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  1. +there is a vw independent (eg masochist) next to me (who I gather is very good)
  2. You are welcome to store in my place. Loads of room, as long as you need.
  3. 2014 Derv Outlander for £2650 https://www.gumtree.com/p/mitsubishi/mitsubishi-outlander-2.2-diesel-2014-gx4-di-d-147-7-seater-4x4-in-blac/1469605349 215k, but looks reasonable
  4. To be fair to it, it is miniature, based on a mobility scooter, built from the ground-up and even has a smoke machine for max trotters-running-from-fallen-chandelier-mansion nonsense rather than taking the usual Robin with 1/4 ton of wob and b&q mixed yellow rubbish.
  5. I'm in the Italian Alps (again!) With a mate.
  6. Metro GTa £900* 40k* https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/-engine-seized-rare-rover-gta-metro-40k-miles-1.1/1463498162 *Focked engine
  7. I have not been on this fred for a while, so this may have been posted: https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/restoration-project/1461692380?utm_source=criteo&utm_medium=retargeting&utm_campaign=Retargeting>WebLFHV>Motors>other-vehicles&utm_content=296283_1792143760&cto_pld=zzY4zKYHAABmV8nizf7-SQ £750 Wolseley restoration
  8. Still got it but want to flog it and make room for something with a less sporty riding position. £1250 for anyone who wants it.
  9. @Barry Cadeis a right double-hard bastard. Van fucks around and finds out. Well done BC for staying on the bike and alive.
  10. Did the GSXS tyre yesterday evening - after it picked up a clout last week. Fought me a bit, but got it done. Went out on the TG300S and the back was a bit wayward, rear tyre shot on that [slick in the centre] just went out to the workshop and did that, that as I bought a replacement in the winter. More to take apart than the GSXS, but everything was straight forward - the tyre itself was amazingly easy - old one came off no fuss and the new one went on no muss.
  11. I did 14 hour days on the NC I sold to @Fabergé Greggs- used one of those strap-ons [oo-er] - which i also use on my other bikes. A few companies make comfort seats too [you might get lucky on ebay on a used one]. The NC auto I have now has a corbeau that came with it - it's better. The NC is a level better than the Deauville, the better bit of the DV is the shaft. An NC with shaft would have been peak more cycle - it's close anyway.
  12. I had a simson. Great thing. I wish I still had it. 49cc lectrik start, 12v, fast acceleration for the capacity, practical. Those commies did ugly utilitarian well.
  13. I didnt bother with the B500 last summer - it's jumped the shark. The other roads [including other parallel north-south routes] are not on krautplod's radar and are less trafficked generally. I might go down in a few weeks, but it'll be lastminute.com if I do. I like to base myself in Freiburg, but might try Munster [love the cheese] or one of the roads out of Colmar.
  14. Make sure you do the Black Forest if you are going to Vosges. They complement each other really well. Ive done AM in the Vosges (Ballon Route - I always stop and take a walk around the GB), lunch in Breisach and PM around Todtnau and the Feldberg
  15. I picked up a nail yesterday - a clout - luckily for me my rear tyre is worn out so not really an issue. Hard to judge, but could that be repaired with a shroom or with some strings?
  16. Got out on my GSX-S1000 - From home to Stamford, then Grantham onto Lincoln with a good 90 minute lunch stop and walk up to the old quarter/castle/cathedral, onto Matlock Bath [rammed as expected] and back home. Just the final part on the motorway. About 420 miles, mostly on trunk roads. A decent bank holiday blast.
  17. Went out on the Hyosung first thing this morning for 60-miler. Changed the spark plugs the other evening and put an OEM end-can on [the thing it came with was ridiculously loud and even a db-killer had no effect]. Really enjoy riding it, it's got decent handling and is very sure on the B-roads up to Abergavenny. A lot of bike for £2000. The oem can allows the nice tones of the v-twin to be heard, but not deafen everyone within a 2 mile radius.
  18. £500 MZ Skorpion: https://www.motorcyclenews.com/bikes-for-sale/mz/skorpion/7763963/
  19. Went out on my GSXS today. Did 250 miles up to Aberystwyth, onto Cardigan, then Carmarthen, onto M&P [which was closed as they no longer open on Sunday] and back home to SE Wales.GSXS great again. Love this bike, my mate was on his RS1250 and we were 20%+ faster than other traffic even on greasy surfaces [though not in the 40s/30s/20s]. Lots of overtakes and nice smooth riding through the wide range of curves and turns on the route.All 4 seasons too cold, wet, Sunny, blustery. But worth it.
  20. Got out on the Hyosung and did about 190 miles - Home to Barry, to Porthcawl, to Hay on Wye, to Aber and back home. It goes very well - 4,000-6000 rpm equates to decent road speeds and is close to max torque so it gets down the road nicely. Pulls cleanly and rapidly; around town a bit chopsy, but then loads of bikes are due to emissions regs. Handles well - perhaps better than it should do. Suspension is okay. Front brake good [rear wooden]. Reasonably comfortable. Got about 70mpg, which given i was hustling wasnt too shabby. Need to decide whether ill keep it or flip it.
  21. We regularly haul up to Mid Powys. Someday hope to move to mid-Powys or Shrops. Last year I wrote off my GSXS (the one in the pic) when a lump of something [conc?] went through the engine, just south of Newtown on the A483 (Dolfor way, the A483 there probably being the best road in the UK in my extended experience). The bike got recovered, written off, I got it back for salvage and whacked a replacement engine in. +Edit - we quite often ride to places like North Wales, Chester, Lincolnshire, Cornwall etc have a bit of a tourist stop and back home in a day. Sometimes leaving at 7am on Sunday to get 400-500 miles in.
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