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Engine oil offers


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ASDA's cheapest branded synthetic oil. I put their app on my phone so I can locate their petrol stations when I am out and about and their sandwiches etc as you can always park and much cheaper than 'services'. No idea how competitive the oil is but it will probably be the cheapest of the supermarkets. Same oil is 25p more per litre at Halfrauds.


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Is Asda down brand oil actually decent quality?


See GSF have Mobile 1 for £24 for 5l but don't really need a full synth for the bus.


Gulf oil any good? I think I used their performance one in the Leggy once but those seem to run better on Fuchs.

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B&M have 10/40 pretty cheap right now




£12.99 for 4 litres, not bad


Decent price but I refuse to buy anything RAC after they wrote off one of my caravans, the day after I collected it....It was fine til they recovered it, it was the tow car that had broken down.

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I think these guys used to be Nielsen CDG and usually have some decent pricing




Use code B4UGO for an extra 20% off

With 20% off those are great prices for Total oil by the 5l. I reckon Total oil is as good as there is, having conducted highly* scientific tests. Rubia 15/40 used to be something like £210 for a barrel, delivered. Then overnight back in 2004/5, it doubled in price - I offered a cheaper oil, the sensible ones swallowed the price rise.


Today I use Smith and Allan, they're pretty good on quality and price.

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Anyone comment on this oil?


£45 for 20L of 5w30 Fully Synth. 


The preferred drink of my Saab and C5 so would make for some cost effective servicing. 

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