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Most stupid message while flogging a shiter

Alan Prost

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This does seem to have turned into the weekly everyone else is idiots thread.  Why not look underneath a £200 car?  I wish I had when I bought a mk2 Espace for £205 in the early days of eBay motors as I'd have seen all the yellow chalk and disputed the sellers tale that he hadn't had time to take it for a test.  If the second of Billys photos is an enlargement of the first I might not have spotted the missing plug lead and indeed wondered if it ran (although I'm guessing you said it didn't in the description).  I appreciate that "500 2nite" messages are irritating but perhaps as a nation we need to start accepting descriptions with "no offers" without grumbling?

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Fair point, Rich. He did know it wasn't running, but then again everyone else must have read it wasn't registered but it hasn't stop myriad questions about a number plate and a log book!

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First to see will bye....(yh spelt wrong)

No more timewasters 

in the same ad??? so 1st to see DID'NT buy!!!!


Or the ever great




usually a rust heap that would be better swept up!!!

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39 minutes ago, sierraman said:

Can it be ridden back to Runcorn?

I suspect that anyone from Runcorn, will be saying "What's your address" and "when will you out" 

And arranging to come and "bye" it  whilst you are out. 

(No offence to anyone from Runcorn, but I worked in a factory there for 7 years and have met the thieves from The Park Gate Estate that got Liverpool it's reputation) 

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Brilliant! I had that on retro rides years ago, I wanted to buy a bmw e28 and someone started messaging me explaining  how the vendor bought it for x, y months ago- I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on or what to say, so just said thanks. It didn’t change my interest in the car. It felt like it was considered a crime to ask anything other than what it was bought for.

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This is the message i received on Saturday, from the lad that bought the golf I had for sale just before Christmas.

Mark never was lo book f golf camr tgst eith thr lssr owner houlf of toljk

I then received this.

Get intouvh plspr ile pop threw gert s bit tomr get ftid csr right v was reply

to which i kind of deciphered.

Hi Leslie, I sent the logbook for the Golf off to the DVLA on the 28th December.
As the DVLA are on furlough and not all working it could take a few weeks for it to turn up.

Not t worry cheers f reply thougb

To be fair though he was a canny lad







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