigstered websites when i came across this picture, what looks like an E reg?! Model 70 with no wheel arches, im guessing this was one of the earliest prototype model 70s? its the oldest one iv come across thats fore sure, it would be interesting if anyone has anymore info on it :) I wonder if they widened the rear wheel track width on the production model 70s just to increase stability/improve handling or to make space for the wider steyr puch flat twin engine? (IIRC the prototypes had Fiat engines but fiat refused to supply engines)




(sadly its reg RPA509E turns up nothing on the DVLA)

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very interesting I was not aware of the Model 67 thank you for the information :) looking at it again i also see the roof lacks the Ford Anglia/Citroen Ami swept backness to it that the model 70 has. (edit: now im (over) analysing it some more im not sure now if the model 67 has the swept back roof or not, as i noticed from similar angles the Model 70 hides its swept back roof too so the model 67 could also have one)


speaking of anglia tho I do notice that the model 70  from the 2015 Anglia auction Link I posted above, has the same mould lines down the indicators that the Model 67 has, I have not seen those mould lines on a Model 70 before, do they mean anything? (ie is the Model 70 in the Anglia link an early one?)


heres said Model 70




sadly no reg plate so i cant look up its info

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Being how the model 70 remained in use until early 2004,probably the same!


thats only because the invalid carriage program was wound down in 1978 AFAIK, and they just let existing users "keep" their invacars if they wished, until 2003(?) I imagine if the invalid carriage program continued onwards things would of evolved but then again this is the British government we are talking about here  :mrgreen:

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More late night early morning sleep cycles fucked fulled invacar ramblings :)


again im curious about a specific invacar


https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/ac-invacar-70-steyr-engined-runner-168571697 (warning its one of those stupid websites where they just cache ebay auctions then you have to sign up for a trial or some bollocks to see the details)


I noticed this in my sleuthing, im curious does anyone know what it actually sold for and did the seller ever get the Reg/V5 for it?


also another invacar thing i noticed was I came across a recent picture of an invacar, reg JPA 268N and decided to punch into the DVLA site for shits n giggles


and I noticed for maker it just said "A C" rather then "AC (ELECTRIC)" AC Model 70s normally come back as, and to check this just was not a one off thing i checked a few other in the same series and they all came back with "A C" rather then "AC (ELECTRIC)" so I kinda wonder what that was about :)


(I also noticed they have the engine size actually properly listed rather then 0cc or 9999cc even the ones which had not been taxed since the mid 1980s)

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Same reason it's quite common for old coaches to turn up showing 9999cc on the V5. Though granted that might take more spotting there where that sort of capacity might be more in the ball park.


Both of the Y Series Bedfords a mate owns were shown as that until quite recently when it was updated to show the corrected number. Around 8 litres if I remember rightly.

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indeed im aware of why most invalid carriages show up as 0cc or 9999cc (year 2038 anyone?  :mrgreen: thats one for the UNIX nerds)


but what I find interesting is how that reg series all have the engine capacity correctly stated at 500cc and have the manufacture name written differently, these 2 differences just make me wonder if there was anything special going on or just a case of the guy registering them at the time decided to do things differently?,


just one of those things that I noticed about and am curious about :) (ie why where these put down as "A C" rather then "AC (ELECTRIC)" 

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update for those following this whole benefits fluster cluck


currently nothing to report on the PIP front, gonna start that one again now that im armed with some more medical notes that I didn't know we had before hand.


but today I had to go to an ESA "Work Capability Assessment" which I think went "well" :) especially as we came armed with a bunch of medical reports, and the fact that although we arrived by public transport, the medical lady doing the assessment arranged for a taxi to take us home which which i dont think would of happened if she thought i was fine


they said id get a letter in 4-6 weeks with the results etc of my assessment. its again a case of a medical person does the assessment and writes up a report which then gets sent to the pencil pushers for them to decide my fate so to speak. so hopefully the report is convincing!


(I got another "Fit note" from the GP and fed it to them online the other day, so im covered for another 3 months at least I think if nothing else)


its nice to have gotten that out the way, now i can relax again slightly for a few more weeks :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

ok so this is weird


yesterday I got a text message from the DWP reminding me to attend a "Work Capability Assessment" on the 21st of Dec, and Just now I got the letter that I guess was supposed to arrive before that text message


the only thing is on the 6th of Dec I went to such an appointment, this is literally dejavu,


im wondering why they want to see me so soon after the last appointment? i plan to give them a ring and verify its not the system screwing something up. but im just mentioning it here incase anyone has had experience with DWP/ESA and if this is normal?


(im not exactly thrilled about going to another one so soon after the last, as the last one utterly broke me and I only just managed to get my sleep cycle back on track from it)


Im wondering specify in the system got confused as just before the appointment on the 6th I also submitted a second Fit note, as my original one was expiring.

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alright We gave em a call and mum gave em an ear full


they said they where not happy with the 1st assessment. as in someone on their end fucked something up and now I have to pay for it...


the guy on the phone was not able to tell us what/how they fucked up, but he was able to move the appointment to the 7th of Jan so at least that gives us some more time to sort things out and recuperate. 


(and to think the lady doing the 1st assessment said we would not have to come back again in a long time...)

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  • LightBulbFun changed the title to LightBulbFun's Invacar & general ramble thread, index on page 1, survivors lists on Pages 24/134 & AdgeCutler's Invacar Mk12 Restoration from Page 186 onwards, still harping on...
  • LightBulbFun changed the title to LightBulbFun's Invacar & general ramble thread, index on page 1, survivors lists on Pages 24/134 & AdgeCutler's Invacar Mk12 Restoration from Page 186 onwards, Brian braves the byways!

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